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USS Halloween Horror Nights 3 + Ssikkek Korean BBQ + Dice at Singapore Polytechnic

Hey guys! Just had supper and I feel so fat and guilty after that as usual. But Happy public holidays to you guys! (HAHA i have no idea what is this PH about) So I'm just here to do a quick updates about my weekends. A gathering with most of the poly peeps. As well as my 2nd time at USS's Halloween Horror Nights 3. 
(Will talk about it below. Honestly I think both years were rather fun, with my company & with a additional twin zhiyan added to the gang, but maybe cause I am getting older, even though some stuff still spooks me out, I think it is ample enough to just go for a year. The exhibitions & themes might have changed but to be honest, you also can't remember what happened last year to compare so much in detail!)

Additionally, I'm taking this chance to promote my business I have invested my money (meh) on for part of my FYP this semester, basically selling these in liquid/ slushie state. Do come and support me if you are in Singapore Polytechnic pretty please *.* or you are from SP & you read my blog heh. FYI 
Our stall is located directly outside the auditorium at T17, near the skate park and Mcdonalds.

help me like the FB page link here PLEASE: https://www.facebook.com/dicesp 
& I dont want to be naggy so you can read about the product & find out more of our promotions there. As well as follow our insta http://instagram.com/dicesp for more updates :)

Back on topic,

basically uploaded the picture above not cause I thought I looked nice but is cause I kind of look ghastly (which matches the theme, i guess.) with my annoying fringe covering my face.

minnie mouse dress cause I am going to USS~ (must be more disney themed lolol)

tram there. "oi dont take pics of me leh"

"hides" "double chin monster caught"

w awkward JJ & twin

w twin :)

This year, USS Halloween horror nights 3 runs for 10 nights (we went on the 12th), with extended hours 7pm - 1am (too popz), in Oct & Nov and features new storylines and charaters.

6 new haunted attractions
 (3 scare zones) 
- Attack of the vampires
- Convention of Curses
- Forbidden forest (most scary amongst the three to me cause of the lighting there, v dark)
 (3 haunted houses) all takes about 6 - 7 mins to walkthrough
- Adrift (haunted luxury cruise, eerie unbalanced walking)
- Songs of Death (MOST SCARY AMONG ALL i almost couldn't walk through esp one part, & twin almost teared hahaha!)
-Possessions (unlike the other two, this one is really a "haunted house" for sale haha)

& you will be able to take many photos with the characters, as they will have up to 400 full time scare actors to scare you throughout the event. But obviously I have lesser photos in USS because either I am too scared or you are supposed to really enjoy scaring yourself instead of photographing (and better, no spoilers. Go experience it yourselves.)

& btw some of the rides in uss would be open in the night for admission during the event as well.
FYI students priced tickets priced at 50 SGD per ticket if you just flash your student card!

two pictures cause I wanna capture the HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHT wordings.

mandatory group pic~

guys being the map reader all.

with poor sean whom had a sore eye that day

ootd w twinniez

super spammage of photos (can skip) from us due to the long queues. (Most of the photos with the playful lightings are from my camera) some is taken from the twin :)

Saw huijuan and gwen at USS too and took a photo with them :)

Kinda like these shots. Really look like I am a ghost haha

pretty lights *.*

all doing sean's signature 007 w the smirk & sign.

getting a tad sweaty and hot, purchased overpriced ice lollies at 3 SGD each, but feels like the best ice cream I have ever eaten LOL

with the evil queen and my slappable looking face LOL

on our spider carriage which we didn't know we were not allowed to sit on heh

fav mini balls icecream which I cannot find around Singapore anymore. (If anyone know where you can find these ask.fm/EugeniaKoh thanks ^^

near the transformers ride, some stalls there sells churros as well ^^ stardot cafe (the name of the icecream shop I think) Banana spilt flavor, Strawberry, Cookies & cream, Chocolate mint. 

so tired after everything~

took some shots with my dear jonn

jj and twin~

transformers ride for the millionth time for us

finally another monster which approached me, the dracula, he was getting kind of irritating cause he kept using his cape to cover me and twin's face. LIKE NUMEROUS TIMES we almost gave up trying to take a photo w the guy. But even the monsters praised us for our beauty HAHAH

had supper at macs after the event (somehow me & yan thought that our shag & smudged makeup look was kinda cool so..)

chose bbq cause its a more practical idea for crowds.

Me without my eyeliner and all the eye makeup above. Saw this babe of mine, shermay on the train aft like a year & we both changed alot, compliments & pictures~

Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ
275 Thomson Road
#01-01=02 Novena Ville
Tel: +65 6254 8123 
(recommend to book esp on weekends)
Daily: 11.30 am to 2.30 pm
5 pm to 10.30 pm

Weekday Lunch per pax $12.00+, Dinner $22.00+
Weekend Lunch $22.00+, Dinner $22.00+ 
(I paid around $28 - $29 on the friday night)

Its the sister branch of the popular 2D1N Soju Bang at tanjiong pagar which I went twice
But I find Ssikkek more convenient since it is more accessible (and they have numerous outlets around Singapore) (plus the outlet we went to is new, its air-conditioned & feels cleaner, most importantly, they serve seafood!! which 2D1N doesn't offer.)

with my bff pretty wenmin whom looks good even during her unglam moments.

some of the girls~ me, tess, min & twin

with tessa clad in a very chic rock dress from her taiwan trip. 

our awkward ootds hahaha

I love the sauce << served in korean bbqs

well marinated meats

wide variety of soups from ginseng, seafood, kimchi to seaweed

i love kimchi *.* & the veg to wrap the meats

not forgetting vermicelli & my favorite spicy korean rice cakes!!

our table crazily spammed bacon (quite nice I ate alot of em) cause of jeremy

and some spicy chicken twin & wenmin kept raving about

look at how wide our table was.

sat w louis cause he is the best cook ever. twin was like chiding me for sitting in the middle cause I simply just eat the food and not of much help in cooking LOL

sad faces from me & min cause everyone was a smoker and we had to look after the two tables~

love da mushrooms I cooked ^^ 

my table's group photo. Wenmin, louis, jeremy HAHA, morgan, me & twin~

and a very unglam picture of the other table hahahaa where the most skinniest couple somehow look very fat in it LOL tessa, nico, ivan and new lovebirds, andrianto & natalie.

girl group photo at the end (did you notice I changed my shirt for awhile -in the middle of the restaurant LOL- cause I was afraid to get it stained.)

Zouk at later later w my babe jessica *.* & my messy hair since I was out the entire day.

xoxo so much for my short update. Will be heading out fucking finally with the clique later. And its raining now, good for sleep.

Lastly, btw did a impromtu video vlog within 7 mins just now, wondering if I should post this up this is totally different and another style from what I usually have up on my youtube, the boring covers. Should I post this up? Preview on my insta, do check it out ^^

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