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My 21st Celebration~ (4th december)

Quick update on my 21st before I fly to HCM tmrw~
*warning* LOADS of photos hahaha

Finally did my nails for the month of december: Pastel x gradient x beach themed (missing bali maybe? hehe) x holographic x shattered glass (which will prolly look better on dark colors :/)

3rd december night before my birthday, 
bf brought me to Quayside Isle @ Sentosa Cove. A super duper pretty area near the ocean where all the yacht parties are held which is surprisingly always quaint and quiet just the way I like it.

fav roses + teddy I ever received. super different kind of emotional wave when received coming from someone I love. Actually bugged william for flowers since idk when cause he is a woodblock who thinks flowers r stupid. But I guess small gestures matters alot especially from people you love!

Sabio by the Sea, Tapas Bar & Grill
31 Ocean Way, #01-02 Quayside Isle, 098373

bf didn't want to take the risk of me complaining LOL so he brought me to someplace he tried before, which is this spanish grill and tapas restaurant located at quayside isle

still loving my flowers 

Spanish style Sabio Sangria 
white and red sangria which is similar to wine but brewed with sabio's perfected recipe. 
bf prefer white which has this lemony zest to it. I preferred the red one!

Jamon - spanish ham as cold appetisers 

some pork dish which I forgot the name heh

El Pulpo - grilled octopus leg w mash potatoes.

their recommended paella was seafood paella, but we had ours in squid ink

spammm cause pretty lights + docks


craving for ice-cream as usual so popped by a rdm gelato shop at quayside isle, the icecream guy kept wanting to switch my flowers in exchange for free ice-cream haha

Note Di Sicilia
31 Ocean Way, #01-09, 098373

hazelnut + strawberry gelato @ $5 per scoop, but it tasted so gooood, one of the best gelatos I have tried in sg! not sure whether it was the ambience of the whole night which created this decision though hahaha

choya night round 1. trying out all the flavors of choya cause we got hooked on umeshu flavored japanese liquor and wanted to see which was the best! 

4th december,
checked into a 2 night stay at marina bay sands on the day of my 21st birthday!

lunch and dinner both w mom & dad and coincidentally I chose two restaurants which was all around the same location in MBS, above the casino area lol. So many nice but overpriced choices here.


Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine
10 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands, The Shoppes Atrium 2, L2-04, 018972

chose one of my fav places for chinese food & peking duck in sg for my birthday lunch!!! You can read about it on my past post here~

my favorite Double boiled superior Shark's Fin with fish maw in Shark's cartilage soup (but the outlet at mbs seems to give a smaller portion compared to the one at paragon for the same price)

chef in action~

this time i tried their crab version egg white and truffle oil

ultimate favorite way of having my duck!!!!! the way the skin & sweet sauce goes with the veggies and duck is way too good! 

thank you mummy for all these years of taking care of me & for spending 300 bucks on this meal for us hahaha I really wonder how we three even managed to finish all those food we ordered.

bf, me and mumsies~ lol my eyebags look super bad here.

garlic fried with some veggy

super yummy duck fried rice!

perfecttttttttly sinful :P

mango sago

Dinner was settled at celebrity chef David Thompson's new thai venture in Singapore, also one of the newest restaurants which opened at MBS. But honestly, the way most dishes were made there were way too exotic for another visit. Almost regretted not looking at the menu clearly before we went in.

Long Chim
#02-02, Atrium 2 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Ave, 018955

haha its like the food wasn't that exceptional but it was more costly here, food like salted fish which can be found at cheap prices in bangkok is sold at like 30-40 sgd. Contributing to their rental cost? I rather have spent more on the affordable Nakhon which at least tastes more authentic. 
Okay the tomyam on the menu was like named "Chicken feet Dhom yam" ... 
So we just tried our best to stick with less exotic dishes.

8 dollar thai milk tea, does it make me smarter? nope.

their vermicelli salad, this kind of appetising dish I can have it all dayy

stir-fried squid, which was a little too hard for my liking, but everyone else seated thought it was alright. But its kinda salty, loads of garlic.

asked the waiter if there was any 'dhom yam' without the chicken feet & I guess there was a fish dhom yam option, almost had a thai meal without tomyam involved if there wasn't.

my dad's fav. the green curry beef and chillies with roti.

Food wasn't too bad but I guess this is the kind of restaurant which you had high hopes for, but you would only dine here once because you would rather spend lesser at other thai eateries to get the simple and more authentic dishes.

my lovely dad & mum :)

choya night round 2!! whilst soaking in the hot tub~

5th december,
day of my 21st party bash held at night, so headed out to get some shits done. we had lunch at around chinatown area~

bf brought me to try the famous hock lam beef noodles which standard has dropped increasingly during the years haha.

Original Hock Lam Beef
22 China St, 049564


bf likes to snap me hehe

some taro beef ball thing which was the best dish on the table

spicy nuggets

meatball soup which was alright

I had sliced + beef chunks in soup broth.
I had one mouth of the noodles and thought why the price we pay for this is so much more compared than if we eat beef noodles at a hawker. when the standards are about the same.

paid for their branding, not for the food.

had teabreak at the famous branch of yakun at chinastreet located a few shops down.

our favorite traditional kaya toast! I love to dip it in the soft boiled eggs.

back at our orchid suite to set up some simple decos~

hot pink & black balloons

city-view see through toilet windows. Pretty but it was raining when I was taking this hehe

My favorite part of this version of orchid suite (some suites are named under the same category but looks slightly different) the super big balcony just enough to hold a party!

even the bedroom has a huge balcony of its own, facing the pretty garden view.

before the party started we went to
Evening Drinks and Canapés (4 pm - 6 pm)
at The club located at level 55 of Marina Bay Sands (tower 2).

Super in love with the view up here.

seated right below the famous MBS infinity pool hehehe

Favorite time/meal of the day. 
Food was good at Evening Beverages & Canapes. Includes free flow of wine/champagne/alcohol/beer. Me and william got a little high after drinking at least 6 glasses each before the party even started in my hotel suite lol. I can do this everyday haha.

sesame pork ribs, angus beef, chilled tomato soup, broccoli risotto. super yummmms

started off with two different white wines. Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc.

soft shell crab squid ink bun + smoked salmon + salami + pickled tumeric 

wonderful evening spent tgt

going to exercise after my HCM trip i swear.

Reds; Shiraz & Pinot.

super love the mushroom puree which goes super well with the buns

macaroon heaven

last glass of champagne for the alcoholics before the party haha


innovation at its best

catered food from wicked garlic. everyone loves the pizzas & pasta, especially the leftovers after we drank hahaha

chicken pesto, aglio olio or beef bolognese?

gluttons in action

pretty view of the christmas wonderland at gardens by the bay

some photos with my guests: TWINNIE :)


Leonard, dion, me, louis, sean & deon

too many bodyguards since 1994

friends & lightbulb for 7 years~

junjie and matilda :) happy for jj!

5 years of bromance
roy, jon, me, sean & jj!


jessica :D

poly bros!
zavier, me, samuel and enjia #zkxsc

sweetest girls evaaa~
zijun, sheryl, gervina & twin!

more w da twin

gracelyn & jiaying ma preddy ladies :D

our toilet bathtub shots r kinda nice hahaha

with nicko :D

& last but not least #CBOAH !! ( -1 :( )
 Shan, tess, me, regina, min!


sticked to my patissier cake every single year I guess. Hugest I ever ordered at 10 inch hahaha.

still don't feel 21.

first bf in 21 years lolol

w the people who loves me the most in 21 years.

cheeky awkward smile LOL

drinking time

camera got stolen..

6th December,
don't remember saying bye to all my friends the night before. LOL. 
Went for breakfast at Sky on 57 (tower 1 7 am - 11 pm) instead of opting for in-room-dining because I wanted to eat breakfast next to the infinity pool hehe. Had to rush because I woke up late with an hangover.

other than the normal breakfast buffet, we could choose two main dishes each from the breakfast menu priced at $41++ per person.

We each had one asian main & a western main.
I had Egg Benedict w Smoked Salmon

Tonkotsu Ramen

which tasted slightly better than Chef's Special, which was dry beef noodles for the day. Prefer MBS's other asian food choices which were usually way better. 

Classic French "Croque Monsieur" on Croissants w ham and cheese

a cuppa latte

food I took from the buffet hehehe love the porridge

one of the best breakfast ever, not totally cause of the food but perhaps the food accompanied by the view & my favorite yogurt monster :)

slacked awhile and went back to The Club at Marina Bay sands for our last afternoon tea :(
(2 pm - 4 pm)

fav seats ever, could see a super nice view of the gardens & sea from here

afternoon tea had so little choices compared to bfast & evening canapés though. 
Hot chips, scones which bf taught me how to eat yummily, and other savory items.

felt so good to chill wishing time would stop at this scene with my iced mocha

thank you everyone who came to my mini celebration once again and for all the gifts & love I've received :)

21 kisses for everybody. Time to snooze~
be back soon :D

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  1. Hi there, just wanted to ask how you managed to bring in the catered food to the room. Did you get it delivered to the hotel? Would be really awesome to know how you managed as I'm holding a small party there as well. Thank you so much!