Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NEW hotpink hairstyle Black Salon + Sweechoon + Crystal Jade HK Cafe IN+ The Coffee Bean + Zouk addict + End of Intern

You must be thinking that i would start my post with my newest HOTPINK hairstyle right! (If you follow my insta @PinkyNiaKoh talking about which, I finally have pink hair like my twitter nickname!)
 Hehe but you guys are wrong! It would be at the bottom of this blogpost. 
Which is gonna be extremely long  (Look at the blog title captions above - not in sequence cause i like to write in sequence but the title of this blog post is by the topic's importance) since I have not updated my blog for very long... (one week) haha which is not that long, but i still have so many photos to share so I guess I'm a really busy woman haha!

So, today marks my first week of my 3rd year of poly, which brings my 6 weeks of internship which 
had taken up my supposedly 6 weeks of school holidays, to an end. I was late for school despite my new timetable being starting pretty late for a few days, which makes me end late too, like today. Made me dress sloppily to school already when its only the first day. And with my new more attention seeking hair color, its unappealing if I failed to put makeup/dress up......... Was so rushed I didnt even wear socks today, so now i have a big blister on my feet HAHA.

Anyways, so i hope my partying streak has came to an end too hopefully.. I really would end up on a bookshelf if I continue eating suppers after late nights and then forgetting to washup needless to say. And basically my complexion sucks now...... And I haven't been exercising & with the food pictures that are coming up. Yup i gained 4kg. I am depressed.

Ohwell enough ranting and pictures time! I am so talkative & hyper & eccentric sometimes hahahahahaha 
Am i boring you guys?

Overdued Zouk picture taken on last friday which twin looks nice so I posted it.. Bye my black hair hehehe

bye loyang area internship hawkers and nice noodle stall

Left; late night fast coughs* fat food. Right; Morning also eat macs. tried the new fish fillet burger with thousand island sauce. KFC DOUBLEDOWN IM COMING FOR YOU SOON.

and my workplace's roasted duck rice stall which tastes awesome so i had to take a photo of it. SUPER YUM and guess what I had a two people's portion meal alone. LOL. cause i wanted to eat the duck and the roasted meat AND the charsiew AND was indecisive. So much for going to the hawkers to save money peeps.

never forget my fav auntie in koptiam drink hehehe TEH PING milk tea 

i snack alot, childhood snacks anyone?

finished this family pack sized berrylite frozen yogurt in pink guava flavor myself too..

homemade GADO-GADO (some known Indonesian delight) yummm 

consist of potato, eggs etc! Not forgetting the main ingredient the tofu and the nice sauceee

went to do some market research for intern and ended up buying a few goodies which are nice and one of my favs hehehehe


coffee bean on a morning

tampines' outlet

double chocolate and my fav vanilla flavor frappe!!! biggest size.

sarah's order, some egg benedict which she thinks are one of the nicest breakfast dishes at CB.

big breakfast which looks nice but the huge chunk of brown thing kinda sucked

and meatball tomato pasta of the month. I remembered coffee bean dishes being nicer the other time i went. So i think their spicy tuna pasta, carbonara and beef Bolognaise pasta this kind is more worth ordering.

oh well, still rather affordable for a meal and a frappe at coffee bean at around 14 SGD for their set meals whch lasts from 11 am- 3pm

favorite haribo bear gummies which was quickly exterminated

happy bear eating pig

now i have recovered but flu got worse in the midst of the week so i stuffed tissue everywhere I went and used up probably a tree trunk worth of tissues, k exaggerate.

lol i think only i would post this kind of pics...

the closest people to me at TGIW. 
weishan. tessa. twin zhiyan!

twin spam! :) poor girl cracked her iphone screen that night.

with the girl who died and didnt even manage to party. Weishan the noob. Hahaha i used to be so much lousier, now im so much better. But that also means I need to spend more money to get high, agreed with this sentence.

and not forgetting natnat, shiyun and jessica!

le sweaty face

w my best bro - Junjie ;)

many sp people was there again that night, but i was busy juggling some matters and taking care of people, and some died, only managed to take a few pictures w some.

hey alvin!

and good looking audric!


audric w the twins!


one of my fav icecream shops when i was young last time. but i think tampines one outlet sucks..

anw i would usually order strawberry cheesecake add oreos!

the person would fling it upside down and it would stay, if not REFUND~~

Friday's party w weishan again since she was pretty unhappy about not partying at all on wednesday hahaha

wore my hot pink bralet which shines as bright as a diamond~ under zouk's UV lights


w my steady twin who partied three times w me this weeeeek hehehe :*

and with natnat ^^

kisses from natnat hehe

and supper at spice near zouk with the guys and the girls... first time eat what pattaya mee goreng. SO NICEEEEE BUT FATTENING the sauce is like so much


Saturday we were supposed to not club and have a healthy weekend instead by cycling at ecp. So i took the public bus there with natnat, twin and jessica. UNFORTUNATELY for us, it started raining when we reached there. And me and twin, really twin fate all the time. whole day meet up with this kind of incidents, we got fined on the bus. LOL seriously............ Cause i don't usually take buses and how i know how much is needed for the whole trip LOL. Damn unlucky my ezlink card had to be out of value that day ._.  Sigh why adult fare so confusing.
But the bus conductor was damn annoying. 

Ended up cabbing here and there to sweechoon. (NTS Seriously got to stop cabbing)
One of the more affordable and well-known dim-sum restarants located at
Jalan Besar
Opens from 6pm - 6am 
Closed on tuesdays

First time there! So happy :)

their menus, which also includes Tze Char which I guess only minority would order certain dishes

cause we all came for their dimsum! ^^

the queue was quite long and quite crowded outside due to the rain. Waited for 30 mins, but felt short still.

ordering all the dishes outside for us hungry souls


Finally seated. I'm not sure if they have those alley seating i saw on online reviews since it was a rainy day but of cause i preferred the air conditioned areas 

we really ordered way too much for four girls w average appetites

soya bean and grass jellies~

one of my fav kind of dimsum! Szechuan wanton!!

top two voted dimsum at sweechoon the meesua kuay~

jess favorite dish which i liked!!! some nice fried tofu

and lo mai kai! prefered the chicken one to the charsiew one

plain cheecheongfan which was nice too despite it being plain :)

My fav sweet dimsum RED BEAN PANCAKES. probably the only few times i would eat red bean.

top dimsum~ XLB~ trashes DTF ones to me

their special prawn paste chicken wings 

but i preferred their steamed egg chicken. like nicerrrrrrr the juice seeps into it.

who misses har gaos and siew mais? neutral~


ordered mostly two crates of each ._.

progress of the food

then more came

so much leftovers hahaha. we suck

total bill  :O

Then we couldn't help it and went to zouk ._.
The only photos taken of the night~
With tiffany and tania :)

me, tiffany, tania and jess!


woke up after a short nap (PS i didnt apply any bbcream/makeup on my face since i partied the night before and my complexion just really sucked. Only had eyemakeup and off to dye my hair~)
At this salon BLACK. Which my whole clique(Tessa, regina, tricia, weishan) always get their hair done at.
Used to frequent there before i decided to go back to black for awhile.

choosing the highlighted color that i wanted. If i could i would put rainbows all over my head. hahaha

very unglam

and very bored because bleaching takes so much longer, and regina had her hair done already, and since i was late too..

w my cam!

how my bleached hair looked

hehehe pretty hot pink streaks

maroon reddish brown hair for the base for me because I dyed my hair black before that. Never ever do that  (DYE BLACK) because it would make other dyes much harder to get into. So perhaps when i redye my hair the next time then it would be more possible for me to choose a lighter base color. For now, i'm only allowed to get stuck w a dark red maroon color and hot pink streaks since i bleached!

We were supposedly going to this nice buffet restaurant to eat our clique reunion dinner before the school term starts but because of me and my hair which ended late. We just decided to eat a simple meal at bugis+

cool f&B directory!

we voted for what we wanted LOL

damn lame eat here in the end cause weishan picky HAHA. But since I didnt try before this version of crystal jade before I guess I was fine with it. hahaha but i think i prefer crystal jade's la mian XLB outlet.

Crystal Jade HK Cafe IN


let take a closer look at my hair. hahaha 


spot the two bfs who spoilt my GNO gossiping session

w tricia :)) finally felt like i havent seen her in ages.

w wenmin. okay she looks kind of unglam hahaa

tricia: "Wow ur hair looks nice here but u look like you are digging your nose" LOL

starters for some of us eating the set meals. Whats up with the biscuits coated with honey malt ._. and the soup looks so spicy but its actually just minestrone

they have quite cool and refreshing drinks at the cafe. mine was honey grassjelly w logans!

regina's desert.

mine and wenmin's passionfruit smth? (quite gasey but nice)

gary's maggi mee, realized hk restaurants always have maggi mee in their menu but would taste good still la hahah

wenmin's nice tomato based baked rice pork chop

tessa's one in seafood

our seafood platter

what i ordered! quite nice! pan-grilled fried fish fillet w pasta~

no teamwork CBOAH clique picture

tessa, me, weishan, tricia, regina, wenmin!

w shannie ^^

regina and trishy~~~~

and tessa~

my ootd. wore a maxi like space dress cause i wanted to match my crazy hair color!

went to the usual gelateria to get some icecream.

xoxo eugeniania.

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