Sunday, November 4, 2012


the betrayal, the hurt, the change, will be gone in time.
is all a matter of me harping on it or not..
but it is better to know the truth and feel the surreal pain about it than to life in a webfull of lies.
so thanks for the pain, thanks for the manipulation it would mould me to be a stronger being in time.
but sometimes it sucks when theres so much on your mind that you know but you are getting restricted,
so just two words to myself, fuck care.
living in this practical society, you use people, and others use you.

Updating my blog so frequently maybe cause i feel slightly down still, but gonna be very brave, no worries. Start thinking on the optimistic side of life, instead of the negative, im a real lucky girl even with flaws, especially because i have 5 best friends whom i know is just gonna be here for me no matter what happens. 5 people who love me so much, what more could i possibly ask for?

I really feel better when im around my besties. When im alone, i'll tend to overthink and then let my own thoughts kill me. Ytd regina came my house and we went to have supper at xin wang hong kong cafe. Hahaha ate until super full but still kept doing stupid things, so i laughed until i almost puked. But feel quite fun. hahaha and its the first freaking time regina actually does unglam faces for me to capture!\

didnt know this side of regina exist! hahaha, my whole clique got loads of my unglam but i rarely have theirs :< hheehee guess what was me and regina trying to mock. iphone emojis! :D

follow me on instagram @pinkyniakoh to see what are the emojis ^^

our ootd in the toilet while waiting for tricia to arrive, which was very horrible, esp for me cos i didnt wear contacts/ put makeup. hahaha im so lazy nowadays. 

another bitch i fucking love fucking long never her I FEEL SOOOOOOOO deprived. hahahaha. 
GOOD LUCK FOR UR AS AND WE CAN DO SO MANY F up stuff together <3 hahahah joking. recently keep using f word again x(

this is a collage i did ytd. top row was us 2 years ago before and after~ 
how much did we change?

haha aft that met junwei awhile and first time sat on his car and he drove us home ~

limited photos cos i just offed my phone, my iphone cant charge now, needa bring to starhub to repair. means all my contacts 6k plus photos music all gone! :(

xoxo eugeniania

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