Sunday, August 25, 2013

Xian De Lai (鲜得来) + Seletar Country Club (Seletar Terrace) + Mr Teh Tarik + Singapore National Museum Night Festival

Active weekend updates ^^ Just finished cooking and consuming a pot of Korean instant noodles for the first time. Hahaha. Been eating non-stop since I woke up. Ugh. Holidays are getting kind of mundane, plus I surprisingly only clubbed on Wednesday night after my last paper at...
 MINK?! mink > zouk > mink. First time staying so long at Mink & only clubbed on wednesdays.
I have changed..

Outfit of the day shot yesterday night. With my new favorite barebacked romper :)

Xian De Lai 鲜得来 Steamboat 
on Wednesday with my classmates immediately after my last paper.

18 Liang Seah Street
Tel: 63367505

Daily: 11.30 am to 2.30 pm
           4.30 pm to 3.00 am

Choose a broth and then its free flow ingredients & side dishes for us!
Paid about 20 SGD per person, cause it was my teacher's treat!
Haha the class I barely attended for the whole semester.

complimentary fried chicken slices everyone thought was nice

infinite trays and plates of ingredients we ordered

for the meat lovers

some of the freeflow sides
fried honey chicken (left), braised pork belly (right - this was soooooo spammed some of my guy classmates practically ordered one plate or more than one plate per person ._.)

Group shot! Spot me and weishan.

Got forced to gym on Friday..

My stamina seriously sucks big time now since I have stopped exercising for like what feels like a year now? 
My run timing is so much longer now with the same distance covered. And I can't seem to be able to run all the way without stopping now. Look what night life have done to me.

oh and silly me left my pandora bracelet at the treadmill machine (haha cause I took it off as I thought it was weighing my running down hahaha thats how lousy I am now, one bracelet also cannot wear on my wrist.)
I didn't even realize it wasn't on my hand anymore until someone returned it to me ._.

Went to eat after at Seletar Country Club's restaurant.

Seletar Terrace
101 Seletar Club Road
Singapore 798273

Quite a big variety of beverages & food they serve there, asian delights, western, thai, malay and more!

Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis fried rice. yummmmmm
this after gym. HAHA excellent choice

and many pieces of chicken wingggz

Went to town in the evening, and met up with wenmin & tessa some of my favorite babes the rest~ 
It feels good to chill and have a relaxing TGIF with my old pals rather than club sometimes.
The guys drove from town to East coast park Mr Teh Tarik to have supper.

group shot! Two people of CBC wenmin & tessa (chiobu clique LOL + Twin)

Drinks served! Heh I love the colorsss 
Hahaha took pictures of almost everything since I haven't slacked with them for the longest time.

My always ordered Teh-cino iced. I super like it with tea and condensed milk hahaha. Its icy alright! Even though the pronunciation is like teh ci no ice.

hahaha haven't seen them (wenmin, louis, nico, tessa, davis, ivan) in so long so was taking many unglam pics 

HAHAHAHA look at them posing naturally LOL

with my longest and prettiest and sweetest best friend, wenmin :))

And tessa ^^ funny and fav girl :))

Maybe I will delete this later. too unglam. This was twin's idea to put the milo dinosaur on our teeth. How old already, HAHAHAHA our face need to maintain.

Saturday night!

Went and supported Jessica and Co near douby gaut, SMU, Singapore National Museum, one of the Singapore Night Festivals on some occasions

I am a bad photographer

Before the walk

Went and caught a movie - The elysium (Rather good plot) after that at the cathay with Junjie and Jon!


Me and twin was approached to dedicate something on the Led screen outside cathay at 1 am in the morning hahaha Imagine your husband/boyfriend does this for you.
eating icecream..
suddenly "dear look at the screen"

--------------------FUCKING LOVE EUGENIAKOH -ZHIYAN--------------------


My insta video above and then twin's below, which was longer and you can see she heartlessly abandoned me and left me falling onto the floor at the last part. Had a great laugh though. 

hehe thats it for this weekends.
xoxo eugeniania :*

My ask fm is dead
any inquiries?

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