Friday, October 23, 2015

First mini overseas trip w the boyflend (MY BANGKOK ADVENTURES~ )

Day 1

Drafting out this post in the midst of my exams cause writing is a form of de-stress, not writing exam notes of course. Short trip to bangkok once again, best is to go for 5 days, not too long nor short. (FULL)-fuling trip, just that it was raining everyday, where got go bkk everyday like need jacket one.. still can wear long sleeves and chatuchak wasn't even hot. LOL.

in the plane & otw to our hotel, no makeup cos bf prefers it, im lazy too lolol, so eyelash extensions saves my holiday again~

P’Aor Restaurant (ร้านพี่อ้อ)

68/51 Soi Petchaburi 5, Between Soi 5 – 7, Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok

Opening hours: daily, 10 am - 10pm

went to this famous restaurant right at their opening hour, cause apparently queue will be long and its like home to the best(?) tomyam goong noodles in bkk & i saw like youtube reviews of it and the guy was like "YUMMM" lol

Khao Goong Rad Sauce Man Boo
I just ordered those dishes that seems popular on blog reviews, this dish was like a jumbo prawn which wasn't that meaty, sliced into half and accompanied by curry crab tasting egg-like stuffs. Rice was overcooked urgh, nothing very exceptional, but this dish was priced ok (60 baht?) compared to the one which was coming.

another dish I wanted to try was Ba Mee Yok Neau Ob - some green noodles dish that is available widely in bkk and restaurants like mk and their version is braised with beef but too bad it was oos then, could have saved my horrible review of this place? haha

ordered their medium sized Lobster Tom Yam for (1000 baht) which was like 40 bucks SGD, despite all the great reviews online & instagram feed, this was kinda bad.. it was cold by the time it was served to us, not sure if its because we were literally the first customers in their shop and they were still preparing then? lol. But I suggest to just order their normal tomyam noodles because the broth tasted okay cold. The other ingredients just tasted kinda unnecessary, lobster, overcooked salmon, crabs, mussel etc... rly disappointed :(

ice-cream mini balls from fav convenient mart to make me cheerful again LOL

stayed Berkeley again this time round. The room was similar to the family room I stayed in the previous time Bangkok day 1-3 despite it being only a deluxe, but it was damn huge, maybe we got lucky getting the corner room! *.*

very romantic welcome hahaha

prepared for another extentsive dinner since it was technically a 2nd monthsary get together trip and night! (we kinda spent alot on food this time even tho food was supposed to be cheap in bkk, but im just a glutton/explorer of food like that)

Ping’s Thai Teochew Seafood Restaurant
2nd floor, Pathumwan Princess Hotel, 
444, Phayathai Rd., Pathum Wan, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Lunch 11.30 am - 2.30 pm
Dinner 5.30 pm - 11.00 pm

dinner at the second outlet of Ping's because I read about this being similar to my fav sg's Thai Village Restaurant, which serves one of the best sharkfin and foods I've eaten, apparently the head chef in bkk taught sg's chef or smth so I wanted to try it!! (btw they also have another big branch at Asok area, their 1st outlet!) 

super refreshing and refillable iced chrysanthemum (had like at least 6 glasses of it lol cause they just kept refilling from my jug, good service!!)

fried fish maw!!!! YUM

good oyster omelette too which my bf likes hehe

thai crab vermicelli, I love thai fried styled vermicelli, especially when you add their special green chili to it, super overwhelmingly good!

around 160 SGD for two people. Not super cheap but compared to sg prices, its slightly more affordable (for 5 mains!!) and worth a try!

the green chili I was yelping about.

so I've stayed in Pathumwan Princess Hotel before and I'll never forget the super good, cheap and yummy macaroons I bought 7 boxes of before at the hotel lobby, because they go at half price after certain timings at night because macaroons are best fresh!

huge arrays of flavours, even thai milk tea flavor and coconut lime or smth!

finished all 8 macaroons even before our cab came lol. Pity we didn't walk back to get more when we visited mbk area the other days! 

- Molecular Gastronomy Rooftop Bar and Restaurant
Rooftop of Grass Thonglor Soi 12
264/11 Soi Sukhumvit 55, Thonglor 12, Klongton-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110

wanted to go to Lebua State Tower's Sky Bars for drinks on this special day, but it was raining again?! Which wrecked out plans and arrangements thus we decided to head to Myst, the rooftop bar which has indoor sittings and live bands playing, which I wanted to check out!

kinda like the ambience esp the company hehe

my fave alcoholic lychee jelly sake was available here too!

and ordered a rainbow bomb for 800 baht because it was SO instagram worthy hahaha, posted a video on my instagram @Pinkyniakoh and these are just the still shots of em!


love of ma life :)
 tbh we ordered quite afew drinks even the most strongest absinthe, but it just kinda all seemed a little diluted to us,  dk if we were too good at drinking, instead we just became damn bloated aft our dinner and chill night hahaha

Day 2
brought bf to the famous kaiton pratunam chicken rice for lunch located right opposite our hotel which I blogged about many times link HERE, good spot for suppers as well!

shopping and bbt fix at platinum, first stop for all wholesale shopping, hehe didn't even carry a single loot this trip cause of my bf LOL so I prolly got fatter cause this minimal exercise also didn't do 

road side + night market stalls right outside our hotel area link here
and we got a tasty salted fish which kinda filled us up before dinner surprisingly..

dinner at one of the fav places around siam area for thai food! Ban Khun Mae!

tried something new this visit here, their seafood thai curry coconut!

I'm full but still eating the same LOL

yummy filling mango sticky rice dessert

Day 3

Lunch at ISAO, the very yummy/creative/affordable sushi outlet - a must try for a first trip to bkk!

my bf loves jap food!

his fav was jackie!

i liked their sushi sandwich one of the best because of the salmon in it!

crunchie was appealing

saw many other table ordered this, some salmon volcano sushi which wasn't available on the menu.

kinda too much for two, but the price we paid was still cheaper than SG! 

its my bf whom likes to take this kinda shots of me lolz

brought my bf to try after you - one of the best desserts in bkk! 
tried their berry panna cotta, its not bad as well!

but their best and most signature dessert is still got to be their honey shibuya toasts!

after some shopping done at union mall, we decided to make a visit to chocolate ville! Since it has great vibes and all for couples, but trip there is further away from town, so prices to return by cabs there is kinda fixed and tourist-priced. No haggling.

Chocolate Ville
Kasetnawamin KM. 11 RdKasetnawamin, Bangkok, Thailand083 - 077 - 3738Opening Hours: 4 PM - midnight

show this map for easier directions to the cabbie you are taking!

Its concept is actually like dining-in-a-HUGE-park, suggest to bring mosquito repellents though, love this place, food here is normal and acceptable I guess, not too overpriced, worth coming, chocolate ville has no entrance fee so you pay for the ambience of this place by dining there! Can have beers, wines or drinks while dining there too as well!

legit photo heaven in bkk!

"our house" I said. hehe look like we some other country and not bkk right!

halloween fire truck!

people go up to this observatory tower to capture shots of this place which I was lazy to hahaha

we got spots to dine by the river~

me & my huge rose hoegarden

carbonara was the best tasting main among all we ordered.

ham and mushroom pizza was a little tasteless to us

buffalo wings wasn't marinated throughly, would suggest trying out this honey-pork ribs which was recommended by the menu, but said to feed 3-4 pax which is why we skipped it.

test if this area is suited to take photos tgt LOL

 bad angleee

one of our fav shots this trip w our couple tops! which I happen to look at william like this, make me look like such a romantic *flips hair* HAHAHA

his childish gf wanted to take with the pony in the pavilion 

finally a more legit drink night since the restaurants were all diluting to us hahahahaha w hp games and yummy bkk snacks we bought a carton of

Day 4

brought william to this less known egg noodle x other food shop right opposite our hotel too which opens from 10 am - 12 midnight daily? next to kaiton chicken rice!!!
Sawang Noodle

because of this tomyam egg noodles which was SOO GOOD and flavorful, better than all the other egg noodles stalls which felt kinda overrated to me. haha but I think their other egg noodles didn't taste as nice compared to my first visit w my girls, so recommend you to just stick to this tomyam egg noodles if you manage to find the shop! 

a windy chatuchak since it was raining almost daily LOL

spotted a red ruby dessert!

decided to walk to the nearby JJ mall - walkable distance from chatuchak, since I rekon the toilets were cleaner there and since we were still early before our next stop, manage to get a dress and so there too!

Summer Street
Phahon Yothin Soi 2 (Ari), Bangkok, Thailand
Mon - Sat: 4pm - 10pm

managed to try this cool food truck place this visit to bkk which overhit my expectations of the place!

so magazine worthy!

cheap beers all days in bkk!

giant oysters for 80 baht!

we had the medium set 499 baht shared between us, inclusive of scallops, gongongs, cockles, squid and prawns!

everything was so fresh and felt healthy being freshly grilled and dipped into this thai homemade sauce provided by summerstreet!

bf forever feeding me :*

Artbox Signature Bangkok
Currently located: E-ZY Parking Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
(MRT Queen Sirikit National Convention Center Exit 2)
*No longer at Makkasan!*

Check out Arbox's Instagram at @artbox_th or facebook page to find out when they are operating before going down because 
Their Opening hours: Selected Fri-Sun 3pm - 12 am
(I went during chapter 2nd-4th oct, on a saturday!)

Currently one of my fav night market in bangkok because its containers full of quirky great food and artistic ideas, definitely worth a visit!!

live band sets playing weekly too!

failed shots at the pretty tree cause of the unsuitable lightings hahaha

some fried vegetable floury snack which was good @baanguichai, told you artbox sells unique dishes and concepts like that from the tenants, all stalls have specific instagram accounts to view!

salmon and grilled jap food from yellowsubmarine, would have gave more tries to other food if we didn't came from summerstreet hahaha

@atleastbkk super cute soda drink with chocolate coated despicable me minion!! quenched my thirst.

fresh yougurt mango smoothie~

had a great time :)

william grinning too much because the photographer was like CHEEESE

movie afterwards at the super big palladium cinema at siam paragon, all the popcorn and drinks were giantantic too.

Day 5
Didn't really want this day to come.. since it was our last day. Brought bfee to Karmakamet Dinerprevious visit here, one of my fav cafes to in bkk!!

and I couldn't find the brunch timing online or anywhere, so we woke up sightly earlier for this, cause I didn't want to miss the brunch time like the previous time!!! Only had limited choices to order during tea time. Found it on the menu, do take note sleepyheads!

customized this phone casing for the bfee and gave it to him in bkk! so I was tryna take a nice photo with it hahaha

super good brunch menu item
Can't Resist Pancakes
with duck confit, pancake topped with creme cheese, hash and bacons, maple syrup makes the perfect combi! surprisingly good. bf approved.

Special day items
Uni Fettucine 
another overspent of 1000 baht for this pasta which tasted good but where was the uni in this dish?! only had like a generous amount of fish roes in it..

their scent shop

Crepes & Co.
Langsuan Soi 1, off Phloenchit Road
Daily: 9 am - 11 pm

since it was the last day, we decided to stuff ourselves by cafe hopping to this crepe place I have always wanted to try!

yummy rum & raisin milkshake!

had one savoury and sweet crepe each

4 Saisons
four seasons in one: Supreme, Benedictine, Fermiere and Florentine

this was one of the savoury chef recommended and had four of their crepe flavors mixed into one, so we could try more varieties, had salmon and bacon in this!

I prefer the sweet crepe over the savoury perhaps due to the heavy mains I had earlier. This Strawberry Creme cheese crepe with vanilla icecream hit the spot!!!! Super in love with this hehe

wanna return to try their alcoholic flaming crepes *.*

brought bf to try the famous boat noodles at victory monument which he thinks are overatted, but he is not rly a noodle person so I'm bulking eating rice with him even though I love noodles!!!

whilst waiting for the cab to the airport, our last fix of road side mango sticky ice, thai tapioca and green milk tea! 

gaining weight since 1994

can't wait for bali & HCM already!!!! Even though I'm not in my bali bikini bod yet LOL but finally some asian countries I have never been to, not like the rest go like 12345 times hahahah
love eugenia. xoxo

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