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Korea Trip (Part V); Seoul- {Day 11: Nami Island x Apgujeong - Chrome Hearts} & {Day 12: Namdemun x Yoogane x Beans Bin} & {Day 13: Homebound}

Lol finally at the last post of my long & super tedious korea travelogue. LOL *inserts tears of joy* now cause I took about half a year to upload it. Now I'm lagging at updating this space w my mundane life in sg lol. Maybe cause I'm also busy with school (bad multi-tasker), left with only one paper (there was three others & I rly hope I don't flunk anything) before my holidays & japan + bkk trip this may & june hehe. 

Without further ado, part five of my vaca last winter~
To recap your memories:

Day 11
(Gapyeong > Nami Island > (lunch) > Apgujeong > (Dinner) > Mr Churros)

On the last third day of our time spent in Korea, we decided to pay a mandatory visit to Namiseom Island, also known as Nami-Island, a exceptionally beautiful and famous place for tourists especially if you watched/heard of this k-drama called 'winter sonata'

Getting there:
There are different ways to get to Nami Island from seoul, mainly shuttle buses, buses etc, but we took the train to Gapyeong Station (Gyeongchun Line)
Then we took a taxi to Namiseom parking lot (takes approx 10-15 min drive)

Another alternative is that you can alight at Cheongpyeong Station (Gyeongchun Line), exit 2
& Look for the terminal for 'Gapyeong Tourist Shuttle Bus'
Like in the brochure below (click to enlarge) its actually a hop on bus you pay 5000 won you can ride to the 10 destinations among its route.

Wanted to go to Petite France - another pretty familiar famous french town tourist attraction - one of the ten destinations the shuttle bus route above have to offer (have to pay for the admission and read somewhere that it closes at 6 pm, last admission 5 pm which was why we gave up on this attraction) yeah but just suggesting cause it is one of the new hit k-drama's filming location 'The one who came from the stars' & the town is rly colorful so ya I like those kinda shit you know

Anyway, upon reaching Nami-island parking lot, lol

gimbap for bfast for hungry me in the subway heheh

me & tessa wanted to Zip-wire 38,000 won per person (one of the ways to get to nami other than the boring ferry ride..) but apparently the wind was too strong that fateful day?! so we couldn't 

So we took a round trip ferry fare around 10,000 won admission fee per adult into nami island through the ferry BORING...

alright i shall let the pictures speak, nami island is really beautiful so just quickly scroll down this whole portion if too much artsy shots of us disgusts you


wild ostrich hehe

trying to take a selfie with it #failed

lol later peck my brains out

lol one the best areas our photographs were taken at ever featuring. the leaves HHAHAHAAHA

I can conclude that either I am a better photographer or tessa is just a better natural at being photographed compared to me.

now you get what I meant

hahahah retried so many times to get the best shots aka no leaves blocking face all.

n this has no leaves at all

and spotted many many wild squirrels and even got up close to afew of them after sneaking around them for a pretty long time hahaha


first time touching a squirrel ^^~

never get enough of touching em

tessa & eugenia sitting on a tree

& I'm still a monkey

Some ice-cream red bean waffle in the cold

took the ferry back and settled for lunch at some restaurant (idk the name) nearby for some legit korean jajangmyeon :)

first authentic traditional jajangmyeon served in two big bowls of noodles which me and tessa enjoyed hehe, recently found one in SG similar to this standard which I shall talk about in other posts heh

and more waffles otw back to humanisation 

so thin but fluffy!

Took the train to Apgujeong area, sort of like the upper east side of seoul, similar to gangnam. People usually go to Apgujeong Rodeo Street which is very fashionable. That area carries alot of big brands and has all the majorhuge flagship outlets of foreign brands for example givenchy etc. So I think if you wanna visit this area you should dress up abit more, cause koreans' service can get kinda cocky and shit

Taking selfies and laughing like a mad bitch with my 2pm standees to send to my friends HAHAHAHA at Apgujeong Station

To be honest, I only went to that area to get my chrome hearts shits hahaha *.* two outlets in seoul, the one at Apgujeong is the main one, I went to the one opened at one of Shinsegae departmental store (the main in seoul) it was super tiny like just one counter. lol don't have as much threatening vibes as compared to this

Chrome Hearts
Cheongdam (Apgujeong)
82-6 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnamgu 
Seoul Korea

1st Floor, Shinsegae Dept. Main Store
63, Sogong-ro, Jung-ju
Seoul Korea

Its can get quite complicated to walk there but just follow these steps. The shops mentioned below will be quite easy to notice cause they are like huge buildings with just that specific brand.

1. take the subway to Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Bundang Line, Exit 3
2. aft you get out of the exit, face straight & walk straight and you will pass by MCM then Givenchy on your right
3. turn right once you see Givenchy & 10 Corso Como will be on your left. Keep walking straight.
4. turn left when you see Zadig & Voltaire. Walk straight for abt a min & Chrome Hearts will be on your right

so shiggg

even the toilets are chromed

lol tourists like to take pic with this sign so I also take LOL

mi loves

Went back to hongdae (the area we staying at) nearby for dinner and tessa wanted pasta so we had pasta here. Quite a disappointing meal so I won't bother typing the address out

selfie befo my sucky carbs

salmon pasta and some spicy carbornara thing I ordered hahaha

But ended off with super good churros BEST I EVER HAD, at Mr. Churro heh heh they should be have alot of these outlets in Seoul. But it was a pity I only tried this on the 2nd last night of my trip?! :( 

But yeah, another thing you can do in seoul which I would have done if I wasn't so full at majority of my trip is to go churros-cafe-hopping. hahaha alot of brands for churros smth WHICH I RLY LOVE ever since young & I had my first churros while skiing in korea.

fucking perfect combi of churros and icecream. Omfg I need to find nicer places for churros in sg now lol

so happy HAHA

Day 12
(Namdemun Wholesale Acessories > Yoogane (lunch) > Beans Bin > BHC Chicken (dinner) )

Woke up early since its the last day & this is how hongdae looks like in the mornz

Made our way to Namdemun area again cos tessa was like telling me about their accessories market where the main outlet of shinsegae was located near at btw

Namdaemun Market
Hoehyeon Station (Line 4), Exit 5
Hours: 11am-3am, closed on Sundays

lol looks so different in the morning since the last time we were here was night and we just had dinner in one of the roadside tent stalls rmb, the pojangmachas!!

yeah whole street is lined up with wholesale shit and they are like many many rdm buildings, showing you some below, which are actually great to go to if you are an aspiring blogshop owner for accessories. (just gave out a cheatcode) Like floors of accessories shops but with grumpy korean ladies if you are not going to buy much, like confirm need buy alot kind IMO 

left there soon and went back to Myeongdong again cause areas are nearby and I rly love myeongdong the cosmetic heaven lol. Everyday like a friend whatsapp you to get some more makeup/skincare shit for them then off you go LOL

tried Yoogane in Singapore before, so going to eat the legit one in Seoul since tessa loved the rdm similar one we had in Jeju

lol i really love their cheese tteokbokki which I don't think they serve in Singapore? But the standard is around the same I think. Nothing can go wrong with frying shit with korean mariation and chickens 

less chili for tessa but all is mineeeee 

udon for udon lover LOL

some caramelized sweet i bought from an old korean granny on the street

had dalchi for like the 3rd time or smth lol rly nice (refer to prev post)

Lol I think I dedicated my last few days in trying to strike out most of the things in my list (or food LOL) I wanna try in seoul hahahaha 

so we went back to hongdae and had Beansbin Coffee !!!!

cafe chain you can spot at almost every seoul area. Popular for their waffles!!

Hongdae branch

We chose the strawberry waffle cause it looks the prettiest! But I think their mixed fruit one should taste better cause it has more variety. Had high expectations for this so it didn''t turn out as bombastically nice as I have expected. Maybe cause waffles still go best with icecream helloooo

hahaha but its worth trying I guezz this fantastic looking pile of whipped cream and fruits and sugar on top of da wafflesz~

so lazy to apply makeup on my face most days, or even wear my contact lenses. So just eyeliner and brows. Horrible complexion 

Photo of Subing, Korean dessert cafe. Which I tried it in my previous post~

Another thing to do while in korea is to chill somewhere and have chicken + beer tgt!!! Randomly went into a branch cos we were freezing (they have countless brands for this concept of chicken + beer)

BHC Chicken, endorsed by this familiar faced actress. all these chains they have deliveries as such to your place too btw as koreans pride in efficiency so they will deliver in a BLINK not like in SG need wait like up to 1 hour hahaha

Cass and Hite are popular korean beer brands you should try in korea. I kinda liked cass light so we kept having the same beer heh. 

lol i rly enjoy eating chicken everytime i drink beer, even in sg LOL just had a chill drinking sess (with soju tho) at some korean shop at tanjiong pagar area with my chicken and korean side dishes and hite beer last saturday if you followed me on instagram @Pinkyniakoh hahaha



Day 13
(Last meal in Seoul - Udon (lunch) > Incheon Airport > SG)

wokeup to these and fresh strawberries in da apartmenttt

nua-ing in bed as usual. lol my guide to korea guide like getting more and more informal HAHAHAHAHAA

had an awesome last meal (I MEAN LUNCH) in the streets of hongdae. This row of food shops opposite the hongdae new balance flagship stall!

Marugame Udon 丸亀製麺
Seoul Mapo-gu Donggyo 163-7

Concept like the udon place I recommended in Singapore's liang court. 

1. Choose your udon type
2. Pick up tempura & onigiri
3. pay at counter
4. get condiments

tessa's beef udon yum

some chicken karaage rice bowl which was so good as well

yummy tempura!!

curry udon

cold udon

more chicken kaarage cos it was too good, everything was good actually.

and my mentaiko udon with runny egg DA BOMB 
if you are ever in hongdae, you have to visit this udon shop!

finally got my strawberry cute hello kitty icecream which I have been eyeing out for days

cos of this poster hahaha

and yuppppp went back to the apartment and our ride arrived to the airport :(

was so smiley

then ended up sleeping and drooling on tessa, and this was her revenge picture LOL

got my mcm bag (cheapest to buy in korea IMO) + raybans while roaming the airport 

now tessa's sleeping

and finally THE END HAHAHAHA bye will be back soon rly no mood to talk about korea anymore but I will definitely go back to the country hehe. 

COS THERE R SO MANY THINGS UNCOMPLETED ON MY LIST YET. like visit bau house (korean cafe with dogs and pups) visit the jjimjilbang (korean spa saunas where you wrap your towel like two buns on ur head and eat eggs those kinda scene you see in korean dramas) etcetcetc me and tessa was just too lazy to bathe and strip at the spas there when we were in seoul hahahahaha 

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