Wednesday, October 28, 2015

ShopBack, deals when shopping at Taobao & Reebonz

Hey guys, super bummed to be JUST introduced to this new cashback rebate site for online shopping available in Singapore now.

How does ShopBack CashBack work?

And the best thing is, they actually worked with merchants like agoda (which I think I at least booked 6 hotels for my travel trips from this year), lazada, groupon and many other popular online merchants you'll bound to have a transaction with all year round!

You could easily save hundreds every year by just shopping with ShopBack. What's more, ShopBack has got Taobao coupons for you. ShopBack also has a new merchant, Reebonz, so what are you waiting for, find Reebonz promotions now!

For example,
If you spend: $1000 on a brand with 6% cashback, cashback you'll get is $60!
1000 x 0.06 = 60 ! Simple math!

Not too sure how to use ShopBack? You can view this video on this taobao guide on how to buy from tabao using ShopBack!

Hoped my recommendation helped you guys save loads of money! Sign up now at for your bonus $5 credits! Happy getting your cash rebates back effortlessly! :) Oh and don't miss the upcoming 11-11 SalesBlack Friday Cyber Monday Sales at ShopBack.


  1. Check out too. :)

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