Tuesday, September 20, 2016

William's 23rd - Thanying Restaurant, Thai Village Restaurant

Sorry for the lack of updates once again. Just extended my trip to Aussie to almost A MONTH in order to visit Sydney with Will's family when they arrive on the 26th. 
(Will be flying back to Singapore from Sydney thus forfeiting my return trip plane ticket originally, meh.. $.$)
Lying at his place currently waiting for him to come back from school. Loving the weather but not enjoying the guilt of eating and sleeping being my routine here. I thought LDR is gonna make me skinnier cause having a boyfriend makes me fat but I guess I'm just gonna continue gaining all these weight ha ha ha.

Some visuals of Will's 23rd birthday spent in Singapore before he flew to Brisbane! And not forgetting the Batam Trip I planned for him but have yet to get down to editing that travel blog post yet opps hehe

Mini post on Dayre on how we spent the last few weeks before LDR tgt~
Coincidentally having thai food with his family and mine all the time. 
I guess our love for thai food never changessss.
Talking about thai food... William's gonna drool after reading this post, I accompanied him twice to have thai food in Aus and its so far been a disappointment and a waste of money LOL. I still can't adapt to eating like the caucasians here either. 
Can't wait for my Hokkaido trip (JAPAN =  UNDER ASIAN CUISINE CATEGORY) planned this November!!!

Thanying Restaurant
165 Tanjong Pagar Road
#02-00 Amara Hotel
 Singapore 088539

Anyway this is a quite legit thai restaurant towards the classier ambience - Genuine Royal Thai Cuisine (Mission statement) - compared to the usual few located at Tanjiong Pagar!! They have some thai dessert buffet tea thing going on as well, diners pay a certain sum to enjoy these spread!!

Some thai Stuffed Chicken which was soo goood

One of the better thai salads I've had!! Papaya Salad!!

They serve super delicious single serving soups as well. My fav option - the clear soup version.
Tom Yam Goong

Tom Kha Gai
William's fav, some thai soup with coconut milk spicy and tangy base.

Thai Green Curry 
and I see so many of my fav brinjals in this hehehe

Accompanied by fried salted fish~

Thai Fish Cakes

Basil Minced Pork

Thanying Signature Steamed Sea Bass

Overall a pretty good meal :) I'll recommend this restaurant for a more formal dinner ambience if you are looking for thai food :)

Me, Angeline (Will's sister), Will, and his parents!:)

With the birthday boy :) So happy that you are the one in my life :') 
Love you and lets spend our 9999 birthdays together every year :*

A simple night followed by drinks at Harry's bar, Movie, drinks again at wildoats then another place no one remembers hahahaha

Wearing SpaceStardom's Penelope Crotchet Top in white for the meaningful day:) 
Available in black and white!

Ending off this post with some visuals of my favourite thai restaurant - Thai Village Restaurant I've mentioned a million times before for shark fin and other dishes hehe.

They've relocated to:
#01-02 Indoor stadium
2 Stadium Walk
Singapore 397691

crab vermicelli omoooo

fish maw my FAVVV

thats all for now folks :*

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