Sunday, October 9, 2016

Battle of the Japanese Restaurants - Akashi + Sushi Jin

Japanese food hunt time x choosing food places with kids :)
 Paragon Shopping Centre
290 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238859

Have always wanted to try akashi located at Paragon's basement because of their affordable lunch sets so I went there with my baby cousin (in my opinion, kids doesn't eat sashimi and akashi has a wide range of soupy items on their menu which suits younger kids) and parents the other day!

Pidan Tofu ($4)
Gave my cousin one bite and she cried HAHA. Guess its a little spicy for a child's palette I swear I couldn't taste any spiciness at all.

Chanwanmushi ($8)
It was super huge, thus the price point.

meet claire~~

Forgot what this Udon was called but ordered it for Claire because its noodles and soup, easier to devour for her :)

Otsukuri ($26 - Lunch, $30 Dinner)
Sashimi set served with rice, fruits and salad.

Ebi Tempura Maki ($15)
Tempura prawn sushi rolls which was so good!! I liked their makis here the most compared to other items!

Nigiri Chasoba ($16 lunch price)
($20 dinner price - didn't realise there was much difference in pricing for lunch and dinner LOL means its rly kinda affordable for dinner considering its a restaurant setting in town :O)
Basically a chill green tea soba noodles set served with sushi, salad and fruits.

Overall: Don't expect super impressive jap food here for the price point. Try Sun with moon dining, which is a better choice for affordable yet value for money lunch sets (IMO) which has a slightly steeper price range compared to this. 

Tried another Jap restaurant during lunch (always targeting jap restaurants during lunch cos I find it so much more worth it comparing lunch and dinner prices hahahahaha) 
with my gramps and mom on another occasion and this was my pick between the two as I would definitely spend more to bring my bf and friends to dine here.

Sushi Jin
1 Farrer Park Station Road
Owen Link #01-11/12
Singapore 217562

Lunch: 12 pm - 2.30 pm
Dinner: 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm

They have relatively value for money lunch sets as well disregarding the gst and service charges which always adds to the bill. Heard their omakase sets here are also one of the more value for money sets in Singapore, so I might return to give them a try!

awaiting us another quaint and great jap food experience just like the one we had at Tatsuya

Truffle Seafood Chanwanmushi ($15)
prawn, crab meat & scallop steamed egg with truffle
One of the most highly recommended items during their lunch and dinner which was so good, truffle infused chanwanmushi? Somebody save me hahaha

Ordered three lunch sets and they each came with a salad, miso soup and fruits respectively.

Hokkaido Don ($38)
Sea urchin, scallops & salmon roe over sushi rice
If I ever come back for lunch at Sushi Jin, I'll definitely order the hokkaido don and kaisen don again and again. Its really THAT GOOD, THAT FANTASTIC and THAT FRESH, I wouldn't mind paying this price point for it. So worth it.

Kaisen Don ($36)
Assorted seafood over sushi rice
Look at this, pictures indeed speaks louder than my words.

Wagyu to Foie Gras Don ($39)
glazed foie gras & wagyu beef over rice
This on the other hand, was a little bland, I guess I'll rather have Fat Cow's wagyu lunch set bowl rendition. 

Because I knew that there was a special off menu item which includes uni, wagyu, truffle, onsen egg and all the bombidity shit which cost around 80++ sgd? I decided to be a smart alec and customized this myself. So i added uni in this for another 30 bucks (39+30 = 69 SGD for this lol) (and forgot about the onsen egg? LOL) and it wasn't so fantastic and it was SO not worth it in my opinion to have added the few pathetic slices of uni for 30 bucks. I should have just ordered the off menu item in the first place (its just like 10++ dollars difference from what I ordered) and tried the bombidity shit most IG Geotag at sushi jin was exclaiming about.

But still, I liked the food here and overall, I will recommend people to dine at sushi jin and I'll drag my bf here too again hehe

Abrupt ending~