Monday, September 7, 2015

Emperor Noodle House + Bread Street Kitchen + Sumiya + NunSongYee + Nan Hwa Chong Fish-Head Steamboat Corner

Back to my routine bad-lagged updates pre wisdom tooth-op. Finally able to chew and go back to my gluttony ways after a week of abstinence which was so tough, imagine being so stressed over school work & you all you could do is only survive on liquid diet, even though I sinned here and there, lucky no inflammation problems on my extraction sites! 

Emperor Noodle House
44 Prinsep Street
Singapore 188673
(easily locatable between strictly pancakes and the famous life of liquor pub)

Found a new supper spot around douby gaut area as it opens from:
Monday to saturday: 6pm - 4am
Sunday: 6pm - 11pm
Tel: +65 6659 6606 (for reservations)

Mas Lime Soda with Prune (S$3)
My favorite drink to order in these kind of eateries~

Emperor Lobster Noodle (S$29 half/ S$49 full)
Had their signature lobster noodles which is available in both dry & soup versions, you are able to choose what kind of noodles you want 
(I had yellow noodles mixed with beehoon and sambal sauce) 
Mine was served along with refillable bowls of lobster broth which was soooo yummy! And it doesn't even contain MSG because the chef there actually boiled it for hours to serve it for the health conscious. 

wide array of sides also available there like deep fried white bait, chicken wings and more

Pork Slices Prawn Noodle (S$10)
My friend had their prawn noodles with kuayteow as noodle choice which was good as well. Other varieties such as hokkien mee/aglio olio style beehoon served alongside their seafood choices of prawn/lobsters is available in their menu too which I'll definitely go back to try

Do follow them on instagram @emperornoodlehouse and like them on facebook for more of their promotions
1-1 Student main/set meals are available everyday along with happy hour promotions and very affordable promotion sets! I forsee it to be a new hotspot for supper!

school days as usual with my unmotivated friend regina hahaha

finally tried Bread street kitchen opened by Gordon Ramsay at MBS, rewarding after a day of school!

Bread Street Kitchen
Marina Bay Sands Bay 
2 Bayfront Avenue
The Shoppes
Singapore S018972
Tel: +65 6688 5665
(better to make reservations to have better seating prior meal, even though they have like two levels worth of seating i think..)

complimentary bread + butter

Had some berry flavored mocktail since I was driving, I forgot what was it called heh

they serve alcohol too and this Alben cider was so good!

My yummy cold starter
Roasted veal carpaccio (S$26)
served with dill pickles, quail’s egg, tuna dressing 

Ordered both of their most instagrammed mains which was:
Slow-roasted Dingley Dell pork belly (S$28)
with spiced apple purée 
was recommended to add a side so we went with their mash potato and the waiter asked us to pour the extra stock into the mash so it tasted rly awesome

Traditional fish & chips (S$26)
served with dips of crushed peas & tartar sauce super yummy!

some selfies with my dad

and we ended our dinner with a pleasant 
Monkey Shoulder Cranachan cheesecake with roasted balsamic strawberries dessert (S$18)

overall a pleasant dining experience, will come back again to try other mains as all looks equally good as well!

another one of my tgif yummy brunches~

located at the highest floor of orchard central, I found a hidden gem that serves affordable yet delicious Japanese lunch sets! (idk why jap restaurants always offer lunch sets at much value for money prices!)

Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya
181 Orchard Rd
#12-02 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

each lunch set is served with salad + my fav chanwanmushi!

added $1.50 for a soft drink

first and most ordered lunch set:
Mix Bara Kaisen Don (S$18.80)

assorted sashimi chunks on rice which was soooo good and super value for money for the generous portion!!!! one of the better chirashis I have had.

but i had to order the slightly overpriced
Sumiya King Kaisen Don (S$58)
as the menu claims that its only limited to 5 sets daily!

but look at all the sashimi served on their rice, I LOVE UNI!!!

Had a super mind boggling lunch, would definitely come back in the future!!

their mochis are so good too ^.^

Finally tried starbuck's sg50 birthday frappe

while doing all my ASSignments in school during my long 4 hour break weekly :<

had sengkee meesua for supper and tried their lemon clams which ended up giving me sore eyes for a week!!! nothing happened to the people who was eating it with me tho, maybe its just a rdm immune system fluctuation

rdm dinner day with william at my fav mookata place in katong 

as you can see vaguely my right eye is still kinda swollen so I can only meet my bf lol last month one week eye swollen, one week mouth swollen #life

eighteen chef during one of our rdm bugis dinner dates cause we were trying to spend slightly less money on food (i guess?) LOL

super sucky sambal chili fries which didn't even look like the picture

finally tried their heart attach fried rice with beef & I had my usual black pepper pasta fix at 18chef which ingredients can always be customised to ma liking!

dinner dates with my bffs after school at the whitesands near my place which is finally going to finish its renovation so my east area finally have some F&B outlets again!

loving this lotus soup from xinwang hk cafe

and wearing my fav halter flower romper after a week post op cause i have been spending extra money on blogshopping lately as well opps

Finally one of the more decent meals I can have aft the surgery!!!! Found a new fishhead steamboat place I like since I was crazy over Tian Wai Tian's Fishhead Steamboat previously hehe

Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat Corner
814/816 North Bridge Road 
Singapore 198779

their sambal clams r sooo good

cuttle fish kangkong

my dad and I love their special homemade beancurd!!

I don't like tofu stuff usually esp if its plain!

broth is so good and you can choose pomfret/grouper/red snapper/song fish for your fish of choice!

Nunsongyee 눈송이
45 Burghley Drive #01-04
Singapore 559022 
(15-20 min walk from Lorong Chuan MRT super inaccessible wo car just go to other outlets imo! because I had a hard time locating it despite having a ride haha)

I love korean bingsus, so I finally tried one of the most famous korean branded bingsu (as nunsongyee opened up another outlet in tanjiong pagar AND the latest 24 hour outlet -SAY WHUT!!- @ Bugis 534 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188749, opposite Bugis Junction, adjacent to Tan Quee Lan Street)
in SG since many brands have been coming out since the time i've tried Bing Go Korean Dessert House

had their Mixed Berries (S$15.80) because I was dehydrated yet didn't want to order any beverage, so stuck to the choice that looks most refreshing. But I think I still love my Injeolmi flavored bingu the best among all flavors anyday, and I guess most korean bingsu cafe serves similar tasting bingsus imo. 

and finally tried Injeolmi toast (chef recommendation) which was a good match~

adrupt ending sorry I only have updates about food food and more food because I only can eat and shit during my school days, hahaha kiddinggg

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