Thursday, September 24, 2015

SK-II #ChangeDestiny Campaign Stories (Sponsored Post)

(Disclaimer: Sponsored by SK-II)

Unveiling another chapter of SK-II in this post, read about the first chapter here.
#ChangeDestiny is SK-II's biggest campaign which strives on overcoming the limits of DNA, breaking gender stereotypes and defying age. On their journey to success,
many trailblazing women of SK-II have had many inspiring moments of change. More stories can be found here.

Are you happy with what you are doing currently? A film featuring Priscilla Shunmugam whom decided she wasn’t and left her job as a lawyer to pursue her true calling to be a fashion designer. She bravely changed her own destiny regardless of the little ‘dictators’ in her life. Watch Priscilla’s inspiring video here:

Her story perfectly exemplifies the philosophy behind #ChangeDestiny, SK-II's campaign to inspire women to change their own destiny. SK-II believes a woman’s destiny isn’t locked in her DNA and set at birth – it’s something she creates for herself.

You can find out more at 
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#ChangeDestiny Beyond the Limits of My DNA
To empower women to defy destiny.

Priscilla followed her dream and left the legal industry, flew to london, took up sewing & finally set up her own brand. Watch the video now to hear her story, she believes in changing destiny. Do you?

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Catching Priscilla Shunmugam in SK-II’s latest video has made me determined to pursue my dream in life. Rmb to watch and share the video now and get inspired to #ChangeDestiny!

being a women may not be so tough after-all.

xoxo eugeniania

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