Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Supertree by IndoChine (080115) + River Safari + HaiXianLao + Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant + Wisdom Tooth Removal

1st August 2015, my current bf asked me to be his gf haha. He brought me to this supertree bar + contemporary cuisine restaurant within Gardens by the Bay for dinner & some drinks!

Supertree by IndoChine
Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Dr
Singapore 018953

50 metres high up on top of the grove, there are two levels, one which diners can enjoy food and drinks at a minimum spending of 80++ per person in their 360 degrees air-conditioned lounge as well as their alfresco rooftop bar which has a minimum spending of 18++ per person.

it was pretty crowded during the period we went there because I guess many diners have the same mindset as ours, to enjoy the fireworks from the pre-national day parades while dining at the supertree

Frosted Jade (S$20)
This flirtatious concoction of Midori Melon, Sourz apple schnapps & Passionfruit vodka with a kiss of pintapple & lychee juice
ordered one of their signature cocktails which didn't taste good IMO, so ended up with william giving me his hoegarden instead LOL

I would not dine there ever again because food is really overpriced and not even good, & when my bf made the reservation he was trying to get a table at the rooftop bar but they mistaken it for outdoor dining on the second level instead & they wouldn't let us change to indoors, other than the better sound effects and view of the fireworks outdoors, I would rather have my bf spending 18 ++ per head to just chill at the rooftop bar instead of dining there with super slow service and mediocre food not up to restaurant standards. lucky we had each other's company so I wasn't complaining. But bill came up to around 200 bucks which was so not worth it.

Crispy Squid (S$18)
Crispy squid on wild rocket, served with spicy salsa rosa & barbequed lime

New Zealand Maori Lakes Baby Lamb Rack (S$48)
New Zealand baby rack of lamb marinated with lemongrass. Grilled and served with crispy potato beignets dressed with truffle cream

King Hokkaido Scallops & Tiger Prawns (S$45)
Seared king Hokkaido scallops & tiger prawns drizzled with tamarind dressing and white sesame finish (worst of the lot, super overcooked lolol)

lacey white skirt ootn

couple shots at their level 2 lounge

Disappointing dinner but I will return for their alfresco rooftop bar because of the ambience and scenery there made me breathless & also the minimum spending for it is only 18++, so its much more worth it

sippin on this mocktail called 
Pinky (S$13)
which has fresh milk and grenadine in it, finally something more pleasant tasting for the night hahaha

Coffee Creme Brulee (S$16)
Vietnamese coffee crème brûlée with fruit coulis & vanilla ice-cream, topped with Vietnamese coffee syrup

still always happy to spend time tgtttt

Rdm river safari day outing fo us hehe

tryna get a selfie with the catfish

uploading both shots because i like the former one more but william prefer's the latter one 

off to visit the pandas!

kaikai is so cute!

simple but overpriced lunch at mama panda kitchen since we were like tourists for the day

cute cuppa latte with a panda art design

and mandatory short with my chocolate panda bun

chicken chop in the wanton noodle set was okay actually since nothing rly wrong can go with fried food

and me getting caught for being a glutton

some aviators selfie shots

lol and before this I sat on my ray bans so it became crooked, good job

two kind of river/cruise boat rides available in river safari for a price of around 5 bucks per pax and we settled for their amazon river quest!

leopard and flamingos!

The Sushi Bar Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road #05-34/35 Ngee Ann City Singapore 238873

caught a movie after and dinner was settled at the sushi bar's newest outlet at ngee ann city cause I was craving for jap food. I loveeee the sushi bar even though sometimes I think their prices are rather steep especially for some of the smaller portioned dishes they offer but I still frequent their far east outlet despite that (refer to older posts!)

finally tried their wafu spaghetti which was quite yummy!

& their not very value for money wagyu don because it doesn't taste as good as it looks, so I rather just have sticked to my usual ala carte wagyu steak or their fresh & yummy chirashi don!

supper night!

Hai Xian Lao Restaurant 海鲜捞
8 Wilkie Rd, Singapore 228095

found another good place for supper since they open from 5 pm - 5 am !! Even though their steamboat ingredients might not be as comparable as the top notch hai di lao's, I still feel that we got what we paid for and they have a wide range of steamboat ingredients to choose from plus their sauces are nice so it goes well with the ingredients esp their beef!!! pork isn't as nice there. Paid around 30 ++ for myself shared amongst my friends which is quite okay, so I would return, can consider this as one of SG's better places for steamboat!

heard that their tomato soup base is rly yummy too, so I would want to order that on my second visit!

paid S$3.90 for this bowl of veryvery yummy sesame noodles & they serve nice thai iced tea there as well, so I can assume that their alacarte dishes served here are not bad as well!

some foods I had before my removal of wisdom teeth which I have to eat simply afterwards for one week so NO CHANCES GIVEN!!

First Grade Seafood Restaurant/Eng Seng Restaurant
247 Joo Chiat Place, 427932

best black pepper crabs I ever tasted. I don't even like black pepper crabs. Point Proven!

Chilling at empire

craving for Dingtaifung which some dishes didn't exactly hit the spot ._.

sponsored tactical watch

only could drink my iceblended ribena while my bf came to visit me and my swollen salivating mouth (watching him eat macdonalds assss) after the 3k wisdom tooth surgery cause I got put to sleep for my sedation as I was removing all 4 at once!! 

so happy to eat my fav congee the next day HAHAHA I didn't exactly starve luckily my wound didn't have any infection for the way I was treating it.

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant
290 Orchard Road
Paragon Shopping Centre
Singapore 238859

super well known for roasting their Beijing Peking Duck to perfection, you'll have to reserve for ducks and slots during lunch and dinner timings to dine there!

few of my other favorite dishes there are:
Prawn Sauteed with Egg White and Truffle oil 
around 14 bucks per serving I was craving for their scallop version but wasn't in the season so they replaced it with prawnnns but still good!! 

& their Double boiled superior Shark's Fin with fish maw in Shark's cartilage soup

bill came up to around 400++ bucks but this place really proves itself to be ranked as one of Asia's leading top 50 Chinese restaurants. 
craving for this right now!!

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