Sunday, October 9, 2016

11th Month and Oyster Bars - Angie's + Teru Sushi

Major spam of all these throwback posts before starting on my travel posts as I've been such a lazy blogger recently lolz. Back to our 11th monthsary dinner before William flew to australia. And its turning to our 15th month soon, proves how lazy I was to update HAHAHA. (opps)

Spending effort in my makeup because the bf was leaving, if not usually I'll be super lazy hahaha
Wearing mostly Colourpop Cosmetics on my face.

Super Shock Shadows in Sequin and Nillionaire
Get Paid Gel Liner
and last but not least,
Colourpop x jennim collaboration - Dohee Ultra Satin Lip

Angie's Oyster Bar
50 Raffles Place
Singapore 048623

Nestled on the 45th storey of the Singapore Land Building, next to Empire, is Angie's which a pretty hidden and chill place to come by after work in the CBD area. It offers a lovely view of the Marina bay too.

Had their Happy hour Arrogant Bastard Ale on tap for $10 each.
Not my favourite beer because it tasted nicer when you first drink it hahaha. No wonder the devil's face.

Had their signature Mussels & Clams (350g - $19, 750g - $38)
Where you could opt for all clams or all mussels, but we had ours mixed. Choice of clear/asian/cream broth is also yours, we had cream, lobster bisque flavor.

The mussel & clam bowl comes with free flow fries (?!?!?!) I wonder why this place is not packed yet.

Too much broth so we ordered some buns to dip~

Boston Lobster Roll ($28)
With quick pickled cabbage, avocado mousse and fresh coriander. I have got to admit that I've tasted better. Bun was a little on the dry side.

But Angie's is afterall an oyster bar serving different kinds of oysters from all around the world. 

From 6 pm - 8 pm daily, each diner gets to order half a dozen of oysters each for $1 with a main they order. 
Me and Wills got a dozen in total. Their oysters was so fresh and good!!! I guess this place would be over-crowded if they offered $1 per oyster with no limit or regulations and more people like me found out hahaha. (new idea for angie's? cause I'll be your first regular diner if you guys do that hehehe)

Overall the food was alright, view and ambience made up for everything, and their oysters!!! Thanks wills for planning it ^^

Happy 11th month baebae :DD

Talking about $1 oysters, there's another place which serves $1 unlimited oysters. Just make a reservation because it would be crowded, and at the same time confirm if there are oysters for the day before dining there!~

Teru Sushi
50 Tiong Bahru Rd
Link Hotel
Singapore 168733

Established by the founder of the Shiok Maki roll which opened restaurant on his own.

Tasty Pidan Tofu, really looks similar to Shiok maki's at wisma.

Chanwanmushi topped with nameko mushroom

Grilled Octopus - so good!!

Eel Ebiko Sushi rolls and Spicy Aburi Salmon Sushi Rolls, smaller in size than the original Shiok Maki rolls but still tasted Shiok!

Ordered like x2/x3 worth of oysters in this picture. Tasty jap food + $1 oysters? I'll be back anytime!