Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bali (Indonesia Trip) - {Day 3: Bali Rich Luxury Villa & Spa, Seminyak x Sea Circus x Kudeta} & {Day 4: Water sports at Tanjung Benoa Beach, Nusa Dua x Potato Head Beach Club}

Click on this for the Part one of my Indo trip~

Shall try my best to complete some parts of my indo/bali travelogue posts before flying to vietnam in 3 days LOL. Okay anyways, back to part II! So we flew from jakarta to denpasar airport (Bali's main airport where you regularly see in the news for closing & trapping many tourists there due to volcanic ash/activity lol)

Planning for Bali can be quite confusing so here I am to make your lifes easier.
This is a map I took from wiki of Bali. Even though usually people tend to go there for vacation for a short stay, Bali is infact a huge island which can't be covered in days. Thus we planned for around a 7 day trip in Bali.
 (which was extended to 9/10 days cause we were one of those tourists which got our flights cancelled due to volcanic ash clouds. I honestly think this amount of days were just nice for us cause we planned super many activities during the 7 days so the 2 days which was 'given' to us gave us some extra time to really relax and chill with our itinerary not being so packed.)

The most visited part of Bali for tourists is actually South Bali, where most popular areas like Seminyak, Legian & Kuta is located at. People would travel slightly further to Uluwatu to see the cliffs, Jimbaran for a romantic seafood dinner. Nusa dua is also a pretty place good for exploring and water sports. 

Further places in Bali people would more oftenly travel to is Mount Agung at East Bali, where you would wakeup at 2 am to do mountain trekking up Mount Agung just to catch a beautiful sunrise. Ubud area located in Central Bali for some of its serene attractions & rice-fields, followed by the islands around Nusa Penida which can be pretty effective for snorkelling activities due to the clear oceans especially during this November period which I went.

Alright, back to my post!! Upon arrival, we were picked by Bali Rich Luxury Villa's driver cause I actually saw this villa as a good deal on groupon, so I got it. Bali is probably the only country which I would spend more money on a hotel (villa *ahem*) cause its good and kinda romantic in a sense for a couple's vacation? 

It wasn't too expensive compared to the villa we stayed in at Ubud (later) but I think the next time if I go back to Bali, I would rather stay in a normal luxury hotel still because those hotels are actually super duper cheap at like 30-50 sgd per night?! And less creepy cause its not like a gigantic place with a pool in front of you hahahaha. And villas tend to have more mosquitoes around because of their size along with its pool & garden. 

But remember to always bring mosquito repellent everywhere you go in Bali, idk if its just indonesia but I'm ALWAYS the first to get attacked rapidly by mozzies so insect repellent is actually held in higher regard to me than sunblocks cause I'm not prone to sunburn but then again I got kinda tanned and dark after my trip LOL. So just chuck everything in your bag k.

Bali Rich Luxury Villas & Spa Seminyak
Jl. Mertanadi, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Hotel service and all was good at the first Villa we stayed in the Seminyak area! Even though our villa was further away from the beach, they offer free complimentary shuttle services to anywhere we wanted in town! So thats a plus point, however you'll need to get your own cab while coming back~

welcome drinks~

shady pics of the walkway & villa because it was alr nightfall when we arrived in Bali :/

our private pool!

living room area

& toilet area where I think I shat my guts out for at least 100 times cause of food poisoning since Jakarta lolol

checked in and off for dinz!

Sea Circus
Jalan Kayu Aya No. 22 A, Petitenget, Seminyak, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80352, Indonesia
Opening hours: 7 am - 12 am

Our dinner was settled at sea circus, named as one of the best cafes in the Seminyak region. Its a cafe, bar and restaurant which usually people often come in the day cause of their pretty graffiti wall and colors surrounding the restaurant. Pretty lights~

 Mandatory selfies in their pretty bathroom which got quite hot after cam-whoring there for too long due to the lightbulbs surrounding the mirror hahaha

One of the best Acai berry smoothie you'll get to drink!

Had some Mexican fix by ordering their Pulled-pork quesadillas,

Cripsy calamari with ginger soy dipping sauce (can't taste the ginger phew, my fav dish among all)

& Grilled fish tacos with Mango salsa.

came to this cafe with high expectations of their food especially their tacos, but perhaps grilled fish flavor was a little too bland for me, mexican fares doesn't match my tastebuds or my food poisoning was taking a toll on my appetite. Their food didn't really match my expectations, so I doubt I'll be back.

but still, a pretty quaint cafe!

since Kudeta was of a walkable distance alongside the Seminyak beaches, we went there after dinner because my bf says that kudeta, w hotel & potato head beach clubs all have a pretty good view of the ocean where people would just crowd around and get a few cocktails or dip in the pools especially during sunset timings which I've learnt to be around 6.15 pm bali time (if you ask Siri- on the iphone)

Ku De Ta
Jalan Kayu Aya No.9, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
8 am - 1 am

such a pretty scene even at night

but too bad they were having renovation when we went, so the center portion's view of the ocean is all blocked out if you are able to see in the picture!!

but sitting at the sides, would love to just sit there with a beer or drink with your loved ones watching the tides~


Complimentary in room dining!! Western vs

continental breakfast.

loved the banana & watermelon juice (even though it made me suffer while i was trying to do water sports. Food poisoning seriously sucks!!! should have just stuck to tea.. T.T) anw, i think the western choice is better than continental for breakfast at Bali Rich Lux Villa!

fruits overdose.

After breakfast, we waited for our driver from Bali Day Trip as we booked some water sports activities from them & as usual a complimentary pickup is provided from the hotel to Tanjung Benoa Beach, located at Nusa Dua area, the place where we would be doing all the water sports. This includes a driver sending you back to your hotel as well!!

selfies even though my stomach was killing me

 Tanjung Benoa Beach!!

I really recommend this website which I booked my watersports package from because some Indonesians, especially in touristy places like Bali, would try to rip you off. But when I was really really feeling unwell and decided to skip the last activity, the guy in charge actually paid us back a portion of the sum of money we paid for the activity I missed. Super good service/honesty or what?

And go on and check their website out! Their water sports packages are for a super good rate for a place like that in bali, cause watersports in bali tends to be overpriced.

after I inquired, they promptly replied me via email and my water sport package was: Jet-skiing + Fly Fish + Parasailing + Sea Walker (30 mins duration) all this for 65 sgd per pax. Super worth it!

Upon reaching and looking at the price list given to the customers who didn't book online but like 'walk-ins', our package price was so much more worth it. So please book & plan prior going to bali instead of just researching and going to an area with water sports activities cause you are just preparing to get hacked hah.

the nice guy in charge who steadily refunded us LOL but its such a pity i swear. WORST REGRET of this trip :( to be unable to do parasailing and sea walker cause I was already feeling like shit by the time I played jet-skiing and fly fish. WAS REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS :( in my to do list eh :( 

The sunny weather + salty sea waters & unhygienic toilet there was draining the life out of me (plus I was feeling so dehydrated cos any water I drank would just come out almost immediately lolol) and I felt like fainting when I attempted to do parasailing. So I just gave my bf my parasailing ticket so he had the chance to do two rounds in the sky instead of one which he claims that it would be too short.

rant finished & its time for jetski!

okay maybe my rant is not finished cause these pictures were taken using my gopro (JUST GOT REMINDED) which I bought specially for this trip & sports AND the waterproof casing which I forgotten to bring then spent super loads of time traveling around Jakarta to get. End up food poisoning until never use my devices to the fullest waste my effort........

some selfies on the jetski awkwardly with an instructor behind me LOL but he is really nice but I think I can jetskii without an instructor la. But okay lor he help me hold my gopro HAHAHA

Fly fish!! two seaters with william! beware of spam and unglam images LOL

same salt-go-onto-face-uneasy expressions tgt

& we are doneeee hehe I have the video of it which would be more clear once I have the time to compile them hahaha

back to shore~

going to faint but still manage to take afew bad photography shots of my bf doing parasailing.

like an ant in the sky LOL

so cool okay!! so sad I have 0 parasailing pictures CAUSE I DIDN'T EVEN DO IT lol shit will splatter from my ass around Nusa Dua i think lol. LOL

Going back to our villa~

happy cause I am finally in air-con!!! was so giddy I swear. Spamming selfies using my gopro to get its worth lol.

shots of my monokini in our private pool area in the villa

Potato Head Beach Club
Jl. Petitenget No. 51B, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 83061, Indonesia
11 am - 2 am

after a short rest, decided to go to potato head beach club for dinner & to watch the sunset!

the best seats in PHBC! a minimum of 50, 000 Rp have to be spent, we spent 70, 000 over Rp but didn't manage to get seats there cause it was full-house :( but oh well it was kind of a cloudy evening so the sunset wasn't as nice and I wasn't feeling too well. 

evidently PHBC is still pretty cool beach club to chill

We had some recommended mocktails cause no alcohol at all since my stomach was feeling so queasy :( 
Calypso & Rocket Juice

Grilled ham and cheese sandwich which was quite tasty other than the fact that I later had round 2 taste of it when I was back at the villa puking everything I ate out :/

Nachos Club

and my favorite dish of all Apple Crumble with honeycomb ice-cream!!! First ice-cream fix in days. But I wasn't supposed to eat this if I had a bad stomache actually lol.

sorry for all the rants I did in this post because all I could be reminded of was my bad food poisoning experience the first two days in bali, I promise my next post would be less annoying hahaha

shall spam the remaining this post with afew selfies of me and william. didn't even have the mood to put makeup the entire day and I got so tanned lolol.

had an early night that day cause I was just gagging and occupying the toilet bowl during most of day 4.

Be back soon with part three updates and this was the western bfast we had before we checked out on day 5~


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