Thursday, November 26, 2015

Indonesia Trip (Jakarta) - {Day 1: Beautika Restoran x Senayan x UNION x Pondok Laguna x Pantai Indah Kapuk} & {Day 2: Mie Keriting x Mangga Dua x Pondok Sedap Malam x Martabak65A} & {Day 3: Social House x Off to Bali}

Hi guys! Back to blog about my recent trip to Indonesia, Jakarta (short stopover to see the city my bf grew up in) then to Bali!! So we bought three one-way flights this trip! & here's a selfie with my gopro hero4 - taking this I realized that silly me had forgotten to bring all my gopro's underwater casing, which we spent almost all of our time in Jakarta's shopping malls finding and it was so hard to find?! Almost became a retard and wanted to rent from those gopro rental shops in Bali. Felt so shitty cause I totally spent 600 bucks on this gopro just for this trip SO I NEEDED THE CASE! ._. imma retard.

Unlucky thing was, after I managed to find & buy the underwater case in Jakarta, somehow I got food poisoning with a severe case of bad stomache which started mildly in Jakarta then became worse when I reached Bali so I had to skip some of the watersports WHICH I bought my gopro for and which the underwater casing was needed for, so back to square one of unluckiness. 

Nevertheless, I still enjoyed being stranded in Bali with my favourite person in the world due to volcanic ash activities on the last few days LOL, so let my travelogue begin.

yeah yeah excited me before realising how hard it would be to find a freakin underwater case for my gopro in +62

Hired a driver for around 60 SGD for 12 hours (around a day) in Jakarta - land of all traffic jams

All food places in this post was planned by my bf cause he knows Jakarta the best heh

Beautika Restoran
Jl. Hang Lekir No. 1, Kebayoran Baru

Lunch was at this popular Manadonese restaurant in Jakarta, serving very spicy and authentic Manado padangs. Quality Indonesian food at a hygienic setting.

I have no idea what are all these dishes called cause my bf ordered them but mainly spicy fish of some sort,

sambal minced beef

liked this dish the least

famous veg dish which was a little bitter hahaha

more yummy & spicy fish dish~

overall a good first lunch as we LOVE spicy food and I kinda like indo padangs (rice with mixed ingredients) especially when manadonese is as spicy as it gets, too bad I didn't have enough time to try other kinds of indonesian padangs in Jakarta~

the fruit juices they offer there are soo fresh and good too! I had tomato & bf had orange. Yum!

indo desserts look so sinful & alluring

Some of the malls we walked around was Senayan City, some branded goods is cheaper in Jakarta and brands like Ralph Lauren etc, you'll see it in Bali as well, but definitely more affordable in Jakarta.

one of the perks of malls in Indonesia is, usually the food court area of the mall has all the variations franchised stalls of the popular food stalls in Jakarta. So I got to try some, Jakarta is really a place to go for people to bulk in size haha

Sate Khao
Bf's fav shop for indonesian satays!

its really yummy even tho bf said that the normal shops one makes it better, but its different from the ones we eat in Singapore, the peanut sauce is all blended up smoothly and drenched over the satays which you can mix with chili!

Sari Ratu
Indonesian version of ice-kachang? there is my favourite jackfruit and red ruby desserts in there!

Headed over to Plaza Senayan after

Plaza Senayan Courtyard, Ground Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No.8, Tanah Abang, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10270, Indonesia

A super popular and pretty bakery & bar among the instagrammers in +62 which served the best red velvet cake I have ever eaten. We waited for around 30 mins for seats which proved its popularity!!

the glass exteriors of this union outlet!

it was raining and we were having our tea-break indoors, we only managed to order the cake and some drinks, would come back to try their brunch items next time! Looks super attractive as well~

Pretty cocktails-
Melon and mint (Left) Healthy Bee (Right)

Hands down the BEST RED VELVET CAKE I have ever eaten!!!!!!
is there anyway I could bring back a cake of this back to sg?!
Covered in caramel nut crumbles this tasted so good and the cake was so moist which went perfectly well with the cream cheese unlike the usual failed dry cakes some cafes might serve.

tasted so good despite me coming down with a flu in the rain (typical eugenia after flight sinus symptoms which always acts up on the first day after flight) which will block out some of my taste buds.

tired looking me cos of flu and all but bf still forced me to take a photo

managed to get our SIM cards at the malls not the airport. I repeat NOT THE AIRPORT. Cause the airport in +62 usually charges so much more than if you get it from the providers.
But I used up the 3G so fast I had to top-up numerous times. Cause hotel wifis sometimes loads too slow, then i'll just give up and use my 3G.

Pardon my very blur pics cause my samsung camera's lenses decided to spoil in Day 1's noon and I was mostly using my samsung camera in Jakarta (so clearer pics in my bali posts)

All Seasons Jakarta Thamrin Hotel
Jl Talang Betutu No 2, Thamrin, Jakarta, Indonesia 10320

our comfy stay for around 60 SGD per night :) would highly recommend this hotel to stay if in Jakarta!

taken with my DSLR hahaha suddenly so clear

Pondok Laguna
Jalan Batu Tulis Raya No. 45, Gambir, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10120, Indonesia

Met one of my bf's indo friend and had dinner at one of the most famous traditional Indonesian seafood restaurant famous for their fishes - william's fav!

eyebags collated from my flu

super famous for their Ikan Gurame Goreng - deep fried gurami fish, but my bf ordered the Ikan Gurame Bakar which was tasty as well!!!

bf's orange x coconut mixed juice & my weird cucumber juice which was hard to drink cause it had too much cucumber shreds!!

Tahu Kipas
fried tofu which was one of their signatures and soooo good with stuffing ranging from vegetables to shrimps, went well with the sauce it came with :)

Grilled squid which was normal IMO

Ikan Gurame Bakar
Tasty grilled gurami fish sauced up so well!

Sayur Asem
a kind of indonesian vegetable sour soup which bf ordered for me cause he knows I love soupy stuff and I really liked it!!

raw indonesian vegetables with the gado-gado kind of peanut sauce which were one of the signatures at Pondok Laguna as well! 

wonderful dinner and love the spicy chili of the restaurant!

desserts again!

His friend drove us to this area, Pantai Indah Kapuk! popular among the youngsters filled with many unique eateries restaurants and cafes - I even saw a cake pastry shop revolving around a conveyor belt! 

PIK has some bars too and we settled for some drinks at Hugo Soju Bar and Eatery

finished up four bottles of these in no time. 
Had yakult soju flavoured & lychee. Preferred the former!


Mie Keriting
Jalan Pluit Sakti Raya No.57, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14450, Indonesia

Brunch at william's favourite childhood curly noodles stall near his old Jakarta home!

unglam hehehe

one of my favourite meal in Jakarta cos... I LOVE NOODLES hahahah and this was so good! Goes so well with indo chili/green chili, bf ordered our curly noodles all with chicken meat :D

iced tea all day in Indonesia!

very happy eugenia eating her fav noodles. lol

Mangga Dua ITC mall

"wholesale" mall but I didn't really see much nice clothes, managed to try the nice Rujak kolam medan but not the Ayam mee soto at Mangga Dua cause I'm too stuffed!

Warung Kolam
Lt. 3D No. 134 Mangga Dua

ended up eating cause bf likes the indo rojak here, served all in fruits!

Rujak Special

super loads of fruits and nice spicy rojak sauce if not for the peanuts cause I don't really adore peanuts like ma man

other malls we visited were Emporium (did cream bath for our hair at a salon there, cheap!), Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia and Pondok Indah Mall (at the south side which was sort of like the upper east side of indonesia? super lotsa fancy restaurants and eateries there spotted even another outlet of UNION there!)

Pondok Sedap Malam
Jl. Batu Tulis Raya No. 9, Kel. Kebon Kelapa, Kec. Gambir, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10120, Indonesia

another affordable and yummy seafood restaurant which was near to the previous - pondok laguna, both outlets near our hotel!

yummy and cheap black pepper crab! tastes like my fav black pepper crab in sg!

more grilled fish for bf

bamboo clams!!

& our fav kangkong!

all these yummy shellfish foods for 40 bucks?!

Martabak 65A
Pusat: Jl.Pecenongan Raya No.65A 
Jakarta Pusat 10120 

Cabang : Pantai Indah Selatan 1
Ruko PIK Elang Laut Blok D no.28
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara

Went on forgetting about how full we were but I had to try the legendary 65A martabak supper spot!

new on the menu! red velvet oreo cream cheese, all my favourites in one combi!!

my bf's fav chocolate cheese sweet martabak

so so so sinful watching the man slap on margarine like free even tho it wasn't HAHA but so so so good!

Ordered two flavors, one savoury and one sweet.

William's favourite deep fried Ayam Martabak (chicken!!) goes super well with the chili and the chicken and vegetable martabak tasted so good!!!

and my Red Velvet Oreo Cream Cheese Martabak which cost almost twice of the ayam but it was so good!!! Makes a pretty good dessert why doesn't singapore sell these?!

martabak to die for!!

tehbotol - ice tea brand we had everyday in indo.

Check out time & off for some brunch before jetting off to Bali finally!


bf is becoming like me LOL

Social House
Grand Indonesia East Mall 1st Floor, JL. Mohammad Husni Thamrin, No. 1, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10320, Indonesia

Some popular restaurant bar place which opens from 8 am till 1 am (early till late!!)

Cotton Candy Mocktail 
tasty and cute looking with blended with milk, oranges and strawberries!

Mushroom & Chicken Spaghetti
super good aglio olio which was accompanied by nicely roasted chicken breast meat *must order*

Dragon Roll
cause I was still craving for jap food

Capricciosa Pizza
Looked awesome with devil eggs and sausages, but tasted like nothing spectacular.

over-ordering for breakfast again hahaha

Off to Denpasar, Bali, via AirAsia, I would recommend people to always fly via tiger/airasia, any of these budget airlines to Bali, (where volcano activities would sometimes disrupt flight schedules) instead of jetstar because jetstar is under australian watch, they tend to be more strict about their policies, which made us unable to fly back from bali to SG during our last few days in bali due to the volcanic ash activity problems from like a week ago. 

Talking about which, it made us extend our trip when we were in bali cause jetstar didn't allow us to fly back (we ended buying extra tickets from tiger while waiting for a recovery flight which seemed like forever), but luckily, we chose airasia for our carrier from jakarta to bali so our flight still went on as scheduled despite my bf feeling so uneasy as he thought it might be cancelled, can't really imagine spending more days in jakarta actually hahaha since all we did was to eat. 

off to bali finally!

will be back with Bali updates xx :)


  1. How did you maintain your figure when you're eating so much good food. Tips please~~!

    1. thanks for the compliment but i don't rly maintain my figure. I am in fact gaining more & more weight!!! hahaha

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