Monday, November 2, 2015

Food finds for the month of Oct 2015: Churro101 + Peachy + Choo Choo Chicken + Eng's Noodle House + Kay Lee + Soi55 + White Restaurant

Hey its me with my short haircut!

Some rdm updates on my daily musings as exams are FINALLY over and getting hives during my exams ._. and I'm heading off to bali in abit! :) Can't wait for all the festive seasons like christmas to arrive~ Do checkout Zalora's Christmas shopping deals too!!

Some of the food I've had during oct, haven't been even dieting much since I came back from bkk hahaha

Eng's Noogle House
287 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437070

one of the better wanton mees I've tried and they are famous for their insanely spicy chili which goes well with the wanton noodles! I can eat spicy well but honestly this chili actually surprised me (cause usually I think spicy foods are not even spicy kind hahaha)

water chestnut there is goood

love fried wanton!

Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint
125 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534838

the famous roast meat joint that is said to have sold their stall/recipe for million(s?)

love lotus pork rib soups!

3 meat combo and I got to admit their charsiew is soooo good, hardly a charsiew person, prefer roast crispy fried pork usually but theirs was dope!

have been working efficiently during my free time

w wenmin & our old supper + movie sesh after work. You guys have to catch Our Times! SUPER GOOD. its like similar to the popular taiwanese movie - apple of my eye - but so much nicer!! *.*

doberman visitings & soju sessions with the HCM crew~ typical old nights with friends you'll enjoy growing old.

Soi 55
The Cathay Level 5, 2 Handy Road Singapore 229233

Tried the famous takeaway thai ice tea's second outlet at cathay! 
Good thing is, you can bring this into the movie theatres and it actually opens until like 11.30 pm on weekends!!!!
 Super special drink accompaniment when you are out on a weekend catching a movie at cathay like i did! Had their thai ice tea flavor with sago, a little too sweet but I guess I still want to try their smoothie versions with red ruby toppings *.*

#04-01, 201 Victoria St, Singapore 188067

had lunch with regina at our favorite tomyam noodle shop & we tried the new hype that reached singapore! When I was in korea, I actually did research on churros and read one Churro101 - Better than your boyfriend review of their stall in hongdae but didn't get to try it! And now its in singapore *.*

Had the Plain cinnamon sugar coated churros which went super well with the vanilla soft serve. (S$5.90) Churros + ice-cream, trust me its perfect.And another Milk-custard filled churro (S$4.90) which was soo good too! There are like chocolate coated churros and cream cheese flavors too!!!

Day out going to dine at one of my favvv shark fin restaurants that serves many yummy dishes! *.*

in love with thai green chili

Thai Village

fish maw I LOVE!!
Tried this cheesecake shop which you have to order online and tried the Fickle Feline which is one of their more unique buys IMO since there are ten different assorted flavors in the cake which all tasted so good! Or maybe its just the work of the cheese. Only 50 of this cake is available for order every week on wednesday from 10 am onwards!

Includes: Classic New York, Tiramisu, Mango & Vodka, Pineapple & Malibu (with real pineapple slices on it!*.*), Lychee Martini, Coffee, Strawberry, Yuzu, Oreo, Salted Caramel. All so unique in their own ways.

failed 'study' sesh w the MIA twin!!

do we still look alike? hahaaha

Peachy In the Secret Hideout
803A N Bridge Rd, Singapore 198771

Met will for dinz aft @ some hidden super afforable western food find that serves food in generous portions!!!

bbq sauce available too 

tomato soup we ordered with loads of enoki mushrooms in it (S$4.50)

liked their cheesy fries!! (S$4.50)

buffalo wings which was only like 5 bucks?? haha but kinda thing that the meat wasn't that well marinated, just tasted like chicken wings + bbq sauce (the one which they provided LOL)

And I had cheesy fish omu rice!! Their fried fish with cheese was good!!! Rice was a little dry tho, but not complaining for the price and place :)

But I think the chicken cutlet was just mediocre, fried fish is nicer than their fried chicken. Should have ordered the teriyaki grilled chicken which looks more appetizing!!! 

me and my bf ALWAYS over order I swear... and we can still finish all of it. LOL

Choo Choo Chicken
33 Bali Lane, 189869

always wanted to try this korean fried chicken shop near haji lane and I finally got to try it, even tho they just opened another outlet in the mainstream town area, cineleisure.

yummy milk yogurt Milkis drink!!! And william tried the korean canned pear juice with pear bits.

Ordered their Bulgolgi burger which was surprisingly super flavorful and good, fell in love immediately!! Its like a Bulgolgi kimchi spam rice burger which is so appetizing and creative!!

one of my fav spot for korean fried chicken and rice burgers in SG!! Their Soy & Spicy flavored chicken was super delightful as well! Thumbs up from us :D

food was so good I had to mimic it at home the next day, hahhaaha but I guess mine had a secret ingredient lacking..

White Restaurant
3 Punggol Point Road
The Punggol Settlement
Singapore 828694

had lunch with mom & bf at the famous Sembawang BaiMiFen You Huak Restaurant I blogged about before eons ago, which opened their second outlet at somewhere which was more convenient for us, but i recalled it to be nicer, but my mom still likes it!!

thats all for my usual naggings of food finds, be back soon! :)


  1. I always look forward to going out. A good tip would be to look out for those places with interesting concepts. The venues in NYC are pretty amazing. I came up here with a friend. The place was spacious and food was great.

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