Saturday, January 7, 2012

first week of school :)

hi ppl come sp please :D heehee i would love to have more new friends ^^
sp giving out free baggu bag LOL alot ppl go take kinda lamee but im just saying.

hello people im back, :) im sorry for not updating reguarly like i usually do but i have been really TIRED these past few days getting used to school reopening and stuff. i should really start sleeping earlier. hehe recently started playing my ds again and pokemon HAHA and read this book, not bad right ;)

so i cut my hand by accident hehe trying to gross yall out. Went for a movie on thursday as i dint go school >< with marvin and his two friends jolyne and shaun haha. We caught we bought a zoo. quite touching :) made me walk all the way to ehub and then back to whitesands as there was no timing had to go tamp walao weather so hot sia haha!

i love to eat my mom's food hehe
these few days ate rather alot, especially today! After school i dint go for my extra lesson. I went to meet shermay, and brought my juniors around Sp ^^ Cherie and Yiping! hahaha sweet girls, hopefully they can come sp :D all the best! <3

after that went bugis to meet up with jon, roy kun? then In the end get tricked to go somerset cos Junjie, one of their clique dudes was like going to go training or smth alr then wanna eat there. First time see JJ! quite friendly.

and my phone no batt so SUCKS. wrote their numbers on like a piece of icecream paper =.= just in case had to borrow some strangers phone which thick skin ppl like me definitely dare hehe

Kk so after that met up with tricia sean etc go bugis 'SHOP' but ended up eating most of the time NOW I DAMN FULL.......... but the good thing is i guess things are finally going better between all of us? hahaha like me and sean, kun etc ok alr i guess :)

still can blame me go out with eugenia IS eat only NOT MY FAULT K.

haha saw alot familar faces at bugis today, and just now this dude just talked to me haha he said he saw me, haha i ask him i real life look like my pic anot he say yeaaa LOL say i still pretty HAHAH so sweet. i recently always stalk those more famous ppl on fb blog etc then think some of them really look quite diff plus alot ppl say, so i also scared i got troll face reallife la.

ok on tuesday, went town after school with the usual sp gals :D regina, tessa, natalie and zhiyan . hehe at first i very DULAN with regina cos she kpkb me on the phone LOL. then i throw tempter, quite paiseh. HAHAH cos she think i shout at her thru the phone then i tot she shout at me so we shouted at each other then i dman angry when i see her i still stomp on my feet ROFL.
haha my tired faceeeeeeeeeeee

HOHO no makeup, everyday wakeup my eye kinda pain leh no idea why.

HAHHAHAH ok i just checked my school mail today and saw this i was in state of shock cos i almost failed last sem for my gpa then give me this kind of cock LOL. I REALLY needa buck up ppl give me some strength! trying to go class early cos really kinda scared get debar from exam. .

ok so i got back like two of my results for my mst. i think i did not bad for a girl who was hospitalised, i believe i can do better in the future if i really study harder. cos im smart B) hehe so im fine i guess. :)

and say hi to my bff regina tan tan <3 love u guys loads.
come pat my fatty belli

xoxo eugeniania.
ps, self reminder. i havent talked to her yet.
and hope for all the best for him , Dun worry him is not my lover or what. just a very close friend of mine.

ok this was posted long ago just feel like posting it again

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