Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tokyo (Part IV) - {Day 9: Yokohama Chinatown x Shibuya Parco Mugiwara Store} & {Day 10: Luke's Lobster x Ikebukuro x Omoide Yokocho} & {Last Day: Nakajima}

Day 9

yoooohooooo!! finally im here again to complete the final post of my tokyo trip!!! HAHA. 
faster complete before going on another three trips again this year *smacks face*

so day 9 started with us at Yokohama area, which is also the 'chinatown' in tokyo
and here's my face with no face makeup as usual. don't like to clog my pores haha

no address nor stall name cause we settled our brunch among one of the many eateries in chinatown and it was nothing to emphasize about

but finally some chinese food aft 9 days!! and its like buffet style, we could order all the dimsum and dishes we wanted. but meh think should have just stucked to japanese fud in japan. heh

some dishes which was repeated ordered were like the prawns, fried and grilled

tasteless sharkfin for that kind of price ._.

mapo tofu was my favorite!

overordered but didn't bother to take all the dishes they serve here

visiting some temple in the area

headed off to shibuya area again after lunch because the first day we went there it was rainy and we didn't really walk further into shibuya

more shops and flagship stores this time round!

spotted damn kawaii pets in a pet shop!

walking past genki sushi in shibuya sulkily cause shan doesn't wanna eat sushi since most of the choices were sashimi there. I'LL COME BACK FOR YOU. REALLY WANTED TO TRY GENKI THERE.

walk past a huge muji store & they had muji cafes there in tokyo!!! *.* they just opened an outlet in sg's paragon! going to try there next since I didn't get to try it in tokyo :<

Finally headed to our destination, Parco mall in shibuya.

Because of..... the one piece store in this building on the 6th storey!!! HAHAHA they have alot of other anime shops here as well!

Once again I spent a bomb on the one piece souvenirs and some auntie part of myself went to buy one piece themed cutlery for god knows what reason LOL

koh sisters both thinking what shit should we take out from our baskets cause we begin stuffing one piece items since we walked in LOL

one piece new era cap?!

didn't regret coming here and spending twice the amount on our one piece neoprints because we failed at using the machine the first time round LOL

among some of the ten keychains I bought LOL, LAW'S SANTORI AND ZORO'S. ended up giving one to shan cause I rock hehehe but seriously, I didn't know which katana I wanted to like keep......... 

heh heh

have to take a picture of this because tokyo starbucks served one of the BEST STARBUCKS DRINK i ever drank in my life lol, serious, i'm like a huge fan of bucks and always try almost all of their newest flavors cause I like innovation in my food/drinks lol

fruits-on-top YOGURT (?!!) frappuccino. blended yogurt w crushed nuts, the next big if it ever comes to sg lol. japanese are just so creative!? but it would be better without the nuts, I don't like nuts hehe

walked so far till we reached harajuku area, so we settled for a normal dinner at Caffe Solare, located within takeshita street

another disappointing meal for dinner :o but was craving for western food, guess our luck wasn't that good in day 9 hahaha 

had some creamy lobster bisque pasta thoooo

Day 10

Luke's Lobster
6-7-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Famous american fast food chain from NYC opens in tokyo hehe, would totally recommend this, its around the Harajuku area walkable distance between harajuku & omotesando station.

Opens at 11 am and its recommended to come during the weekdays & early because the shop says it closes at 8 pm, but the previous night we walked here at 7 pm and the shop was already closed as the lobsters were sold out- look at the early crowd queue! (thus we settled for some rdm shit bleah ytd haha)

supa exciteddd

quite nice area to take ootd while waiting for our orders hahaha

I had the mixed Lobster and Crab roll and boy, this was one of the yummiest lobster roll I ever had, and its not even that expensive compared to restaurant standards!

shall just opted for the pure lobster roll, which was of course, good as well, hehe cause after all their specialty are lobsters imported from maine!! So fresh so good!

extremely satisfied face

nice so must take selfie w our rolls hehe

The best cream puff in tokyo!! Zakuzaku croquant chou from Hokkaido

went to their newest flagship store located along takeshita street, have been walking pass it for days and the queue seem to have attracted me (much better than the overrated crepes I ate in harajuku even tho it was so raved about)

They have two outlets
 (The other outlet is located at lumine mall which was near the area we were staying!)
Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, 
Shinjuku 3-38-1,
 Lumine Est Shinjuku Branch, 
basement level 1

super good, there's like a limited number each customer can buy...

tried their milky zakuzaku softcream cone there as well!

happy girl with my desserts~

after lunch, headed off to Ikebukuro area

and headed to Sunshine city...

Because the famous Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo (HUGE STORE)
was located at the 2nd floor of Sunshine city HAHA

fangirl mode again. lol spend too many days in tokyo visiting this kind of otaku places, I was a girl who plays with my gameboys and DS during my childhood days, not barbie dolls. I can say I have played almost all the versions of pokemon games since advanced SP times till DS (cause I didn't get the latest edition one for the new cartridges) still buy guide book one & search for youtube tutorials one hor!!

okay enough chattering I really look like a pokemon master here dresses like this in my huge cap HAHA master of charizard XY

imitating mew

the limited edition plushies!

other than Golden Gai (alleys of pubs and bars in shinjuku area in my Tokyo post II)
We went back to shinjuku area for dinner at

Omoide Yokochō
 located on the western side of Shinjuku Station. 
(google map will definitely lead you here just by typing ^)

It is a small laneway famous for and lined with small yakitori restaurants and bars!!!
Omoide Yokochō is sometimes called gokiburi yokochō (cockroach alley) or shomben yokochō (piss alley).

rdm settled for one yakitori shop which has space cause it can get rather crampy! and this was the exterior

super understandable menu cause they had it in english (*touristy trap* thus the food there was also slightly on the pricier side but still worth it in our opinions cause the seafood we had there was so good and hit the spot)

some alcohol again on our last night in tokyo!

salted king trumpet mushrooms and shitake mushrooms!! YUM for shan the mushroom lover!

shan had kirin beer and I had some plum flavored alcoholic drink which was gooood

kanpai :)

me enjoying the vibe and food here so much!

i think this stall is famous for their chicken ball (?) or some mince meat ball which was super well seasoned with sweet soya sauce as well and comes along with an egg yolk!

steak *.*

couldn't stop ordering when we see others next to us ordering more food cause the chef was just grilling right in front of our faces and the smell was just a killer

some awesome scallops

and oysters !!!

and more squid. Everything was soooo goood but I think we each paid like 50 bucks or smth? okay laaa. I'll go back there again!!!

bought our airport limousine bus tickets on the way back to the hotel and had like discounted price cause maybe the day before or smth heh (even last day also no cabbing in tokyo cause pricey!)

Last Day

wearing our identical neon hoodies we got in tokyo! 

3-32-5 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022

Had to head to this Michelin-starred restaurant located near Shinjuku station (in a basement of some rdm building) for their super affordable set menu lunch at a bargain price of onlu 800 yen?! For a Michelin restaurant? One of the most value for money, or in this case little money for excellent quality!
lunch timings are from
11.30 am - 2 pm
with the last order at 1.45 pm

do come early because we thought we were early yet greeted by the one of our longest queues we had in tokyo. 45 mins for this wait :( but so worth it! poor shan have to accompany me to eat heh smth she doesn't like again, cause they only serve sardines in their menu hahaha

quite a small shop space thus the longer waiting time

basically grilled sardines, sashimi sardines, steamed fried eggy sardines and fried sardines are available for all their lunch sets

and I opted for the sashimi one cause it sounds super interesting, sets are served with sticky rice, side dish, yummy soup and the main. This was really good as the sardine they served were so fresh and had no fishy taste (reason why shan hated sardine)

So I had another set ordered (I kinda ate one & a half set myself but its seriously cheap LOL and we took up two seating AND I DIDN'T WANT TO STUFF MY FOOD LIKE I DID IN TSUKIJI) But I kinda wanted to try both cause this one was their most popular choice and shan could try this as well since there were like egg in this with fried sardines brewed in this super yummy steamy saucy egg kind of broth. And she liked it cause it didn't even taste fishy!

treat's on me since I finished up most of the two lunch sets hahahaha #fattestassholeever

going back home :(

some of the things I got from the airport. this series of royce chocolate is super good and cheaper in japan!!

and some of the snacks you should get, this melon jelly tastes like the actual thing!//slacking with my
matcha latte at beck's

and my favorite kind of meiji chocolate but the mount fuji version? haha super nice and unique!

plane ride

and that concludes my trip with like 100 boxes of tokyo bananas LOL