Sunday, October 9, 2016

Thai food! Pranakorn + Korat Thai Cafe

Talking about thai food from the previous post, I shall introduce to you guys two hidden thai food gems I've stumbled upon. One in the east and the other in the heart of the city :)
4 Changi Village Road
Singapore 500004

This local east gem is located near Changi Village and is opened by a thai and her families!

honey lemon basil seed, thai green milk tea, thai tea for drinks

they also serve simple meal sets like Stir fried basil minced pork with egg and rice ($8.90)

Sticky noodles with minced pork and tom yam ($8.90)

as well as ala carte items to go with rice like Thai style kang kong ($5.80)

Moo Daeng ($5.80) - fried mince pork balls

Homemade fried pork cake w special dipping sauce ($6.80)

Spicy thai green papaya salad ($5.80)

Deep fried thai chicken winglets ($5.80)

and even have nice desserts like my fav Thai style grass jelly w brown sugar ($2.80) which I always mentioned finding this perfect stall which served it in bkk's chatuchak!!

Chendol ($3.50)

Overall: Their food were tasty but I felt that the thai dishes could be more authentic. The menu was quite limited here, so I had problems trying to order more variety of food with my entire family here with me! Would recommend pairs to dine here as it would be sufficient enough to order their set meal/tomyam noodles accompanied with another one or two sides.

Korat Thai Cafe
400 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238875

The clear winner among the two has got to be this supper spot which many siam-diu (thai club) party goers would stumble upon. I think its located in one of orchard tower's building. I remember walking around to find this hidden eatery filled with so many thai diners on my visit.

Opens from 6 pm - 3 am

doesn't look at appealing as the first, but their food was LEGIT GOOD, the person who served us spoke in a heavy singaporean accent yet all the dishes we ordered was so good??!

tasty tasty tom yam soup

green curry chicken

super dope fried omelette which is different from the usual ones you eat at normal chinese tze-char stalls! This was overly fried (maybe thai style?) and tasted so good hahaha must order!!

first time eating thai sweet chili raw prawns here and I didn't get a stomache after.
 but I just got tricked by my boyfriend because usually if you eat too many raw stuff you'll feel abit jerlat no matter how nice the dish is. And we were supposed to share this dish!! Spilt like 50-50 right.. I ate like 7 out of the 10 prawns cause I didn't count and my bf purposely said he ate alot already until he came clean with me LOL no wonder I felt so jerlat almost wiping the whole plate out LOL -_-''

I forgot how much each dishes cost but it was around 20-22 sgd each? (40++ sgd in total) with two rice and thai milk teas! Its not expensive but I guess a lil more overpriced than the usual nakhon kinda price-range. Maybe cause its located near the night areas. But I highly recommend this hidden gem if you're ever in this area! ;)

came back home from our thai dinner and was welcomed by my first nephew little lucas :)

sho cutes!


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