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The Tiramisu Hero + Strangers' Reunion + Beach Road Scissor-cut Curry Rice + Soundcard

(VERY rare formal OOTD with my new formal chinos pants which I am digging currently -hahaha my auntie taste :( )

Hey guys, happy weekends! Its sunday, the day everyone dreads since tomorrow will be monday. Ugh I am feeling so lethargic right now. Feel like I have so many things to complete yet I am not doing anything much. Alright I should skip the long whiny introduction here since I have so many things to blog about this week since I have time to finally meet up with some of my besties and do some cafe hopping during the weekdays. 

& Not forgetting the rather fun TGIF w my darlings. Lol did so many embarrassing yet amusing things that night, I was telling twin ppl should do a reality TV on our partying routines. HAHA. & Someone should seriously considering inventing an invention that will help party people all get home without misplacing any of their things or being in one piece. Lol I wouldn't be surprised if I disappeared one day aft club cos I died.

Finally met up with ex bff wenmin (haha shes still one of my bff just that we dont meet up as much compared to last time *stares*) Accompanied her to cathay to do some errands and then we cabbed to one of the newest opened cafe by this blogger, peggy from

The Tiramisu Hero

121 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207548

11 am to 10 pm 
(Closed on Wednesdays)
near Farrer park & Lavender MRT

Tel: +65 62925271

basically this is a cafe which concept revolves around tiramisu cakes, you'll be able to order and make customization online. They are one of the most nicely decorated cafe in my opinion. I bet they spent loads on the decor. So the ambiance there was nice. Food is a little too pricey for the small portion served, so I guess people pay for the ambiance more than what they serve. Don't think i'll be revisiting the place anytime soon, but the place is worth a visit.

unique way of table number orders.

The mandatory shot with the cafe's mascot, Sir Antonio, the cat. Lol everyone would do these poses! Wenmin has to tip-toe hahaah!

I surrender// watcha' looking at

More decor photos than food. Food was okay. I searched the hashtag of the cafe before I visited, I always do this, so that you can see what are other customer's comments on the dishes there/ what are the more ordered dishes at the dining place.

Had their Truffle Egg Bacon Rolls. Wanted to order another dish, but it was out of stock. And the cashier was like this, left one set. (means it was pre-prepared they just had to heat it up?) The mushroom in this dish goes well with the scrambled egg infused with bacon rolls. Just that the scrambled egg did not taste as good as if it was prepared on the spot, I guess.

Saw reviews of their bangers (some sausages with mash poatatos) & mac & cheese. And they weren't that great. Thats why I went with this less mainstream dish. & The name sounds rather unique w truffles. *.*
After this the assistant little chef came out of the kitchen and we realized she was a friend of wenmin's and she made the mash potatoes and salmon so she claims its good so we should try it next time! (recommended)

 I guess this place is better at serving desserts. A must order; Mommahero (tiramisu in a jar size for one greedier person it claims. But I think its just nice for a person - the portion quite small-) I actually thought the tiramisu was quite decent not as bad or "too little alcoholic taste" as what others commented. You eat cake for the cake or for the alcohol. But then again, comments like those was made because the tiramisu is actually alright but not out-of-the-world-freaking-godlike-good till the cafe is named The TIRAMISU hero.

Was telling wenmin maybe they should change the name of the cafe to the Apple pie crumble hero instead. Their slice of Apple crumble cake topped with vanilla ice-cream tasted really good. Even for wenmin, whom usually doesnt like apple crumbles (she rather eat apple as apple, crumble as crumble) she liked it too. But this was 12.50 SGD which shows even more how pricey the place is compared to some other cafes. Okay, let me rephrase that, it wasn't that pricey just that the portions is too small for the label! I would feel happier paying if the portion is slightly bigger ;)
I bet they spent too much on their very pretty decors!

yum in a jar

We had original, but there are other options & flavors for their tiramisu, so this page of the menu is taken for you! their menu is actually very prettily printed with colored photographs of their selection of food.

First place where the decors were so nice, even until the toilet. hahaha damn cute. The toilet is labelled as "the litter box" and puffballs like these were hanged on the ceilings! All for the cat concept. ^^ too cute.

Sir Antonio's mustache on the mirror?

Waiting for the rain to stop and our ride gloomyyy

sat on this rocking chair outside the cafe 

tried taking photos with the name of the cafe (failed)

Since we were still waiting for the ride as it was still drizzling, we decided to walk to the famous (in the vicinity) 

Beach Road Scissor-Cut Curry Rice
229 Jalan Besar

opens till 3.30 am!
 Supper place next time maybe?

Specializes in hainanese curry mixed rice

diff soups to order on diff days of the week (in chinese)

Price of the mixed ingredients for one person's portion. The menu looks to me number 1- being the most recommended and ordered dish. cos their Pork Belly, Pork Chop (chicken chop), egg, cabbages are a must-order for me there. heh

This is damn good, but since I was busily snapping away, and wenmin ordered. she did not order in the separated plates of the rice from the ingredients for me to capture a nicer photo of the food T.T So our curry rice was stacked just like this. Mixed all together!

but overall it was still a nice day spent with her :*



Everyday is eyebag day; laughing whilst tryna take my ootd w my jeweled skirt. Love the tanjiong pagar, outram area as there are so many lovely cafes there~

Strangers' Reunion

33/35/37 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169354
Tel: +65 6222 4869

great place for brunch, WAFFLES, some of their mains, (I really wanted to try their dinner menu, but too bad we came in the afternoon) and coffee. The person who opened the cafe is one of Singapore's top baristas. Talk about latte art. And the buttermilk waffles served here is so raved and makes it to the top five places to serve god-like waffles along with places like Wimbly Lu *salivates*

pretty weishan candid~

and finally a twin 'date'!!!

Ordered Magic, their signature coffee there. Think ryan, the top barista wasn't in that day. But still, pretty latte art. Ordered for the sake of photography. Coffee like this is way too bitter for us. HAHA. I think I drank the most of it already. And not even half..

Their Iced Chocolate with icecream tasted much better..

usual unglam drink shot 

Raved about Lotus Roots Chips which comes with Pineapple Tomato Salsa & Spicy avioli sauces. Not too bad but not as good as I thought it will be. Like eating potato chips dipped in sauce.

their Truffle fries was so much better! Boy I do love the truffle fries here.
Its like as good as the raved about PS cafe Truffle Fries I had before. Both of the appetizers we ordered are quite huge in portion. and its in a standard size. Thus the price, so luckily we came in a three person group, but it would be better to have came in fours!

was trying to take better photos, but twin was like annoying me HAHAHA so the photos came out like these... LOL right hand side for my annoyed face.

Eggs on Toast one of the items on their brunch menu that could be customized. Either have your egg Scrambled like ours with tomato relish sauce/ Poached egg with holandaise sauce on Ciabatta/English muffin/Focaccia/Olive Bread (we had Olive Bread)
top up for more toppings, wanted their sauteed mushrooms, but we forgot to add on!!

Parma Ham Benedict liked this dish!! Bread goes really well with the poached eggs and the parma ham (which usually I dislike) tasted quite good. Tasty combination!!

Last but not least, their famous Buttermilk Waffles with vanilla icecream & fresh fruits. Some people have it with greek yogurt too!! I have too much waffles everywhere all the time, I cant rate them already. HAHAH but it is really good still.

trying to act atas like enjoying the coffee. But in real my face expression was like struggling. 

but still, coffee, tea, or me? HAHA

we got a secret 10 percent discount hiak hehe ;)

went NYP to support Roy's concert, soundcard, w the bros. Freaking long day of school from 8am to 5pm then the concert and then Zouk, lugging all my laptop and shit. Luckily I didn't misplace my laptop at zouk seriously......... but still got careless n lost my lipstick TSK.

with bennnn~ and twin!

ma fav twin~ great night with her vibrating HAHHAHA

add aaron and tricia while waiting for the rest.

group pic with the performer! heh (arms was so aching cos of the weight I had to carry the entire day!)
Jon, Jikun, Aaron, Roy, Ben, Tricia, Ritz, Twin and ME

dream and then zouk, some pictures taken with nicko ^^ cute girl and my only classmate whom parties like me much loves hehe. Great night :)

thats all for the week. Hope you enjoyed my post! I think I am falling sick again.... 
xoxo eugeniania 
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Instagramed a part of me singing Counting Stars by one republic. Cos I was so inspired after watching the concert. Sigh really miss performing sometimes......

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