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Two Chefs + Pince & Pints + Cake Spade + Fresh Fruits Lab + Never-ending list of supper places

I'm soooo lazy to blog but since I will be gging to Japan in 5 days for around 2 weeks, and my blog has been pretty bombarded by just travelogues & dead, I shall just update what I have been up to in Singapore. Even though my life's not that interesting either hahaha.

First semester of the school term is FINALLY over & RMIT isn't as chill and easy as I thought it would be lol. But say hi to my two months worth of holidays till July. 

Have been hanging out ALOT with this two dudes Sean & Deon, you see mostly on my insta @pinkyniakoh, especially on my private instagram which I really update the most silliest and rdmest things there that HAS to be privated @nianiakoh

But yeah always in the same lectures as them and sort of introduced deon & sean on our second lecture and then we became like a clique in school lol I'm like a guy to them too and ask them to help me take my OOTD hahahaha #notshy #thickskin

One day after school met up with some of my clique too and finally tried this tze char place I wanted to try in the longest time!

"eh take cooler one leh" -guys hahaha

shan and min

Two Chefs Eating Place
116 Commonwealth Crescent

they have another outlet at sin ming avenue too

candid when the bros was fidgeting with my camera

longest cpl eva louis & wenmin~

group shot w shan & deon~

Drunken Cockles ($7)
one of their specialty and its good!!! Its like a cold dished appetiser & like how the garlic and vinegar matches the cockles!

Seafood Fried Rice ($4.50/$8/$12)
their fried rice was awesome! one of the best dishes there even though its a simple common dish hahaha

Butter Ribs ($16)
abit overrated in my opinion even though its their signature! I think I rather have the one at far east's top floor I always talk abt!

Honey Fried Chicken ($12)
this was good though! better than the ribs hahah wenmin loves it! this plate of goodness vanquished faster than the ribs on the table heh

Vegetable w/egg, salted egg & century egg ($8/$10/$14)
quite a cool combi but abit too soupy its like a soup? LOL

Golden Mushroom Beancurd ($8/$10/$12)

overall quite affordable and I guess I would come back here again actually! bill was around 80 only? 

another day in school~

selfie w my new prettz schoolmate daphne! :)

cab all dayz recently, waste my money only hahaha. But on the way to tanjiong pagar to meet up my girls for Gracelyn's belated birthday treat! :)

Pince & Pints
32 Duxton Road
Singapore 089497

Opening Hours: 
5pm – 11pm (Mon-Fri), 12pm -11pm (Sat), Closed Sun
6225 7558

Quite newly opened and crazed since its of similar concept to london's famous burger and lobster.

Very popular so no reservation was allowed when it just opened, not sure if it still works that way now, cause honestly we didn't reserve & got quite a lousy seating at the bar area. 
Lucky we were all girls and not a couple on a date, imagine how annoying that would be.

photo with one of my most matured gfs and da bdae girl heh Gracelyn :D

Pince & Pints’ main offerings are just three items each priced at S$58++

Chili Lobster with Mantou

Grilled or Steamed Live Lobster
I rmb both the live lobster and the roll comes with different sauces to go with, like one buttery & one salted or smth hahaha

The Lobster Roll
anw I feel that dining here at least once despite of the 'steep' prices some people might think is really worth it as the lobster meat they put into each dish is really fresh and of generous portionsss

retarded LOL

kinda like my choice of having this whole bowl of chili lobsters to myself HAHA

hope grace enjoyed da meal & treat from us too :*

since we were in the area & craving for some desserts, dragged them to the cake spade outlet to try out their tofu cheesecake I heard so well of!

Cake Spade
1 Tras Link
#01-06, Orchid Hotel
Singapore 078867
6444 3868

strawberry tofu cheesecake yumz

and this quite cool red velvet cheesecake with oreo which is quite nice too even though I think I can gulp the former one up all by myself as its a lighter tasting cake choice.

this time gracelyn treat us back for desserts hehe :D

me, jiaying & grace~

kinda like their tea infused water with very chio glass bottles they sold at cake spade too hahaha doesn't make me feel as sinful drinking it as compared to soft drinks hahaha.

A date day with my twin at one of a newer and nicer cafes opened in the east! With free wifi too, their cafe theme is quite cool, with all the laboratory beakers and jars, I think they serve beer @ happy hour. 'Fruits' themed with sliced fruits in some of their salads and infused in their foods too!

351 Changi Road 
(Nearest MRT: Kembangan)
6677 6741
Closed on Mon

complimentary fruit juices in test tubes hahaha

finally a twin date w mai twinnn

forget which one of the juice was this, but found it very normal, maybe too fresh for me hahaha. rather have tried their fruit infused soda water!!

food and soup was good though~

Mushroom soup ($10)
rich creamy mushroom puree with a sprinkle of truffle oil, served with croutons

Fish N' Chips ($19)
beer battered pacific dory with shoe-string fries and homemade tartare

Spicy Aglio Olio ($18/$19)
choice of chicken or prawn, with bacon and Korean chili flakes 

great for aglio olio lovers like zy~

selfie w my twinnie muacks

recently getting lazier to elaborate so the rest of the posts are just rdm pictorial events that I was up to these months okay!

outfit when I went to see a dentist to get my wisdom tooth checked SIGH, need to remove it after japan and I'll have a super swollen cheek for 5 days :(

sun with moon once again but standard seemed to have dropped way lots since the last time I was there :(!

Supper lifestyle all day @

Heng Long Teochew Porridge
1006 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534744
Operating hours: 6pm to 4am

apparently this is one of the most popular places for supper for teochew porridge

N2 with Colin, shaun & deon etcetc

daphne, me, shan, sean and lester

cool champagne tower thingy

with da girlszxc

me and daphne hiak

prawning at ecp with tess (whom just placed braces NERD kidding hahaha) and wenmin 

supper all day at mr teh tarik LOVE THIS KIND OF FATTENING SWEET DRINKS LOL

spot ischelle behind my tissue prata

the twin's 21st very very chio villa in sentosa called 
The Singapore Resort & Spa Sentosa

so preddz

toook countless of group shots, uploading some. 

happy 21st twins eunice and constance ^^

group shot w the very very first clubbing clique hahaha vail, qimei, eunice, conz and meee

photos w the dslr hahah

stressed me aft my first paper. LOL drinking a not as nice as I thought panna cotta smoothie from bucks

Ming Fa Fishball Noodles
246B Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574370
Opening Hours: Daily 24 hours

going to school looking like a freak wo makeup everydayyy

and of course my wet hair LOL cos im forever too lazy to dry it

soju night at one of the korean food pubs at tanjiong pajar. Lovee the ambience! and h2h drinking and chilling sessions w mai friends heh

63 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088484

supper again w super nice salted sotong fried at some katong eatery

Went to JB and had my one piece nails done before my japan trip hehehe

best curry fish head eva in JB

and fav malaysian brand bbt

mom's homemade awesome kimchi soup vermicelli with black pork

and an addiction to milo dinosaur these days hahaha

supper at sweechoon

zouk zouk zouk!!


at the new east point mall w the twin

hitching a ride w JJ

Food at upper Thomson again aft marketing proj, forget what was this tzechar stall called but the food is all so awesome!

stupid brothers

annoyed face when they don't contribute to our project lOL

curry rice round 2 at havelock road fo supper again YUM

zouk AGN


burn books till next sem

xoxo eugeniania

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