Saturday, October 5, 2013


Thinking positively like I just lost afew things, and should learn my lesson from this.Its not like i got rape. Just like the person who took it should give me back my photos :((( and some notes i really wanted to keep :( like the places I want to visit to eat.

if anyone saw it: Iphone 5, coach wristlet with my topshop blusher, NYX lipstick, IC, ezlink, POSB Cashcard in it. 
please return it to me :( Will pay you!!! :(

"taking things to another level seriously. Lost my PHONE and POUCH with my IC thats gonna cost me 300 bucks to replace. Since I am a regular ic-loser. and 10th ezlink card (who cares) & cashcard. MAJOR tilt. and my phone which I just changed months back. fuckkkk these things always happens to me only.

LAZY TO BLOG ANYTHING NOW but im not even crying just very annoyed at myself sob and only have social media to rant to since contacting anyone is so hard now unless u call my house. But my throat is fucking pain so YADA YADA *frowns*

thanks for retweeting my tweet though guys :(

ps (wanted to be emo and go for starvation mode for a week. ended up the opposite. think i almost finish all the food I have in my refrigerator alr.)

if i can retrieve my phone I SWEAR ILL BE A VEGETARIAN.

anything else tweet/dm me or fb msg me. I think i will be so active on fb i will even reply those bangalas who fb msg me. kidding NOT"

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