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Your Travel Guide To Taiwan; Taipei Part II; DAY 4 (Jiu Fen 九份 x ShiFen 十分; Sky Lantern 放天燈 x Ya Rou Mian 鸭肉扁) + DAY 5 (Jay ChouFrench-Italian Restaurant - Mr.J 義法廚房II x Nightclubs; Muse + Babe18) + DAY 6 (Danshui 淡水老街; RicheMaison 悅滋廚坊 x Japanese StyleBBQ + Steamboat; 樂也燒肉+火鍋) + DAY 7 (Taoyuan International Airport臺灣桃園國際機場)

Hi guys, so I'm back to complete PART II of my Taiwan travelogue hahaha. If you haven't seen PART I. 
Beware, PART II is going to bombard in your faces with loads of scenery photographs as well as food, which appeals to everyone I guess ^^


 Started the post with two pictures of me drinking Lipton strawberry milk tea for breakfast from the convenience mart near my hotel. LOVE MILK TEA. Find it so awesome to have them in so many flavors. If only these kind of things were more available in Singapore's markets!!!

The fourth day was one of the days all of us enjoyed the most. (Cause we practically loved every min spent at Taipei) It's a day trip to one of the more
Rural areas of Taipei. 
Jiufen & Shifen!! 
Supposed to find our way there by some public transport, but we succumbed to the lazy devil within us and just cabbed to and fro there. 

Itinerary: Ximending > Jiufen > Shifen > Ximending (where our hotel was)

For the long one hour ride, Cabbing in Taiwan is really very cheap compared to Singapore!! But I would suggest people to book a trusted van/cab for the entire day & ask the driver to charter you guys to tour the area. Alternatively you guys can check this 1-day tour around Jiufen, Shifen and Pingxi. It would be better in terms of saving costs accompanied by somebody who is familiar with that area. & could visit places like Shifen waterfall 十分大瀑布 & more highly recommended  signature foods that we guys didn't get to experience fully.

Because it was a long one hour journey & me and twin couldn't stop yapping. We made many hilarious videos which I doubt we'll be posting. Posting the photos though!!! ^^

Twins & roy with Jon selfishly always hogging the back sit..

& with sean in the front seat!!

Finally reached Jiufen Located in the more mountainous areas in Taiwan, the air and weather was so refreshing and great.

Mandatory twin shot in front of the scenery, see how dull looking it made us look!! 

Entering Jiufen Old Street 九分老街

With many yummy food stalls slandering down the lanes! Dessert shops which are like blackball in Singapore which was originated from Taiwan can be found there.

Sean buying almond flavoured drink. Almonds are part of the local delicacies there!

With jonnnnn

The guys drinking almond LOL

Love this group shot which really portrays how happy we all are despite my extremely messy hair

Stall with many cute dogs!!

Dog like dogs hahaha

Condom themed shop which is accessible in Taiwan

Found this flight of stairs which was great to take ootd hahaha candid back view. I look so feminine and serene. Lifting my 'Dress' (lace pants which adored so much I bought them all in three colours my trip there) to the stairway of heavens HAHA 

Kinda like how toned my legs look here even though I thought I gained weight LOL

Ate this brand similar to blackball, special taro ball delicacy of jiufen,
Lai Ah Po 赖阿婆 - should be one of the best shop selling taro balls there, cause just take a look at the queue and my unglam twin HAHAHHAA

Ordered all in cold. Should have ordered hot too, guess hot stuff are more traditional and would further bring out the flavor!

Taiwan sausages ~

HAHA my ultimately messy hair that day but I don't really care?!

Ice cream with peanut & sugar toppings wrapped in a popiah
SUPER GOOD one of my fav & the best street foods you have to eat there!!

Look at em ballies

Taro flavored ice cream I think

After eating & roaming along the streets of Jiufen, another long cab journey to Shifen for some setting of sky lanterns.

dramatic mama captured by twin..

It's like even more magnificent and beautiful there?! Since it was one of the locations they filmed the famous movie -
 You are the apple of my eye 那些年我们一起追的女孩. 
The main characters set their sky lanterns into the skies too then!!

Me at the old railway tracks~ it's still harboring Choo Choo trains at certain timings of the day alright, not abandoned!

JON'S INFAMOUS IDEA. I'm so boyish to lay down like this there with them..

So sweet?! Like this pic with twin hahaha supposed to go these places with your loved one or your other one. But we are both single and available so we just have to make do with each other lor. LOL

It's reaaaaally hard to balance and I can do it better than twin!

Over load of my selfies cause the scenery was just breathtaking 

Time for some sky lantern activity!!

Can purchase the lanterns in two or four color combinations. Each color represents different meanings.

We choose the special 8 colored lantern though!! 400 NTD approximately 17 SGD

They provide Chinese idioms for you to traditionally fill in each colored side. (But ultimately we ended up using singlish, English and pictures on our sky lantern la.)

Red - things that brings you happiness
Orange - wealth & cash 
Yellow - studies & career 
Green - growth 
Blue - hopes & dreams
Purple - romance & sugar
White - health & safety
Pink -  love & bliss 
Hot pink - luck with the opposite sexes

HAHAHA let me summarize what did we write... LATER

Must clear the area for a short timing when the train's passing~

Obviously we spammed the orange side with money & cash. I wished my parents for their health!!!! Sigh most filial one there..

HAHA good luck with the opposite sexes  & our eye candies HAHAHA okay we how old alr!?!?! 
Then the guys started writing they each get 20 girls or smth.. We all know what they are thinking right. *Smirk* then I added 100 boys HAHAHAH then end up with 
300 babes HAHAHAHA okay this getting too hilarious 

All our dreams & loveeeee heheeee only we would understand this. ;)) and obviously zhiyantay wrote the MUSCULAR GUYS IN HER LIFE CRAP LOL

Opening up all our wishes hahahahaha SO LAME
but the colors are so pretty

Super candid and impromptu group photo with each side of our lanterns!!

Finally litted up the lantern at the awkward side of our wishes

stay close to your aspirations & dreams cause one day they'll come true~~

Some yummy egglets cause most shops were closing and as stalls close earlier at both Jiufen & Shifen and we were starving by then!!!

Long cab journey back to the district and Ximending. Had the famous duck noodles for dinner. One of the few eateries that you must try at Ximending.

Ya Rou Bian (鸭肉扁)
No.98-2 Yi Section, Zhonghua Road, Taipei, Taiwan

I forgot how much we spent but I remember it to be really quite cheap for - the portion was filling and we had a hearty dinner there. Food's good!!


Soup is kinda oily but you can choose mifen or the normal noodles. Their noodles were better cause it has more taste. Mifen is way more bland but I guess it's healthier. I LOVE BEANSPROUTS. It's so spammed there hehe.

Of course their duck matched with tasty sauces.

Getting a little boney so greedy us ordered another plate of the breast meat. 

Was already very full after the sumptuous dinner but.. Passed by jumbo ice cream (local ice-cream brand originated from Danshui, another place we would be visiting (day 6), they have many outlet, another at Ximending)

Twin & her mango strawberrrrrrie STUMP

I ordered the larger one by myself HAHA green tea & taro flavor!!

Super happy cause ice-creams never fails to complete my day

Haha middle finger pointed by twin cause her ice-cream is ridiculously short compared to mine. LOL

Love bunking with this girl man. And the things we do in the hotel room... LOL

And the whacking of snacks for supper we had. Spot the strawberry flavored wang wang!!! *.*


Cabbed again... Cause we were going to one of Jay chou's restaurants in Taipei. 

He initially had three, all differently themed , one of them which I went with Tessa & Regina the previous time when I visited Taiwan closed down alr. Now left with the one we were going to visit Secret themed (another famous love novel movie) & Initial-D themed (race car story line, both are movies he acted in)

With Jon in the cab!!

Uploaded this cause I just think the blue in my hair which faded to purple is soooo pretty~ prettier covering my face.

Love windy days

Located near Taipei medical school!!! (Maybe cause the movie storyline were about students then the restaurant also located near a school)

In a circular glass shaped building

250 WuXing St. Taipei Medical University Taipei,
Tel: 02-2377-9090

French & Italian cuisine themed

The famous piano recital in Secret

Jon mimicking the poster

Settling down into our grand table

Heheh I look so atas looking here with Zhiyan and Roy

With my bros and Jon still in his Jay Chou post LOL

Prolly the reason why our food was served to us so slow.. Jon you are gonna get hate mails!

Order a full course inclusive of your
Main + bread + soup of the day + salad + beverage + dessert 
With only the additional cost of 99 NTD, 4.30 SGD.

Close your mouths in awe now.

My turn to mimic the female main character 

I look so artsy fartsy here. Hahaha but I do play the piano alright. Learnt until I was grade 6!! Before giving up.

Garlic bread, so yummy the guys re-ordered them.

All of us chose the standard milk tea..

Me in some special geek spec design twin bought, but they all say it doesn't match me as well!! >:(

Soup of the day 

Salad spot my fav weird veggie

Corn soup with turkey which tasted like ham

All of their mains were good and VERY BIG PORTIONED. We shouldn't have ordered all in full course man.
Hahhaa probably our most filling meal in Taiwan.

Zhiyan's Spicy Scallop linguine 

Sean's Chicken penne in cream sauce. I liked this cause actually I like cheesier and creamier pastas.

Roy's Mentaiko pasta with chunks of potato which was delicious as well, pictures doesn't do all these pastas justice!!

My Chef recommended Garlic jumbo prawn pasta, would have tasted better if it was spicy. But the prawns were superbly fresh. 

Jon's Baked Salmon broccoli penne in cheese. Also one of my favorite pasta there!!

Not forgetting another chef recommendation, the Taiwanese chicken pizza we ordered there. SUPER YUM TOO.

Happy girl with all my pizza ^^

Mouthwatering !

Dessert of the day was just some Chocolate cake. I honestly preferred the panna cotta pudding which was served to me the previous time.

Cute packaging for our takeaway, but we left it at the restaurant -_- so much for a takeaway..

Bill was 2603 NTD, 113 SGD. means we each paid 22 bucks for 5 full course set meal?! Ughhhh I wanna dine there again!!

I will miss the piano...

HAHA me and my dramatic twin acting romantic at the piano tgt as usual LOL 

Group shots !!

Love the shirt I was wearing! Pic with the clock tower.

The restaurant was relatively near Taipei 101 (tallest building and one of the sight seeing areas in Taipei we didn't get to visit) so I could snap a shot of it from the area I was standing. 

Waiting for cab again. Hahaha can see how lazy we got compared to the first few days where we trained.

Getting a tad sunny and hot..

W Jon and his constipated expression hahaha

In the cab to Wufenpuagain!

Some stall at wufenpu to quench our thirst.

Honestly one of the best drinks I had in taipei for my tastebuds despite being pearless. Iced soda with fresh milk tea. Super good.

After another tedious afternoon spent at Wufenpu, spammed so much more without hesitation since it was the last few days.. ended up getting some weird looking tops HAHA. Twin and I settled at some stall for some oyster omelette. 

May not be the most raved place to have the raved oyster omelette in Taipei but it was damn nice too?! It's way different from the ones we have in Singapore. I can't imagine if we ate this at Raohe night market or somewhere else.

Super shag but satisfied once again.

Some more street foods like black sugar icecream and sweet potato balls which hit the spot near our hotel before club!!!

TGIF in Taiwan. At muse.
Honestly wasn't great compared to babe 18. Service and prices was not worth our wallets.

12F., No.138, Sec. 4, Civic Blvd., Songshan District, City 105, Taipei

We probably paid just to see a few pretty girls dancing uncoordinated-ly on muse's stage. LOL

So we club hopped to babe 18 in the end again!!

Very unglam pictures for that night.


Trained to another further district area of taipei! Danshui 淡水 (danshui station)
Star attractions there like the Lover Bridge of Tamsui can be found there! (didn't go cause we are all not lovers hahaha!)

Last day in taipei!! :( With the twin~

Breakfast was some Unique Japanese mochis at Ximending

sweet cheese & one of the salted flavors!

Upon arrival~

some yummy custard tokyo taiyaki for you?

ahbengs from singapore

Finally tried the origins of koi, 
50 Lan (50)

some red tea w icecream flavor & mango icecream with fresh milk flavor~

cause I am a glutton like that

"eh wait leh, I no hand"

most candids like this below taken by twin!!

Look at how scenic danshui was!

happy greedy and satisfied sean!

Danshui Old Street 淡水老街

so crowded that day!

One of the local delicacy Iron Egg - Tie Dan 鐵蛋 

normal tasting 1973 chicken bits

taiwan sausages again but this time round its so prettily shaped!

never chew finish take picture HAHAHA

Their wintermelon drink was really good!!! Ai-yu lemon was so-so only.

Because the guys haven't tried it

In another flavor - the melon mix!

was super sunny..

Look at how my shades left a dent in my nose..

mandatory group pic at danshui!

twin secretly fantasizes about our butts... so many butt shots.

so handsome..

was getting quite sweaty & exhausted in the evening. Stopped at RicheMaison aft the old streets of danshui for some dessert which looked really appealing.

These are super good?! The outer tastes like the sweet outer layer of the hongkong buo luo bao - pineapple bun but with icecream! DAMN NICE. Was so full already but still made space for this!

very pretty sunset.

Back to XMD for some last min shopping again..

who is this dude?

Settled our dinner and ate to our heart desires at a Japanese grill style BBQ & steamboat at
樂也 (Le Ye) 
- Ximending has loads of these buffet styled restaurants I think we could have found a better one but this hit the spot for us as well!!! Paid like 20 plus SGD for this standard of buffet each only. In singapore it would be at least a 40 per person I assume!!

No. 36, Hanzhong St, Wanhua District, Taipei City 108, Taiwan

probably just marked everything cause we didn't understand a shit & brain already lack of glucose

appetizer & dessert bar

spot twin greedy stick-out-tongue-face and the greedy guys scooping free flow haagen daz ice cream!!!

yummy potato salad and vermicelli.. I was the one getting all this for them lo..

seafood platter!!!!!!


Jon's favorite. HAHAHA they thought it was fish glue but actually it was meant to wrap the BBQ-ed meats in it to be consumed like a wrap. But he still had plenty servings of it throwing it in the soup I bet the waiter was so amused by us.

fucking awesome spread

the picture on the right is my fav meat of the lot!

free flow ice slur-pie too!!

custard pudding and strawberry jelly!! yumz

zhiyan with cook roy~

and my similar outfit with our supreme caps with chef jon~

watermelon aids digestion hahahaaaa

Im so sexy eating my watermelons HAHAHA

bad idea to wear cropped top for buffets..

Finally back at our hotel packing our luggages. Twin was damn naggy but check out our level of neatness. I am way more organized!!

My sleePIG twin and me drinking this awesome brand of grass jelly from the convenient market.

DAY 7 - Back to reality..

and finally its time for departure.. ;(

hahaha both brought one luggage there, two luggage back.

Lunch in taoyuan airport before our flight

Sulking when twin snapped this picture

had some braised pork belly rice again. Wasn't that fantastic but acceptable la. Since we were already leaving and didn't get to try the best :(

beef noodles since we didn't even try the stall we wanted to visit T.T regrets of my life till I visit taipei again.

more food

Tired me in the plane with my 3CE WOW PINK Cream eyeliner hahahaha

pringles on-board for 3 SGD each, not to mention the drinks for 4/5 bucks hahaha spend some worthless cash to cure our depressed feelinggggs

Abrupt ending with the food loots of my taiwan trip
HAHA how can a pig manage to lug all of this back?!
PS (spot the best brand of taiwan cup beef noodles)!
YI DU ZHAN  一度赞 


hope you enjoyed reading my taiwan posts. Spent so much time & effort filtering and listing down every single detail for my readers!!!!
love you guys :)

Any other enquiries

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