Saturday, June 13, 2015

Shan's 21st + Gyoza-ya + Chir Chir Chicken + Hospitalised + Nana Thai

WHATSUP GUYS, LOL. Here to revive the very dead space on my blog, still lazy to blog about my japan trip tho, heh but going to bkk (again, yes) next week so I shall do a little short update! Do check Zalora's Great Singapore Sale online tho great promotions! 

have been drinking way too much this month.. thus I am going to try to abstain from alcohol and nights like these alr, needa be less steady to my bros alr and practice more of self-discipline!! 

supper all dayz, always eating at golden mile's mookata shop aft our drinking sessions cause maybe meat and broth just taste super delicious after that hahahaha

Before flying to japan, local delicacies at bedok 85 shared between two pigs LOL

weishan's 21st held at NSRCC, was kinda into nude lipsticks for awhile hahaha

who heats their fried rice like that

kfc cause bbq food is simply not enough. Tried the new korean sweet x spicy marinated style chicken kfc recently introduced, its rly not bad!

annoying balloons which kept dropping I prolly pasted them back like 100 times

chefs that day

SIM classmates gathering

looks so yumz, ate too much chicken wings I think I'll die young too

hahahaha majiong jelly heart cake we got for the queen cause she hates all the other kinds of cakes LOL

her family shot, hahaha her mom has been so nice to me since I was 14? everyday after secondary school will just go to her house to eat all the delicious food her mom cooks *.*

happy 21st birthday my dearest koh sister from another mother! :)

the new gang called THE XLBS lol cos of me ahem* (my xlbs LOL you dont have to get it)


Rdm pics i found cause I guess my friends was playing with my dslr

super disgusting king's cup i got w marshmellows inside lol

family day~ barefaced

house area opened new coffee shop so we went there and surprisingly their food was good, just good enough to satisfy all my cravings after jap food for ten days.

attempt at exercising again

finally tried the famous roxy square banmian! I think they moved to marine parade hawker center!

simple dinner at bugis's MOF jap x lenas fusion food menu

dragon roll~~~

yummy honeydew snow ice :B

went to see a doc :( always going in and out of clinics these days sigh

homemade macaroni~

Flea day with my baes in town ^^ finally my WARdrobe seems less like a battlefield

I love regina & wenmin :D

Dined @ orchard ion's basement

260 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238855

food was okay not too bad, price was okay, service from a specific waiter wasn't okay at all!! but i'm not the complain kind so wdv just ranting here haha

Tokusei Tonkotsu Ramen ($6.80)
Regina's craving for ramen, its okay but just can't be compared to all the yummy ramen I had in tokyo SERIOUS.

Jya Jya Men ($6.50)
not bad too, something different!

Beef Fried Rice ($5.80)

We also tried their Pan Fried Gyoza w Mentaiko ($7.80) and Yaki Kani Gyoza (crab flavoured) ($7.80) 
Prefer the pork one with mentaiko!

earning from the flea hehe

outfit of the day!

with regina looking like maids in town with our luggages hahaha

Short meet up with the twin! & finally tried this korean chained fried chicken that just opened in Singapore! Another outlet at 313! Food was good but I felt that it was really overpriced hmm.. cause why would two girls eat fried chicken till the bill is like around 80 bucks hahaha

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory
799 Upper Changi Road
Bedok Point #02-05
Singapore 467351

Chir Cream Beer ($13.90 for half a pint)
ordered cos it looks cool but its like carlsberg plus cream yikes

Mac and Cheese ($9.90)

Coconut Milktail ($12.90)
SOOO good it deserves two pictures! Portion of this drink is kinda big so the price is okay! super duper nice coconut, milky, strawberry smoothie!

Nest Snow Chicken ($32.90)
Big portion and tender yummy tenders LOL love the cheesy-ness of this dish and its apparently their most like popular choice there.

outfit of the day!

Love croissants heh

lobster bisque that cost about the same price as my set meal. hahaha ordered a nice HOT vanilla latte there too. WHO DRINKS LATTES WITH STRAWS. ME.

getting super pale *.*

hospitalised lol. so immune to needles and injections by now.

very very touched by my two brothers who came to visit me. rest of my clique was overseas sigh felt super emo.

Imma vampire

so grateful. little actions shows so much to me. I will rly rmb and appreciate them for the rest of my life.

lying in bed all day and eating loads of hospital food lul

mom packed the famous prawn mee for me yay

tried the new starbucks coffee jelly frappe :D

rdm night at zouk with one of my lovers JIAYING hahhaha

supper aft that at nana thai golden mile. told ya i'm always there LOL

their basil pork was good! hahaha we ordered almost two of each dish. PIGS

some chicken which was good too

thai steamboaaaat


thats all for my very short update :D

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