Tuesday, September 20, 2016

William's 23rd - Thanying Restaurant, Thai Village Restaurant

Sorry for the lack of updates once again. Just extended my trip to Aussie to almost A MONTH in order to visit Sydney with Will's family when they arrive on the 26th. 
(Will be flying back to Singapore from Sydney thus forfeiting my return trip plane ticket originally, meh.. $.$)
Lying at his place currently waiting for him to come back from school. Loving the weather but not enjoying the guilt of eating and sleeping being my routine here. I thought LDR is gonna make me skinnier cause having a boyfriend makes me fat but I guess I'm just gonna continue gaining all these weight ha ha ha.

Some visuals of Will's 23rd birthday spent in Singapore before he flew to Brisbane! And not forgetting the Batam Trip I planned for him but have yet to get down to editing that travel blog post yet opps hehe

Mini post on Dayre on how we spent the last few weeks before LDR tgt~

Friday, September 9, 2016

William's ORD Parade + Best Italian Food in the East!

Throw back to William's ord parade 3 months back.. Flying to Brisbane in another two days and hopefully I'll be back with my Aussie travel posts soon when I'm back!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Saturdays at Sum Yi Tai

So why would I recommend this as a go to hangout chill spot ESPECIALLY on a Saturday weekend for drinks and tapas?~

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Italian dining at Rubato at Greenwood

Sorry for the 100th time for the lack of updates, school's been busy and I've been addicted to so many new korean dramas lately I have been so lazy to blog. Adapting to LDR and thus I have been meeting up more with some of my old friends like the Taiwan Gang and Sean for food and catch up sessions.

Caught one of the BEST horror show with them as of yet, Lights Out, GREAT plot with less mainstream and daring scare parts, the "ghost" in the show doesn't just disappear after scaring the audience for a few seconds but rather a hot-headed one. I like my horror shows to be more thrilling hehe, even the guys got scared! 8/10! Do catch it!