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Nakhon Kitchen + The Hand Burger + AmaSoy (danielfooddiary) + Hong KongKim Gary Restaurant

Before I lose all my readers & before this blog turns into "The Diary of Eugenia & her emo novels", I shall just quickly update on the things i did for the past two weeks, from which if you don't know by now, 
my Iphone 4s (which is in bits and pieces luckily I managed to save some pics before it totally died on me cause the screen was just pitch black, I didn't even know how my computer could transfer my photo files without me keying in the passcode) Till I finally got my current 5. (sigh)

So, pardon me for this lazily edited post, because I just cleared out THREE presentations today, and a freaking tedious report which caused me to cry more (lol im a crybaby) during my week of "Eugenia in the land of darkness". I hate school. So I wokeup late for my presentation today and ran in the ran. Cause there are no cabs when you need one. When I need one.

CURRENT EMOTIONAL STATUS: (Skip this part if you just came to my blog to be nosy or check out some of the delicious food I ate and shat did I spoil ur appetite haha)

Before going onto that. So whats my current emotional status you may ask.
Yesterday I posted this old picture of me accompanied by a quote from tumblr on my Instagram.
“Everyone says that loves hurts, but that’s not true. Loneliness hurts. Rejection hurts. Losing someone hurts. Everyone confuse these things with love but reality, love is the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain and makes us feel wonderful again.” 
(yes I privated both my Instagram & Twitter cause I thought I deserved some privacy at least for this period of time; and with a war raging on my Ask.fm yesterday night, privacy is good. But needless to say, people who rant at me anonymously doesn't does any impact to me. I read this girl Naomi Neo's blog, she gets quite hurt by haters, but honestly I don't really care cause, they are just a simply waste of time. I mean if you would un-anon yourself, I may still give a little bit of a fuck.)

I guess I'm feeling better now, sorted out my thoughts today.
you may ask me, either way now, it is fine by me, I understand now that it just simply is a term used to make the rejection sounds nicer. 'oh yea I still care for you' 'I dont want to hurt you' hmm..
I guess I can't blame love for hurting me. Its just the loneliness I get after that?
The different treatment? I think I had enough of trying. Honestly, I have real friends who really give me the real treatment of friends. Yup they really do care. & not just words placed infront of awkward actions.
I guess everything came to this at the end of the day?

If you don't love me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best.
My real friends, which need I mention, i have loads around me (hahaha alright I know i sound damn bitchy now but hahahaha it really does help.) would still love me at my worst. You know who you are.
 Do not underestimate the willpower of my mind. (even though my mind is really a roller coaster ride sometimes) 
I feel better now cause I finally have a few days to myself, hopefully, I can do the things I like, and not let my thoughts wander and then feel upset when you are out there having your fun. Without any form of second thoughts. I think I deserve some free time to occupy myself with the things that truly make me happy. I shall be. I don't want to be taken for granted anymore. Many people still will love me the way I am, I guess you just saw it from a different light. But at the end of one day after you had all your fun, you will really think, about everything, and you will feel, what I have felt. At least my friends will spare some thoughts for me. 
But honestly, at least I can say now, I have no regrets. I really think that I AM true and my morals are there and I AM a good friend.


Enough of the wimpylittlemehmehbleahbleahbullshit I don't want to get so serious. 
So Im quite free now for a week at least, any old pals, new pals, feel free to hit me up cause I really need to watch the conjuring & wolverine with!!!! I love horror movies and I heard that this thriller is something I can't miss.

Outing after school on a monday with my best bros, Jonathan Hang and Junjie Ng, Ritz came and joined us after, but we accompanied jon to eat at his first virgin trip to Nakhon!! ^^
(I think its my fav thai eatery in Singapore - blogged about it twice before. For one of it click HERE
(Went to Jai Thai (Click here) another raved thai eatery but Still prefer nakhon!!)

As most of them was like North-siders, we went to the Hougang Branch

Blk 212 #01-341
 Hougang Street 21

the only bad thing is that there are no air-con at nakhon so the guys were like sweaty & annoyed. 

Everything I ordered are sort of the top must orders, cause all is so good!
All time must order drink. Thai iced tea!!! :)

TomYum Seafood Soup (Preferably clear)
Very flavorful and spicy, despite looking so innocent as its so clear. hahaha. Generous servings of fresh seafood too. Perfect remedy for constipation. Yuck im gross.

Green curry w chicken yummy~

We ordered too much. I had this plate of pineapple rice to myself (a normal standard meal for a normal person) (BUT YUMZ)

And the guys stubbornly ordered one plate of Phad thai for themselves each -_- when we already had so many side dishes. Not too bad, but I recommend their pineapple rice more!

Stir-fried mince beef with basil (??) not bad!

Most expensive item on the menu (all food is really affordable there)
Fried Grouper with Sweet and sour sauce.
Super yum cause I love fish & its nice. hahah I like a mother that night cause the guys dk how to peel the fish, I damn sweet keep help them hohoho

Pandan Chicken is one of the most raved side dishes there but it was OOS for the night so we replaced it with this Pork fried with garlic (under the pork category I forgot its name) & its very good too!!! tastes like chicken to me also. hahaha

GIF on how lousy the guys are at tanking spice. 

ice tea not enough > add a few more glasses of plain water > NEED MORE WATER

Yup next day they all went to the toilet numerous times. haha PLUS we went to eat some lousy crappy desserts after dinner at Xing wang HK cafe nearby and we were all exploding from our tummies at the end of the night.

TGIW with specs on wed

and TGIF with my new dress. the night where all the crap happened.

with the girls. same old routine of dream > zouk. Spot twin wearing my signature dress.
Love shiyun's rainbow blazer~

with Leonard!

& andre!

-then no phone and all the drama-

Sigh went work the next day feeling the most TERRIBLE i ever felt in my life without any fucking phone, sleepy,teary and unwanted all the worst emotions ever escaped from the pandora box. eat lunch myself all these, thank god for regina who works with me at least.

wenmin knew I was very upset so she actually came and find me after work. super sweet. I love you :*
And bought me Canele Macaroons!!! 
Small things does matters aww :')
Rose & some Violet smth flavor. I eat too many Macaroons till I cant spot much difference in their quality already. But they are yummy :))
(sorry for the lousy quality of pics was using my iPad to survive)

really thankful babe ^^ 

had dinner at The Hand Burger with regina and eldin too (regina's extremely sweet bf who seriously fetches her and accompanies her wherever she goes *,*)

super disappointing buffalo wings which did not look at juicy as the pic..

and one of the most recommended burgers at the Hand Burger, the works, can order set accompanied with either mushroom soup(I kinda like it but wenmin says its too watery but its quite the recommended choice!!)/fries/salad!

Its very highly stacked with loads of yummy ingredients like onion rings etc!! yum~

Met clique on a random day. & bought cotton candy. First pic took using my iphone5!!
Date with my dad hehe ate dinner, desserts & he chose me my new hello kitty screen protector and bought me my iphone and icecreams T.T he is the best.

look at how retarded tricia is hahahaha


yeah and this is my new fav brand of soy puddings!!!!!! Quite a new brand launched by this rather famous Singaporean food blogger 

More expensive but their flavors are really innovative and there are special interesting seasonal flavors eg Salted caramel, durian etc.
There are also collagen and omega 3 in the puddings, organic and much more healthier!! 
My fav brand is laoban and i think this is comparable or better since it claims to be organic so less fattening!!

they have a few outlets around SG

I reallyyyyyy liked their matcha flavor. very unique and super tasty, I want one now!

this is their original with strawberry toppings

and mango with mango toppings. yumm!


sobby day....... pictures with morgan and weishan!

wore their dungaree to promote sales haha

looks weird with the silly spell tee underneath.

Super yummy homecooked dinner with my relatives!!

Fav childhood goodyyyy which i love to peel them peel by peel. Only certain brands tastes nice for example this (so pretty and nice but I forgot the shop name) and bengawan solo's


smoothie king for the fourth time....... super liked it cause its yummy but i think im kind of sick of it already. 

but cause the two stupid girlies I was with do not know how to listen to my advices properly before ordering, they ordered tacos -_- please order their wraps over the tacos.

fav twin ^^

with pretty zijun ^^ hehe she is also very encouraging as well~ thank you dear

lol and the ESTD east side twin dogs. cause the tacos damn hard to eat and we both same pattern so end up like this and zijun actually took a photo of us stuffing it into our mouths hahaha

I still love their smoothies though!! never get sick of em'!!!


lovely twin ^^

camwhored in editor's market's black and white dressing room. cause our night ended up with some last min partying.

No wonder the saying. the best nights are the nights we don't plan *smirks*

with natnat ^^

us four again~

at dream first again~

unclear pic with twin Leonard and Sebestian!!

had an enjoyable friday night with zijun and twin basically hehe even though we left sightly early. :) 
Love you guys. At least I didn't break my iphone this time round.........


then Saturday was basically project meet at starbucks. Ordered cotton candy frappe again, but I think the bimbotic part of my brain ordered it cause of the color, cause coffee bean's vanilla frappe is obviously nicerrrrrrrr 

supper at Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant.

They have this forever ongoing late night promotion after 9.30 pm
applicable for dine-ins and takeaways where anything on the late night menu is one for the price of one!! worth it for a restaurant. But i think they should increase their air-con temp, maybe there are too much customers or they trying to cut costs cause of their 1 for 1.

yum curry based fillet with accompanied white rice

and my baked egg rice with twin sauce with dory fillet (hahaha i forgot all their names) (can choose pasta too for the carb)

went weishan's house after that and I swear I did the most embarrassing thing of my life everrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

TODAY (monday Last day of school)
7 more exams and 2 more reports to go this semester is crazy.

rushed my work like mad and thankfully to huijuan and Anthony, they went to dabao my fav Ka Kun kaya bread toast set meal with comes with a drink and two eggies~~ hahhaha but we all ate like a beggar outside the corridors. #hardworkingstudents 
and my MILO IS HOT MILO sobs I prefer cold drinks #wrongorder hahaha #imacomplainqueen

yeah thats me looking pathetic outside the female toilet eating my LOTI (bread)

my eyes are getting droopy cause I am so sleepy I shall end off this post with cupcakes my fav twin made for meeeeeee which I just collected~ Most of it is in my fat tummy now btw.

the mini one is so cutee

really love the twin. shes really very encouraging. and many more mushy things I am too lazy to type out now cause IM DAMN TIRED MY EYES ARE BLOODSHOT RED.

added a new murano to my pandora

and lastly, ending off with my fav cake of all time, super good. Shall elaborate more on the brand of this cake I get for my birthday every year without change NEXT TIME ;) it's too good the picture is not making justice

till next time. xoxo eugeniania.

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