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Hoshino Coffee + PS. Cafe + Kam Loong Restaurant + Shokudo + MonochromeNails

Hi guys, I am officially back. Feel free to read this lengthy part below if you want, but basically its about some thoughts I have in my mind right now, which I definitely want to remember, that's why I'm going to jot it down here as they are overfilling in my head. I like to share things, my feelings in this space here not because I want people's attention or anything. I love sharing, I am a super straightforward person. Having this strong urge to mark my myself with either a tattoo or some really obvious piercing on my body/face. But sharing a quote I happened to past by just now "Will all these matter one year from now?" So, don't sweat the small stuffs now.

This post would be just a brief picture diary of my week in Singapore after I came back from Taiwan, & since I am thankfully flying off to Bangkok soon, I shall update this space to make up for my 5 days of absence in Singapore. Spent so much effort on the previous two Taiwan posts. If you haven't, feel free to check them out in the links below.


So my perceptions and emotions have been swirling in my mind. But when I flew over to Taiwan, I lost contact with the situation in Singapore & honestly didn't even think or miss of anything back here. Approximately two months since things ended. Honestly, sometimes I would still wonder how anyone could so suddenly & simply not put my existence into mattering. Really need to learn the art of that. Because I have many good friends around me & all our relationships are all super real. My character towards people are always very real. (you'd either hate me or love me) I always expect the best out of people & I think a little too simply of the world. Seeing him gazing the grasses after me, make me realize, he does not want to fall out with me might not be cause he actually cares of my well being anymore, but concern of his reputation. All these mysteries which I will not be bothered to unravel. What I feel now is perhaps how he felt when he ******* ** months back. All that shame, no rights, all the mess, all the lies, all the fights. Angering a bunch of uncouths led in from their lifes, I still face constant danger, that unfortunately didn't end even when everything else ended, knew that for a fact after yesterday night.. Despite facing all these, I won't be crying anymore, in fact, my recent tears from the past few weeks came from when I am attempting to squeeze my pimple and it really hurts, so gag reflexes, my eyes would naturally tear.

There was this period where I was just envying all the sweet couples I see on the streets. & wonder why am I nineteen & yet I haven't even have my first boyfriend before. Felt so unworthy and bad about myself. Plus my clique are all attached so I really wanted to be like them too. This thinking is really wrong, I realize that now. Just because I chose to believe something that didn't even exist, doesn't mean that I have to frantically search for it, make space for things which lowers down my ego. It will always be at the losing end for girls. I cannot afford to play, maybe the only regret I will have is that I dated the wrong guy, sounds silly but how I wished the one I first held hands to/in the movie theater wasn't him. From now on, I am going to treasure myself and my friends who have always been there for me so much. Give my trust to the people who really deserve it. I should be thankful for everything I have because there is no one out there like me. & someone like that shouldn't even be given the capability of changing me because that will be just too insulting. I will live my young life to the fullest, and live no space for silly mistakes and regrets. & never again I am I prioritizing people who treats my existence as optional.

I do not need anyone to make me happy, I need & ought to make myself happy. I doubt I will be able to open up my heart for anyone, and it just really makes me feel very... *inserts indescribable feeling*.  Lolol shot twin took when I am about to doze off in the airplane back to Singapore and I was giving a cheeky smile. I want to be like that all the time.

Sweet spot macaroons which was delivered to me. Among-st all that I have tried, I thought sweet spot was the worst? Or maybe I just do not know how to appreciate some of its quirky flavors. Only the green & best selling white-orange colored one tastes good.

Enough of the ranting, below would be how I occupied myself over the past week.
Although I have kind of forgotten which day I did which affair.

Movie day out with Wenmin

Since she her little cousin chantel, tagged along with us, we caught the smurfs! I was a little reluctant at first.. But it turned out pretty good. Kind of touching about family bonding relating details, trusts and many little details which made me tear over a cartoon. hahaha some cartoons are really sweet okayyyyyyy!

& My outfit of the night, Hot pink houndstooth top + transparent bag which I'm lovin' + my pretty furry black studded heels!!

Dinner at Hoshino Coffee, saw some pictures on instagram & some of the desserts looked so good!

Hoshino Coffee
68 Orchard Road
#03-84 Plaza Singapura
Tel: 6338 3277

Little chantel settling down into the seats!

The ambiance was quite good, I guess this is a perfect location for friends to hang around for some coffee & chit chats!

Pretty wenmin & toothy chantel hahaha!

Here are some of the food we ordered. 
BTW lesson number 1 I learnt from min - the art of kindness of ordering food to suit younger children's taste-buds. (But i have no idea if she just using it as an excuse to choose what she wanted HAHAHA)

Because usually I would just go for the weirdest and best things if I got to choose, but now, in need of consideration...

Tomato Cream "Omu" Rice with Shrimp & Mozzarella This was quite hearty as the cream sauce was rather tasty accompanied by cubes of my favorite gooey cheese! The tomato rice within the omelette (which cant be seen in from the picture) hit the spot!

Plain Old Carbonara  

Souffle Pancakes with honey syrup & softee 
Take note that this would usually take about 20 to 30 minutes to arrive (enough time for meal consumption) as they are freshly made on the spot. Thick, yet fluffy, airy, light but not heavy in anyways.

Short list of things I would try and recommend people to order there other than those I have ordered..
- Fuwa Fuwa Souffle (some fluffy yellow souffle curds which claims to be able to give customers the melt-in-your-mouth feeling)
- Hoshino Spaghetti (Look, it's even named after the cafe)
-French toast w an icecream (looks and sounded so gooood!)

recent addiction of bunning up my hair~

Movie day out with Jessica

HAHA can see that there is apparently nothing much to do in Singapore other than catching a movie in town or so. We caught "We're the millers" another hilarious yet funny movie that should be caught :) 

Her sexy model OOTD!

And my outfit of the day. Quite a colorful combi of White crotchet pink peplum + laced shorts (addicted) + silver transparent heels which never fails to give me blisters despite already pasting on five plaster & my Blue Balenciaga which I brought out to play.

Jessica claims that this alien headed photo of me is cute :O !

Dinner was settled at 

PS. Cafe
#02-09A, Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road
Singapore 238871
Tel: 6887 2207

Wanted to come here for an extremely long time already!! Super romantic ambiance for a place, great for couples. (But bad lighting for my food pictures later on because it was rather dark & dim-litted indoors, especially when I dined around the evening time! sob* ) Quite raved, they have 5 outlets around Singapore currently & I would really want to go to the outlet at Dempsey.

matchy nails

pretty jess

cute me HAHA

Truffle Shoestring Fries 
I swear when it comes to truffle fries, I haven't tried any places whom truffle fries can win PS Cafe's standard. No wonder it is so raved and the portion was rather big. But its really DAMN GOOD. (15 SDG)

I ordered the St Louis Ribs!!! came with some greens (which tasted weird, I gave up on it after a few mouthfuls) Baked potato with sour cream & bacon. and finally the well flavored ribs~ (34 SGD)

 King Prawn Aglio Olio which is Jess's since she likes aglio olio~ The prawns were so juicy and tasty, overall a nice dish as well!! (29 SGD)

Portions at PS. Cafe is rather big which explains the price. (Bill added to around 90 bucks) 
Quality of the food is great as well. Foreseeing myself coming back here numerous more times (esp when you know I rarely like to dine at same places twice) 
Was rather full after these already thus didn't have the chance to try their raved desserts which I would be back for~

Look at her enjoying her pasta~

with le jess :)

waiting for time to pass and taking shots of my hair cause I am still so amazed by how my blue faded into a purple and my previous pink dye made it look like of like a gradient.

After our movie, being sweet tooths, we went for some dessert hunt.

Ended up at the usual (dined here numerous times)

Shokudo - Japanese Coffee House
#02-06 Cathay Cineleisure
8 Grange Road
Tel: 6736 0971

Ordered this azuki red bean cheesecake matched with matcha ice-cream and it tasted quite queer after awhile.. Who the heck combines red bean in cheesecakes?! 

But on the other hand. This matcha iced tower (same priced as the azuki cheesecake but much bigger in portion!!) named Maron Shiratama Kakigori (if I am not wrong) really quenched our thirst and hit the spot. It is really good but I am not sure if its cause I haven't exactly consumed Green tea flavored snow ice elsewhere before.

But I would really order this if I dine at shokudo again? Really like it! Even the mochis at the side tastes so good without fillings in it. and it is so chewy :)

Overall a nice and good heart to heart co OOTD day with this babe :)

Another Trip to Johor Bahru

Remember the previous time I went (two weeks back), I promised to show you guys the best curry fish head around.
Its near City Square, the immigration checkpoints between Singapore & Malaysia. So its darn convenient.

Kam Loong Restoran 
Jalan Wong Ah Fook
Johor Bahru
Daily: 8 am - 4 pm

Very affordable prices for Small, Medium or Big pots of curry fish head. Queue is rather long most of the time, especially during lunch time.

This is really very heavenly.

The curry fish head is obviously the main ingredient, but the vegetables and tofu skin really goods superbly well with the curry which is not that spicy surprisingly, but so good. Added a portion of tofu skin!! Cause it it too awesome.

The gravy, veg and ingredients are so awesome & you can even do a takeaway and cook it at home, bring back to singapore. 

Snacked shopped

Starbucked (tried the new salted caramel frappe, quite good!!)

More crepes like the previous time to entertain us whilst doing our nails. Chocolate + cheese crepe & Peanut butter + banana crepe.

My more matured new gelish designs after my despicable me ones~

Its different from both right & left hands. Love it so much. Now I have nice nails to travel to Bangkok too as well! Did foot gelish too, but didn't bother to take any pictures, just normal dark blue.

Collated club photos

With the pretty n sweet zijun~ :)

and ma twin!

natnatz!! ^^

Caught up with my cousin, Fabian recently. At zouk somemore. TSK. hahah. Photo of us and an extra jessica!

one of my bareback black dress.

with andriel.

and the girlies~

and more girls~

JEM for the first time

Met up with Kengyang & spent our evening walking around JEM.
 Realized we both liked the same sweet talk flavored drink - Honeydew sago!! Had pepper lunch after such a long time and it actually hit the spot! Had some newbies from the menu, both ordered omelette with jap curry and rice. Super yummmm! but he had beef while I had chicken which tasted better in my opinion~

Long train ride with the MIA bestfriend regina ^^

One of my barefaced and hangover FACE ( WHERE ARE MY BROWS )

Went chompchomp after sooooooo long... Actually that area have so many nice restaurants & food!!

Ordered some drink with coconut bits which tasted damn nice?! and a super huge sugar cane juice.


finally a decent group pic of TWIN, REGINA (wow she revived), ME, JESS, NAT & SHIYUN

regina, twin & me hehe spot my shiny snake necklace.

so squeezed.

quite a boring night & *rolls my eyes*

some swensens for lunch all the way at jurong point T.T with weishan. Looks good but tastes super bad only their fries was up to standard.

signature sticky chewy chocolate which didn't disappoint like the rest.

Shall end off with a photo of me, cause I was attempting to clear out my closet this week as its not the first time I cant squeeze in more shit loads of my new clothes in it anymore 

( In a love hate relationship with all my outfits because I will be like IMMA THROW THIS AWAY, then one second later indecisive and decides to keep it even though I know I dont wear them anymore. So many clothes worn once or not even once in my closet. )

So gonna wait for some flea now, haha look at how loose this dress is for me now since I was fatter last time. Such a pity, worn it once only, still in tip-top condition.

So I am heading for some big bang and F1 action with twin later on, cannot wait. Probably will not update till I am back from bangkok so Follow me on my instagram @Pinkyniakoh as it would be a much better option now! ;) Hit me up on my reviving for any enquires as well.

xoxo eugeniania

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