Monday, June 1, 2015

+39 Gelato

Hey guys! Finally in the mood to do some short updates in this dead space here before it officially gets super stagnant (opps). Had been pretty lethargic to blog since I got back from Tokyo but I guess I'll just briefly blog about what I was up to last Saturday when I finally met my twin! haha suppsed to meet her before I flew but we didn't so it has been damnnn long since I last saw her sob.

Anyways, we stumbled onto one of the better gelatos shops I've tasted in SG!
+39 Gelato Bar 
No.29 Circular Road S(049385)
Opening Hours: 11am-11pm Mon-Sat

In fact, due to the kind chef whom interacted with us during our experience at the Gelato bar, I learnt that actually gelatos & ice-creams are two different things. I absolutely LOVE ice-creams and personally needs a super high-intake of ice-creams daily, so when I tasted the gelato there, I can taste the difference of the much richer and tastier gelatos I had there compared to the usual ice-cream and waffle places.

selfies with my twin~

And apparently in +39 Gelato Bar, their gelatos served is made from the IdeaTre machine from Carpigiani which produces super savory & smooth textured gelatos. They also offer a wide range of flavors daily, ranging from kaya, goat cheese, even mashed potato and salmon flavors all sorts of combination that you can never expect! 

hahaha look at the frames in the picture below, its a pity avocado wasn't available that day cause I would have totally tried it :p

Lovely interiors of the gelato bar, me likey!

Awarded the first Gelato-Boutique concept in asia pacific! 

We tried their coconut, hazelnut and pistachio flavors! Super good, I think you need not fly all the way to bkk weekend markets for coconut ice-creams anymore, this will do. Plus now I've converted from ice-cream < to gelato lover heh. Anyway, I liked all the flavors so I rly can't choose which one is my favorite! 

We also had their waffles mini-ly served in two cube slices so it won't be like too much for the tummy to handle, plus I always feel sad when I finished up all my ice-cream before my waffles so this was good, plus the waffles tasted so buttery and crispy IMO :)

Last but not least, we had this sobert made from the alcohol "Aperol" served with champagne. Super good for an alcoholic like me, even ice-cream also need to have it served with liqour HAHA kidding, but its rly good and the chef is able to customize alcohol cocktails well according to your preferences yeah!  

Prolly the only place i'll have my ice-dessert alcoholic at cause its tasty!

Anyway just for your info, if you guys download the Grabz app on your iphone/andriod you can enjoy promotions at the restaurants choices they offer & in this case at +39 Gelato Bar, such as 10% off the total bill. Buy 2 get 1 scoop free etc! 

So do check out their facebook page I've linked above and download their app to your phone now! 
Alternatively @grabzsg on instagram for more info :)

ugh craving for this RN!

took many ootds that day cause I was super in love with the top & skirt I was wearing which I got from tokyo heh

caught pitch perfect 2 with da twin @ bugis afterwards, worth catching!

metup with wenmin afterwards and I finally had macs after eating jap food for 10 days so the mcspicy tasted super good LOL. And I didn't know the raffles place mac outlet could customize their burgers too *.*

more cocktails

n then ended the night at zouk with the guys & regina hehe, didn't take much photos but yeah thats all for this post :) xx

will be back soon I HOPE LOL

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