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First Monthsary @ Froth + Sinpopo Brand + Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery + Yan Ji Seafood Soup + The Assembly Ground

Short, quick & hopefully sweet updated before I fly to bkk again LOL in a few hours for our second month!!! What I did for our first monthsary was to bake hehe. Watched youtube tutorials for at least 50 times, first time doing this kinda things hahaha. Kinda got hooked to baking for 2 weeks then now back to my lazy old self :P 

FYI there's this shop in the east, at simei, Phoon Huat, sells a huge range of baking stuff, so if you want to buy baking ingredients, go there!~ 

lugging a whole lot of shit while feeling weak since it was the week I had wisdom teeth removal done, so surviving on minimal food/soft foods ._.

Fudgy chocolate brownies was easy to make, tasted so good at the first batch already. if you guys are interested in the recipe you can reach me on my askfm @eugeniakoh

guess what was the second item I tried to make then failed like 10x :( it was Chewy M&m Cookies, after putting in many failed innovations like lettering on my cookies or shaped cookies, luckily I still managed to trial till I got the final end product. Guess I was too confident because my brownies turned out too well on the first try boo

homemade avocado creme pasta which was made during the week too because I ended up watching too many cooking vlogs on youtube and felt like trying out more!!

made sooo many batches till I could pass them to all my friends which got wenmin's approval 

Sadly william was not rly feeling well but we still went on our dinner date :(

his cookies and brownies are the best done HAHAHA

settled for froth, which has been in my to-go-list for pretty long & it was located down the basement, after a flight of pretty stairs, in BIG hotel, passed it when I was there for wenmin's 21st!

Froth Cafe
200 Middle Rd, BIG Hotel
Singapore 188980

have to upload my bf eating my hardwork & sweat even tho its kinda unglam hehe he was having a sore throat alr still said he was going to finish it all, ended up having fever for a week.. meh

Doritos Crust Winglets (S$11.90)
ordered one of their spicy doritos crust on confit wings, chef recommended side, quite the unique fusion and its boneless which makes it more convenient and they are tasty!!

Seafood Tomyam Risotto (S$23.90)
Very instagrammable and special flavour bringing risotto with tomyam paste, prawns, squid and clams

Cheesy Lobster Sandwich (S$22.90)
Toasted bread served with generous slipper lobster chunks, mentai mayo, cheese and tobiko. Comes with yummy golden fries too!

Taro Waffles (S$12.90)
To me, the star of the night and worthily hyped were the taro waffles!! (or maybe I just have a soft spot for desserts) but this was really good & served with ice-cream, had a scoop of toasted marshmellow which was good too!

fusing taro with the waffles is just too clever!

had a rather enjoyable dinner & I would totally return for the waffles. Thanks for the date & treat as usual beeb :*

school with min & cons

cafe hopping with conz & sean became da lightbulb!

Sinpopo Brand
 458 Joo Chiat Rd
Singapore 427671

A good and newly opened cafe in katong which brings back the taste of Singapore's classic eateries with local favourite is back on the limelight with its variety of dishes and desserts that could make a lot of Singaporeans go crazy~

dressed down sean which you will rarely see

me & cons!

Mino Dino Shake (S$8)
kinda too thick & overpriced

Longan Slushie (S$7)
Very refreshing in singapore's weather~

Sean's coffee I forgot is which ha ha

Nasi Lemak for Two (S$25)
Ordered an house special which I would definitely return to sinpopo for!! Some may think its slightly overpriced for nasi lemak, but I like how tasty everything gets!
It includes a selection of traditional dishes like rojak, sambal fishballs, curry chicken, har jeong kai wings, ma ling luncheon crisps, pork cutlet and unlimited supply of my favorite sambal sauce!

served with two portions of nasi lemak rice & an uncanny version of japanese soft boiled eggs salivating now as I type this

Sinpopo Beef Shortrib Horfun (S$16)
the horfun was served fried in a flavorful broth, tasty as well!

last but not least, sinpopo serves some yummy desserts and pastries as well, like

Donuts & Gula (S$8)
which is old school donuts drenched with gula melaka served with a special kopi affogato shot on the sides!

pretty sweet ending to our traditional heart-warming dinner ;)

Yan Ji Wei Wei Food Stall 炎记威威食品
Blk 4A #02-11 
Woodlands Centre Road Food Centre
Opening: 11 am - 8.30 pm (closed on mondays)

finally tried the famous woodlands seafood soup located at the woodlands food centre near woodlands checkpoint (good for lunch before entering jb perhaps?) which queues and waiting time could get pretty long esp when workers from the industrial areas in the north area comes to this food centre

paid 12 bucks for this Seafood soup with crayfish. Prawns and crayfish used in the broth are very fresh, even their fish and handmade minced pork are generous and juicy, goes super well with my tummy especially on the rainy day I visited.

btw they opened another outlet which is just one bus-stop away from woodlands food centre @
 Broadway Coffee Shop
Marsiling Lane Blk 19

had my favorite sarawak kolomee from few rdm stalls there at the food centre too, good hearty meal!

The Assembly Ground
2 Handy Road
#01-21 The Cathay
Singapore 229233

settled for breakfast food for dinner at a cafe very conveniently located in town since we were at  cathay catching a movie on a weekend~

Truffle Fries (S$12.50)
yummy and generous portion of truffle fries served with some truffle infused sauce as well

The Assembly Brunch (S$19.50)
cannot really be bothered to type out all the ingredients in this brunch set which feels that it can be easily whipped up at home, I prefer cafes which serves food that doesn't taste like it can be easily bought from the supermarket and prepared at home. Its okay but not satisfiable. The mini rosti on the plate was passed the expectation tho. 

Porcini Cream (S$16)
my boyfriend liked his mushrooms truffle scented 65C egg pasta though heh

prolly would have been a better meal if I didn't order the assembly brunch set.

pineapple + green long skirt outfit to school

went list hopping after class with jessica and I finally got to try the very hyped over - Over the top milkshakes which all started at..

Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery
Forum The Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238884

My milk-shake brings all boys to the yard dining partner of the day

selfie tgt~

Nutella Banana (S$16)
One over the top milkshake to share between us two because of its size, but TBH, I think I could have finished one myself if I didn't care about the calories. One milkshake is said to be blended with around 5 scoops of ice-cream and I really liked the drink even though I would have rather ordered another flavor because I'm not really a chocolatey nor banana kind of person hehe. Didn't really like the brownies, biscuits and creme above the drink, tasted mimic-ky, but i liked the salty pretzels.

another popular choice of shake is prolly their Coffee Avocado OTT Milkshake.

Rainbow Cake (S$8.50)
They served one of the best rainbow cakes I have ever tried!!! With 5 different and joyful layers, definitely many effort spent in each layer and not just food colouring like the usual rainbow cakes around! Must order~

bistro which serves such instagramable food results in more self portraits heh

300g sizzling beef chunks (S$25)
the roasted potatoes and grilled veggies were yummy but the sizzling beef chunks were perhaps too chunky which caused no trigger of flavour or melt-in-the-mouth sensation even though you would probably get tempted to order it just like we did if the smell of it sizzling came from another table opposite.

met my parents at mbs afterwards~

and I was saying I looked like my dad's china wife in this picture hahaha just kidding.

Left with one and a half hours of sleep before +66 hehe BE BACK SOON XX!

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