Saturday, October 22, 2016

Life In Squares (and rectangles)

I know this space have been quite dead lately filled with categorised posts, so I shall make an attempt to summarise and update you guys once and for all what I've been up to mostly for the past few months, other than balancing my last two sems in the last phase of my school life - uni, traveling, LDR, setting up my first online webstore. So that we, or rather I, can get all of these overdue posts over with before what most readers come to my blog for, my travelling experiences.

So far I've been to Australia twice this year, covered Brisbane and Sydney mostly, and its shocking how fast time passed, I've been with William for one year and two months now and now its the 4th month into our "long distance relationship". Other than face-timing each other everyday, I'll try to make it a point of flying over and seeing his face after a maximum of not being able to be there physically for each other about 2 months plus.

Bangkok right after my exams, Hokkaido, and most importantly, William will be coming back for 3 months during his term break end of the year, I can't wait!

With that I shall get my post of my life in squares started, (but there are rectangles too LOL) because if you know me, I'm too lazy to edit every raw image into squares. When I'm done with school, I promise I'll be more active in updating my dayre with generic posts like these and then keep my blog more professional hmm hahaha  

Witnessed the birth of my first nephew from the direct family line - Lucas but missed his Star Wars themed first month party cause I was abroad. :(

Coincidentally Carter's birth month as well, Regina is the first to get married among the clique of us.

Other than airtickets, I pretty much spend all my money in these aspects.. if you followed me on snapchat you'd know I'm one of those girls who is crazy over the current liquid lipstick and makeup trend. It is getting worse.

Got the entire Kylie Cosmetic's limited edition birthday edition. This is probably why we girls exist for.

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 I love these online deals I occasionally stumble onto because all the money saved can actually get me a couple more items. heh

Me in Candy-K, a warm toned nude liquid lip from Kylie, swatched from one of her mini matte kits which is extinct now hehehe. (I woke up at 6 am to camp for it THRICE when she released them, as her limited edition items always get sold out in seconds lol) 
Eyes in Kylie's Rose gold creme eyeshadow which I'm totally in love with the formula!!

Leo - dark Burgundy red liquid lip that Kylie came out with in her birthday collection as well.

More makeup from Jeffree Star when he came out with his new range of Lip Ammunition lipsticks like last month? You know I'm crazy over makeup when I'm sitting on a toilet bowl abroad yet purchasing them from the tiny screen of my iphone.

Online buys are like gifts but from yourself to yourself. Got a second JS stash from Beautylish -another online website which sells Jeffree Star's products as well and their international shipping is WAY faster than JS's website AND its free if you spend 75 USD and above lol.

Love JS's packaging!

Wearing Leo velour liquid lip to an event (coincidentally the same name as the Kylie one but both totally different colours).
Jeffree Star's newest Velour Liquid Lip shade and his Skin Frost - King Tut shade highlighter which I ABSOLUTELY ADORE. It goes so well with my tanned skin tone.

CBS Entertainment's seasonal show screening and I brought wenmin along to this event.

chilling and drinking buds fo life :*

Food tasting sessions and this was a mooncake making tasting session held at Putien during the mooncake festival period.

Putien's fried heng hwa been hoon is so fine - literally and expressively!! Goes super well with their homemade chili found on all their tables.

Their "Bian Rou" Soup is one of the must order as well!

Mdm Leng Homemade sweet potato and yam mooncakes!

Kbbq at I'm Kim Korean BBQ located at SOTA at Dhoby Gaut which was not bad at all and really cheap inclusive of bbq items and cooked food!

Ate two buffets at MBS & Conrad (One during the midst of my food poisoning and it was crazy LOL). And this was the Oscar at Conrad hotel. Their buffet is more limited compared to the MBS one maybe cause we went during lunch (?) But the dessert never fails. I love the fact they served this green tea frozen yogurt concoction which was GOOD.

their crabs and seafood were fresher than Rise at MBS one though! Love the cold large indonesian crabs which goes well with honey!

Life hack: spam waffles and ice-cream at a buffet.

Frequently met up with the guys & twin and our dinner was the Korean Snow Cheese Chicken shit which video went kind of viral on facebook.

Kimchi Korean Restaurant
3 Temasek Boulevard
#02-387 Suntec
Singapore 038987

Everything cheese, even the kimchi pancake was called Cheese Kimchi Pancake.

Cheese Dduk Bo Gi Stew, I give their plating 10/10, served in such cute trays. Broth was a little too sweet for my liking.

Army stew after the ingredients got popped in

Last but not least, Snow Cheese Chicken!
Overall: Price point alright, there was a 5% off payment if paid in cash. Found the food alright but a little over hyped, it literally just tastes like fried chicken coated with cheese. Nothing THAT unique I would say.

Got some Ollella Moon Choux Chouquette at Taka's annual mooncake festival fair and the choux puffs WAS SO GOOD!!! Can't wait to visit their actual stall and try more of their fancy chouquettes.

lychee rose, it was all so so so great just that I took bad quality photos of them.

The salted egg yolk flavoured one is probably one of the best amongst all the salted egg items I've ate this year.

1-for-1 starbucks day with myself (fat shit) and I loved the starbucks key lime pie frappe this year!!

Dinner at London fat duck at the new Punggol Waterway Point opened this year.

If you like Tim Ho Wan's baked char siew pau, they also serve some pretty legit London Duck snow buns here as well, and this was their Black Pepper London Duck Bun. SO GOOD! The crust is similar to the choux pastries one which I was raving about just now.

Andong Zzimdaka famous Korean dish, known to be served in a huge plate with many ingredients like chicken, vegetables marinated in a ganjang Korean soy based spicy sauce. Opened at Raffles City basement, something I'll recommend over the snow cheese chicken any day.

Mookata nights out when Chomppang was closing so we had this super cheap mookata set at a coffee shop nearby, even their ala carte thai style sweet and spicy fried fish was good!

super tasty at 28 bucks for this set.. The shop is called Rak Thai Authentic Thai Cusine I think! :)

Good indian food at mustafa, little india.

Chilled at a quiet and pleasant looking hidden Island cafe when I was in town located in the Tangs building.

before william flew off :(

walnut cake

and pretty lousy waffles.... which makes me wonder if their mains were lousy as well. You can tell these facts from just from the waffle.

Not to mention my two trips to Australia this year and my expanding waist line.

Shall end off my post with a selfie of yours truly yesterday, after I completed the hardest paper I took in my life, felt like I was on a death roll. Can't wait for exams to be overrrr!!!~