Monday, December 28, 2015

Capitol Piazza foods; Zaku + Dazzling Cafe + The Rösti Farm x Once Upon A Milkshake

Merry Christmas everyone! Finally back to revive this dead space after returning from vietnam, had been addicted to this iphone game & a new american series so I got so lethargic to blog, some overdued short updates before my upcoming travel posts! Its not too late yet to shop at Coach Singapore for christmas gifts ideas too!

Tried some good restaurants at the newly renovated Capitol Piazza the previous months, (cinematic new mall around raffles) and tried this Japanese Tapas kinda restaurant/bar there called Zaku which sells super yummy Japanese fares with a European Touch. Unfortunately I heard it just closed down :/ I have no idea why but their food was good!!

Ordered Foie gras & bacon asparagus skewers!

VERY yummy and unique Mac & Cheese, its cereal flavored!!???!

Fish and chips but fried like the tempura version which made this an extra great treat!

fried squid which was yum as well


had some ume sake there as well which was nice to drink too, sigh should have asked for the brand they used!

& Since I haven't tried the famous taiwanese cafe - Dazzling, and there were no queue, I purposely made space for desserts during dinner!

Dazzling Café Singapore
15 Stamford Road
#01-85 Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178906
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm Daily

Had one of their top recommendation,
Matcha with Azuki Beans Honey Toast (S$19.90)

Nothing impressive, especially if you have tried before bkk's famous After You toasts.
too mediocre & overpriced.

instagram worthy but taste exactly opposite

happy 3rd monthsary!

went back to capitol piazza another day in search of this Rösti shop which collaberated with Once Upon A Milkshake and Teuscher Chocolates!!

The Rösti Farm
#02-31 Capitol Piazza
13 Stamford Rd
Singapore 178905

once upon a milkshake serves the best milkshakes ever!!

ordered strawberry. So good but rather filling as the milkshake was like so rich and concentrated, #takemymoney !!

Their top 2 Rösti platters-
 Three Little Pigs
with beef, bacon & bratwurst

& The Happy Weekender
which had salmon & eggs, you could choose sides along with your Rösti and their truffles curly fries are simply the best!!! POTATO OVERLOAD.

lazy to apply makeup all day

and my outfit for our recent 4th monthsary!!

finally dressing up~

decided to bring william to try my favorite hotpot in SG. Haidilao at somerset 313!!
two people occupy one huge table LOL

have to mix their sauces!

 newly introduced four soup bases pot and I finally tried the tomato broth, its my favorite even though usally I prefer spicy!!
Seafood x Mala x Mushroom x Tomato

love hdl's pork!

food coma much

handmade noodles~

and last but not least, free flow beancurd puddings & fruits!!!

you're always greatly appreciated. Happy 4th month my favorite person.

shall end off with a new fav hawker find, the queue is super long. Business too good, it has two stalls in the same food centre!

Bai Nian Yong Tau Foo
270 Queen Street
#01-58 Albert Centre Market & Food Centre
Singapore 180270

the dry version of this hakka YTF is super good, there are even scallops on my noodles. Ingredients used in the YTF soup are too fresh and crunchy too!!

shall end off leaving you guys with an empty stomach today! :)

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