Monday, November 19, 2012

Last party at Heli!

Spent my thursday after school slacking around. Had coffee bean, AGAIN hahaha really addicted to it now. Kinda sick of starbucks. now's coffeebean > starbucks for me. If you like milky stuff, have to try their pure vanilla. And see that cake beside the drink? Its damn awesome. White chocolate peach meringue, any cake with the word meringue is the best! Some french pastry recipe that my fav birthday cake i have to get from the patissier is also named meringue. hehe

hahaha got influenced by my friend to lie to everyone that i cut my hair short! HAHA felt really guilty about that because many believed me and said it was nice LOL

next day #nomakeup to school. TGIF. Everytime i dont apply makeup to school i swear i see almost everyone i know and i feel so unconfident! hahaha

and i got exposed. stupid stuff we do in class.

tryna take unglam pics of one another. Chat is spammed with all of them.


had some jco yogurt aft school.

Last Party at heli!!!

zhiyantay twin came my house first~ hehe

otw to clarkequay with regina and zhiyan. It was damn crowded and unsettled that day! :/ so i was quite annoyed :( sorry guys. 
But it was expected, since its already the last week of party before heli 'closes' so for once, heli extended until 5am! Glad i saw jaycelyn though! my pretty Ah senior. Last party really do attract those less of a party people.

finally settled down to have some drinks. Spammed photos!

alvin and me and the pretty clarkequay lights. hahaha lousy drinker.

me and humphrey :)

ugly photo of sam and meeee

Some of the girls. TLTBZ jorgine, yan, sheryl, zijun, gervina and CBC me, regina, weishan.

saw chelsea too!! hahaha pretty girl of Anglican High school photo. weishan, vivien, gilda, regina, me and chelsea.

me and red-faced audric! 

the only not so glam photo of me and claire!:(

some  near self shots! samuel hehee :)



Besties! weishan and regina :)

with dionna :)

asher :)

wenmin :) good gf award of the day, went zirca find her drunk bf cos heli was too full, hard to even get a cover.

with fairygodsister hehe :)

and vail!:) sigh! never take photo with EUNICE

adelynn ^^

another pic with alvin! :)

fav twin <3


hahah alr quite high alr. suppose take a photo of me and zhiyan touching their bellies/abs but ended up like this LOL

not prepared LOL

marc with the EAST SIDE TWIN CHICKS ;)



With handsomeKUN


yusuf :)

hahaha all our photos wenmin face always liddat one lOL anti flash.

hahaha spot the drunk ones. LOL zigui, claire, sam, zhiyan, marc, asher and me

with sheryl ^^

kinda like this photo~

hahah unglam

LOL all damn sweaty and my face is like HAHAHAH zigui, regina, shan, me, zhiyan and sam

fav photos of the night!!! hehehe weishan, me and zhiyan

like this also!!

me and two handsome boysss

awkward. LOL this is where the kissing started. PREPARE FOR A HORRIBLE FEAST FOR THE EYES.

LOL gay friends HAHA zigui and marc kissing asher.

vivien damn drunk kissing me lOL

gilda and i LOL


omg LOL i already uploaded the more not so obscene ones already..


omfg LOL no swag bros

passionate lOL

regina dionna me and alvin

zhiyan and wenmin hehe my two solo besties~


hahahah hate this pic i look like monkeyy.

basically they all felt that last fri was more fun maybe cause it was less crowded? but i personally am quite neutral la. I club to simply socialize, then this week i wasnt drunk(but i have no idea why i still had a bruise) and tookcare of people instead hehe so i feel quite happy about it ;) 
but really sweat like hell and many fight broke out and saw many people vomitting and lying all over the floor outside the club LOL! 

next day!! hangover. LOL. went out with studded headband and no makeup! drew brows and lipgloss only.

coffee bean AGAIN with shan TRICIA regina

tricia acting hardworking ..

sleepy shan


and cheeky me. my bald spot it TERRIBLEE


aft that watched agro which i slept like all the way =.= all of them said it was damn nice!! i think it should be worth watching. just that i was sleeping hahaha first time sleep throughout whole movie :o

went downtowneast on sunday to support ej and ky 3 On 3!

had popeyes yumyum

hehe cutie

3rd placeeeee kengyang, enjia and weixiang.

slacked at tampines after that with sam, ej, zhiyan and regina. TIME FOR MY DIET..


pasted a specs on my face to make us look more alike!
shall upload my cover on titanium soon, watch out for it! :p

signing off, PINKYNIAKOH xoxo. 

ask me some questions on formspring? its really deadddddddd..

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