Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Antoinette (Twin date) + Ikea (First ride on a motorbike) + Delifrance (SCHOOL'S OUT)

"SCHOOL'S OUT!!!" I wish.
I wish I could scream that but apparently I still have my last paper to sit for tmrw. & THEN it will be my holidays~ Haha I'm just being lazy now so I shall study later after this, and after I eat my brunch :>
13 more days to TAIWAN!
Cannot wait to leave everything here behind me and just enjoy myself with my friends ^^
Cause clubbing in Singapore is just too mainstream and boring. Haha kidding. Just don't want to see sights that will disgust me to my core.

This will be a very short post due to my exams, and filled mostly with twin's face. Where's my clique aye! (sigh no wonder my blog is getting so boring hahaha kidding love ya zhiyantay) I can't wait to blog about all my September overseas trip! When I'm back, so just follow me @Pinkyniakoh on Insta for instant updates. Its so frequently updated sometimes I annoy my own self.

Finally a solo date with the twin on Saturday, heh acting like my exams all over. Did all kinds of pampering and fun things with her!

Movie; Caught red 2 (It was good, do catch it!)
Foodporn; Finally my appetite seems to have came back, but I can't seem to gain weight no matter how much I eat, and my cough is getting from bad to worse :(
Shop; I'm gonna be bankrupt soon
Took pretty photos; hehehe
Made me feel good about myself

haha we should totally just date each other.

What we had for dinner.

Antoinette at Palais Renaissance in town. 
Promised twin to dine there with her. Thought this outlet was bigger, brighter and a more photographic location than Mandarin Gallery's.

Unlike the last time I was there, you can Click Here to read all about it (their macaroons and cakes), 
I had mains this time round.

390 Orchard Road
Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871

11 am to 10 pm Daily
They take reservations at this outlet 6735 6392

Nicely dressed twin ^^

Getting kinda stuffy so I took off my leather jacket.

haha look like mafia boss?

As I have said, this post will have a bombardment of our photos.  

Our shopping loots after the entire afternoon. We had loads of freebies from Shokubutsu cause we were stopped to join some Natural looking beauty contest at cine haha. We are so not natural looking at all? 

But cool twin fact 1.
Zhiyan and I both don't like to apply bbcream/foundation on our faces or on daily basis.
Even when my complexion sucks currently you can see this pimple on my cheek in my recent photos hahaha I can't be bothered to conceal it. (please recover by TGIW tmrw!!!)

Had their crepe, super good, sweet treats were always and will be always my weakness.
Nougatine Sweet Crepe
One of their better selling crepes, would definitely go back to have it! Cause the price of this crepe is more worth it as well compared to the other dishes we had. 

There's nutella strewn within the crepe, salty caramel, crispy caramelized filo (which was mostly finished by me), vanilla creme Chantilly (simply speaking, tasted like whipped cream to me) and last but not least topped up with Antoinette's Nougatine ice cream!

two photos for this cause I loved ittttttttt

Gnocchi Carbonara
yeah the dish twin wanted to kill me for ordering. hahaha cause the seafood aglio olio is raved there but I was damn insisting of trying this cause I thought we can really get good seafood aglio olio almost everywhere. I'm serious.

Gnocchi sounds much more interesting to order!! HAHA Its good anyways OKAY just that I'll probably recommend you guys to change the GNOCCHI to just normal pasta (I didn't know that's possible) Cause the unique pasta type didn't appeal to us we are not Caucasians, but the white wine cream sauce, poached egg, bacon and everything else was alright !

Boeuf Bourguignon
burgundy style red wine braised beef served with pomme puree & seasonal vegetables
Its more costly, but not the most costly compared to steaks from other restaurants. The beef was soft and good, but I liked the mash and asparagus of this dish better. Haha!

A little pricey for us schooling students but its worth a try! ;)

I changed my blog banner btw. Haha me and twin both took a very nice ootd that day each. But in fact we took damn alot before deciding on one. LOL

on the left: I made an Animated GIF of the photos w retarded expressions I took.  
on the right: is my "can already anot very hot leh" face haha candid LOL.

and then the factors of someone walking pass. Pulls my hair annoyed. HAHAHA

Devil (me) vs Angel (twin)
But we obviously know who is the more devious one between us two ^^

Shag faces after our movie

hehe love to put up all my hair~

loots! Clothes x shokubutsu x some energy drink some guys gave me when I was walking past cause they say I'm very nice so they gave me extra. LOL it tasted quite sour?! But 0 calories *suspicious*


With some of the guys. Leonard and andre!

and Sebastian!

Not forgetting shiyun & natnat~

My current favorite obsession of buns

and tediously printed out my book report. I'm an author now. want my signature?

w xavier and morgan~

lunch with Anthony at ikea queensway outlet cause we both had to go all the way to queens-town to print for our groups :( 

BUT IT WAS MY FIRST TIME RIDING A MOTORBIKE. the thrill lasted for about 1 min down my school's hill im such a major tomboy. Then I was able to use my phone and my iphone and even take photos behind on the bike HAHAHA these are all the reasons why my Iphone 4s landed like the way it was (see my instagram)

cruiser alert

random collage of how to make a kelp-fried-egg cause I recently have severe hair loss, other than my breakouts, my hair seems to be dropping and clogging up my room floor everyday, so my mom was worried and whipped up this for me. hey! I helped okay.
haha seaweed is good for the hair. I lack nutrients with all my unhealthy sleeping timings and lifestyle :/
Maybe the reason that i might be a nun one day is because my hair all dropped off.

1: Crack two organic eggs and chopped chilli padi and kelp
2: stir it vigorously until there are bubbles and it looks like that (Im bad at cooking and describing LOL)
3: fry it!!
4: simple as that.

ABC soup and only managed to find fat to go with my name

brunch at delifrance ytd with shan.

and sushi for dinner like almost immediately, haha me and my cravings.


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