Monday, August 12, 2013

New Blue/Red Hairstyle + Thai Village Restaurant + The Patissier + The conjuring

"Good things comes when you least expect them"
"Just remember no one else can tell us who we are"
Listening to Ashley tisdale's We'll Be Together while typing this.

So.. Hi guys, back for a very quick weekly update. This post would be quite un-elaborated as recently I feel lazier & my food-porn crazed period has stopped for the time being, due to tedious school load and other reasons you can derive from my previous blog posts. & my appetite hasn't been that great either lately, i guess thats a blessing in disguise? 

2 reports kind of down, 5 more exams to go before my fucken holidays. Can't wait! My blog would be more lively then I hope ;) 
Mentioning these, this would be one of my most boring blog post up to date. Cause it is mostly spammed with my face, as I recently just changed my hair color, kinda obsessed with it for a while. hahaha! The introductory pic of the post says it all.

Anyway this year's national day wasn't like last year's as it totally didn't feel like my nation's birthday for me. 
Other than the fact I dyed my hair red right before national day. But this is a youtube video I actually did the previous national day, view it if you like ^^ Time passes too quickly. & I'm having a bad cough, so when I sing, phlegm just clogs up my throat now.


the other day after I submitted 1 report and did two presentations in school. Busy bee.

One of my favorite family themed restaurant I loved to visit since young!

Thai Village Restaurant

5 Stadium walk
#01-50 Kallang Leisure Park
Tel: 6440 2292

coconut drinks which we unfortunately got the 'older' coconut, the flesh was damn hard to eat LOL
& the appetizers

My favorite dish from the restaurant is actually this thai chilli they provide. It is superrrrr nice and goes with most of the dishes! Hahahaha i think i asked for like 3 servings of it. 

Yup you can guess already, whats the dish most people who visit this restaurant would order.
the Shark Fin Soup! Its one of the best shark fin soup I've tasted before in Singapore, but this is another reason why we shouldn't visit this restaurant that often.. Its kind of cruel for the marine sharks. I guess those animal protectors will hate me if I keep visiting this place. Sign a treaty/patent or some sort.

Discovery Channels always shows the way they slaughter sharks for their fins right, super cruel, they slice the shark's fins and throw them back into sea, still alive. Ok shit, I am making myself feel guilty now.

Back to topic. I love beansprouts!!!

Actually I prefer the saucy soup more than the shark fin haha I am a very weird and ironic. I think I can just survive on fish maw soup with similar soup base. haha

Usual fav few traditional dishes ordered. Toman Fried Fish slices.

Fried Fish Maw, ultimate favorite!!!!!

And lastly their Fried Vermicelli with Seafood. Can order the one that comes with just the crab and vermicelli, one of their signature dishes too.
All these dishes goes exceptionally well with the green chilli ^^ 

super satisfying dinner!

renewed member card, haha took a pic of it cause it is hot pink.


Finally pampering myself after awhile, how my hair looked before it faded.

So my Hot pink highlights faded into a very diluted blonde.
You can read/see more about my past hot pink hairstyle in these two links below, one of my quite interesting blog posts compared to this.

(For New hot pink hairstyle + Sweechoon + end of intern period where I got my hair dyed)

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How my ugly blonde bleached hair looks like...

I dyed it Red!! with blue-ish purple highlights.

hehe I was quite hyped over it for awhile, I guess I'll just stick to being red head forever just like last time before I dyed my hair black cause I wanted to look more decent haha but I think now I will not care about what others opinion's. In life you'll just have to do things that will make yourself happy.
 I like my red hairrrrr so much ^^

Went wenmin's house to slack awhile and finally ate homecooked food after such a long time.. Okay I am exaggerating.

was so sleepy since I have slept for like 4 hours daily for the past of last week.


Lol I have no idea when this day was, right before hari raya? Went to eat at this very affordable place suitable for vegetarian diners. Food is pretty good & cheap. Hahaha i have no idea why I wore quite fomally there. I think I have too much spare clothes in my wardrobe that needs to be cleared. Wore my new transparent sliver heels there again, start of my blister-ing journey for my feet. The price of being vain outfit-wise. Cause I am too lazy to put makeup sometimes.

Divine Vegetarian Family Restaurant

Blk 356 Hougang Ave 7
Tel: 6487 7895
Opening Hours: 7.00 am to 10.00 pm



Introducing my ultimate favorite cake shop of all time. 
The patissier. Alright, I'm being slightly bias. Because my favorite cake is sold there!!!
Its quite inaccessible to visit without a car.

The Patissier

4 Mohd Sultan Road 
Singapore 238955
Tel: 6737 3369

they have a wide range of cakes. Usually people call to take order and customize for collection for festive occasions. Like me, I always visit this cake shop to for my birthday cake every year whether rain or shine!

Their signature & my favorite cake - Passion Fruit Meringue 
Its a light sweetened meringue sponge cake filled with bursts of flavors from passion fruit mousse, fresh mangoes & strawberries!!!! Super good some of my friends actually would make a trip down to my house every now and then I purchase this cake hahahaha even my friend who doesn't fancy cakes also took a liking to it.

the pictures really does not do justice to the cake!

Slices or cakes of this cake always gets sold out daily before 2pm so its best to go and purchase it before that timing. Which was what happened to me,
 so I took-away other varieties of their cakes when I went there the other day as a last minute decision.

Some cocca cheescake, pistachio cake and I forgot the name of the last mousse cake. 

Caught two movies The Wolverine and The conjuring. I thought both was good, but the conjuring was better!!!

booked online for wolverine so I got this box of cotton candy which looks abit suspicious at first. Haha thought it is inedible. 

My twitter timeline is filled with how good the conjuring was, the plot being super good and scary at the same time. Luckily I sat next to jessica not the rest, I think we are more courageous than the guys, so we both ate and kept laughing while catching it. HAHAHAHA
Watching it during a ghost festival period is definitely a thrill though. Cause there would be some side effects. But luckily for me I am the kind of pig who just dozes off immediately on my bed, HAHA. 

I used to be such a wimp catching these kind of horror shows I swear like I couldn't close my door while I bathe or pee in peace after watching, but my guts just gets bigger everytime I force myself to catch these kind of shows. So I seriously think that this kind of things can be trained. Quit being a whiny girl this instance & show some independence!

 In addition to my recent obstacles I faced, I think nothing major can cause my heart to feel again to a certain extent thought this show could un-numb it. 
But still, 
Its a must watch guys ;) 

Boo, hahahaha I'm going to get karma. 

fav fried fish at astons. Pasta salad is one of the worser side dishes dining at astons.

with jessica at some job event

Which was damn tiring I swear & I missed out on a friend's birthday celebration. :(
Regrets of my life hahaha

shall end of my boring post with bombard shots of my new red and blue highlights! You can exit the browser now.
be back soon after my exams ^^

rare teethy smile from yours truly.

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