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Budget Meals Around $20 Bucks: Chong Pang Nasi Lemak + 928 Ngee Fou Ampang YTF + RiriHong Mala Xiang Guo + Alibabar The Hawker Bar + Curry Gardenn + Restoran Ah Piaw + North Bridge Road Food Centre + Teppei Syokudo

So I'm back from bkk, the first offical mini and short vacay before my study break with my first bf & I have to get my ass up & start to study for my final sem papers before I scoot of to bali & hochiminh end of year (EOY)! This phonecase is what I customized for our second month, so happy to be spending it with my favorite person ever abroad~

Spending all my assets on my trips and food (lolol), I decided to cut down on my expenses and I guess I made a list of to-go places for meals around 20 bucks or below with my bfee since he was super free that week and I love the periods we get to see each other everyday.

List of Meals for Around $20 Bucks

Chong Pang Nasi Lemak 
447 Sembawang Rd
Singapore 758404
Opening hours: 5 pm - 7 am
(which makes it a good supper spot too!)

Spent around 16 bucks for two (8/pax) cause over-ordering seems to be the case everywhere I dine at, so me and my bfee always tends to over-order, but we always finish up all the food still. He doesn't like to waste food!! ^^

Eating brinjals all day. One of my fav dishes/vegetable/plant. SAMBAL BRINJALS!

In this dish: fried fusion of crabstick & fishcake
Popular dishes: fried chicken wings, sweet & sour pork (very crispy!! hehe), mei ren yu (tastes like the big version of ikan bilis but coated in red sweet sauce)

Ah-zhar & sambal squid

The water chestnut they serve there is good & refreshing too~

928 Ngee Fou Ampang Yong Tau Foo
928 Upper Thompson Road
Opening Hours: 10 am - 8 pm daily

the famous YTF place near my bf's place which he likes. Cost around 22 bucks for three people? (plus his friend) We ordered it with chicken rice & ordered additional yummy fried pork from a stall in the eatery too. 

I love the fried wantons, brinjals, veggies & technically more of all the fried stuff + quail eggs in the selection of YTF in the garlicy ampang sauce :)

Went for dion's 21st at night!

Pic w da bkk bros, sean, deon, dion LOL & me

selfie w regina ^^

& yan~

Went to chinatown to try the famous mala hotpot both wearing red (w my bf LOL)

stole his shades but it doesn't match me

have been wanting to try this out for superrrrr long, when I mention hotpot to my bf he is always goes "I am so sick of steamboat" blablala end up he also liked this, cause he prefers rice over noodles (opposite from me) then this stall name "hot pot" but its not rly the soupy kind of hot pot??

Ri Ri Hong Mala Hot Pot
People’s Park Food Centre
32 New Market Road 
#01-1042 & #01-1052

pic of the stall from the behind where people collect their orders, 
1. you'll have to choose the ingredients
2. spicyness level
from the front of the stall before paying and collecting

Mala Hot Pot (麻辣香锅) has a tremendous popularity in China and eateries selling Mala Hot Pot also started opening in some of  Sg's food court and hawker centres. Hot Pot actually means Spicy Pot in this context. & Riri Hong is one of the first mala hotpot eateries in SG and its popular~

We ordered moderate (medium) spiciness so that the flavor of the sauce and ingredients wouldn't get covered so it turned out to be not rly spicy for both of us (cause we are like one of the best spicy eating couples around I think hahaha) spent around 17 bucks for this cause we ordered quite alot of ingredients and they cost from $1 (veggies) to $3 (meats)

I didn't forget my brinjals in this either and rmb to add the vermicelli in it too cause its so tasty! Just avoid chewing on this pepper looking ball herb thingy which will totally numb your tongue.

Alibabar The Hawker Bar
125 East Coast Road 
Singapore 428810
Opening hours: 8 am - 11.30 pm (only till 1.30 am on fri & sats)

Hawker in the morning, bar by night, open aired hawker bar which has a few stalls in it leased from french, chinese, western to japanese cuisines.

famous fried meesua stall - yong huat

they offer a huge variety of ciders & beers too!!

Settled for dinner at one of the stalls, by the fire, western.

Strawberry & Lime Kopparberg over their Naked Apple flavor.

Scotch Egg ($6.90)
Abit pricey but mainly its eggs with a runny yolk with fried breaded minced pork surrounding it served with purple coleslaw.

Keystone's Seaweed Pasta ($8.90)
My bf's fav, aglio olio with seaweed and sakura ebi served with angel hair pasta. 

BBQ Pork Ribs ($14.90)
Honeyed pork ribs served with corn, mac & cheese.

food was not too bad but its not exactly in the budget ha ha ha. Thought it would be more affordable for an hawker-bar setting. But I guess its also cause we ordered ciders which was already around 10 bucks for one.

bf always taking super unglam and shitty photos of me :(

Curry Gardenn
900 Punggol Road
#01-03 Punggol Ranch
Singapore 829168
(they have two more outlets @ turf city & hill view)

another one of the best meals I had during the week, guess I have a thing for indian food maybe? But this might be just one of my favorite indian food restaurant in SG!

love how chill, deserted & quiet punggol ranch was, first time there!

complementary Papadum (kind of a very tasty indian kind of chips) with some spiced green sauce which was the BOMB

Mango lassi which was one of my must order at an indian restaurant its like a thick blend of sour yogurt + mango drink.

Chicken Tikka ($10)
A popular dish in countries all over the world. It is traditionally small pieces of boneless chicken baked using skewers, in a clay-based oven called a tandoor, after marinating in spices and yogurt. 
My boy's fav, have a similar taste to like my favorite tandoori chicken bites~

Paneer Kadai ($8)
Cottage Cheese Cooked in Spl Kadai Masala with Onion Gravy.
This vegetarian gravy was the bomb, perfect to go with the next gravy dipped with naan~

Butter Chicken ($10)
Tender boneless chicken cooked with butter, kashmiri chilly, and spice usually goes so well with naan, roti, parathas, roomali roti or steamed rice!!

Was recommended butter/garlic naan for ($3) each to dip in the gravy!!

can't wait to go back here, hands down super good service (respect other races), super good and satisfying food. Bill was around 50 bucks I can't rmb. Because my bf ordered some beer the servers recommended there too.

weekends with mac trying out their new mentaiko ebi burger

Then off to jb with the boy

not very nice tasting taylor swift caramel flavored cornetto with some price to win but the packaging was sticky so i just threw the paper away there goes my chance of meeting her LOL

waited for bf's car to get waxed 4 times for like 3 hours. super cheap in Johor Bahru. so we chilled nearby bleah

unlike singapore, shisha is not banned there lol but tbh I am not rly a shisha person. 

our iced bandungs

feeling fat after feasting with bf for days

First time trying the famous loklok for dinner!!
Located along this stretch of 24 hours opened eatery which many singaporeans actually go there for supper & the loklok only opens after 6 pm I think!

Restoran Ah Piaw
12, Jalan Kelewang
Taman Sri Tebrau 
80050 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

my fav aiyu jelly

fried cockles just like what I was craving for at one of the stalls there as well, bf prefers their clams tho!

ordered their wanton mee (yum)

& bf ordered their abalone noodles which he likes

the loklok chili is so good!

some of our deep fried loklok, fried brocolli r nice!!! and the mini crabs thing which initially looks gross to me.

jj's 21st also at d'resort (new resort which is super new & kinda resembles hotels at the area escape theme park used to be, it was demolished to build this!)

finally saw jon aft eons!!!

North Bridge Rd Market & Food Centre
861 North Bridge Rd
Singapore 198783

bfast with my parents at this food centre near our famous lormee shop (chia bee lor mee) which was sold out by the time we reached so this alternative isn't too bad either!

ordered carrot from Ke Shaun Xing Fried Carrot Cake (famous and yums)
& this butterfly fritters dipped in soya bean milk from one of the stalls there in the hawker (nameless I think) is so good too!!

Qing Xiang Wanton Noodle

you can see a queue forming at this too. love curry rice. doesn't rly goes wrong.

Teppei Syodudo 
391 Orchard Road
#B2 Takashimaya Food Hall, Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238873
(takashimaya outlet)

This is actually their mini outlet of Teppei (main outlet at orchid hotel) good for takeaways. (other mini outlets @ Millenia walk & Suntec)

Kaisendon ($16)
would not mind paying 16 bucks for this barachirashi as its served with huge & fresh chunks of raw salmon, tuna, white fish, salmon roes on top of sweetened jap rice. Super delicious, convenient and high graded value for money japanese takeway I have to say.

I'll be back to try more of their dons I swear.
xx hoped this post helps as its making me so hungry Imma sleep xx

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