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The Garden Slug + Creamier + NeNe Chicken + Dolce Tokyo

Hi guys, I know it has been really quick since my last update, but I just wanna get all my posts done with before moving on to my romantic staycation!! 

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Today I ranted about a rather weird incident that happened to me. My life is pretty dramatic (sadly) so its a pretty well-built mobile app available on both Iphone & android for me :D Try it today!

So, last wed or thurs I forgot :P After school, dear jon came and fetch me for some yummy food after school!! (I quite unlucky, first time sit his car, almost had an accident on TPE/PIE like when I was conversing with him. lol I think the other driver's side mirror dropped or smth :/) 

Oh well, anyways! Have been wanting to try the garden slug for the longest time!
Its situated in the east, would be more convenient if you have a ride there. And the place is perfect for brunch as well as the lazy weekends.

The Garden Slug
55 Lorong L Telok Kurau
#01-59-61 Bright Centre
Singapore 425500

Tel: +65 6346 0504

Mon & Tues: 6 pm - 10 pm
Wed & Thurs: 10 am - 10 pm
Fri to Sun: 9 am - 10 pm

Ordered Portobello Mushroom Grilled (for appetizer) 300g 10.50 SGD for (3 pieces, there are 400g, 500g too, 4 or 5 pieces price increases) This tasted not bad, but I guess the price wasnt that worth it for three pieces for mushrooms?! haha and I accidentally ate too much olives in the sauce which pricked my throat haha. In fact, I used the butter which comes in my all day breakfasts to spread it on my mushrooms before consuming them and it tasted more legit!

This was the most worth for the value of money. It tasted real good. Runny Salmon Scramble-Up 
I loved the smoked salmon atop of creamy scrambled eggs!! must order! Jon loved this and he is a salmon lover! 15.90 SGD

Not forgetting their All day BIG breakfast I ordered.
Which includes Sausages (two chicken one pork I suppose, loved the pork one!!), scrambled eggs, hashbrown, grilled tomatoes, mushroom, bacon 19.50 SGD nothing that unique, but all came good altogether. Jon and weishan liked the food there but the place is more homely compared to places like Wild Honey. Somehow it feels like you can whip all this dishes up at home yourself in my opinion.

(blogged about wild honey twice diff on both links, up and down)
But I am not saying food is lousy there, but stuff like Wild Honey's toast tastes better in comparison. (maybe cause prices are more steep there, so you can somehow the difference of quality of some ingredients they provide) But I kinda like the sausages here slighter better since they come in two flavors. 

And of course its acceptable for the more affordable prices you pay over here!

I would go back there and try their pastas again maybe since their portions are really big and filling for the prices you pay xx. Only downside of this place, was that we waited superrrrr long for our order I almost died of hunger :( and the nice waiter explained by saying cos there were many customers. But its not that much.. I personally think they are having a lack of chef, or maybe their chef is reallyyy old n slow even though the food is good.

After that from east, we went all the way to the red line area for some desserts. 
ICE CREAM AND WAFFLES. So, I have finally came to the second last stop of the 
Top 6 places you have to try for ice cream and waffles in SG in my list

and I think.. I found a winner!!

Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream & Coffee
Blk 128 Toa Payoh Lorong 1
Singapore 310128

Tel: +65 6250 1476

Closed on Mondays
Tues to Thurs: 12 pm - 9 pm
Sat: 10 am - 10 pm
Sun: 10 am - 9 pm 

I think this is my fav among all I have tried. The place serves really unique and nice tasting ice-creams with the choices of  
Signatures (standards)
Limited Edition!!
flavors. You can check all of them out on their website.
Really love most of the idea they have for the flavors there, tasty and super interesting flavors!

waiting cups. Please dont be like tricia & ritz, they went to refill the cups w water thinking that its for customer to drink from HAHAHA

That night, I tried 
Plain Ole Chocolate (weishan's fav)
Roasted Pistachio (heard its one of the best there and pistachio has always been one of my fav ice-cream flavors, but I think i prefer the one from Gelateria Italia)
Cookies & Cream (standard flavor but it is simple and good too.)
Sea Salt Gula Melaka (DAMN GOOD and their most recommended!!! Both plates of waffles ordered this so what do you guys think? Really love it! My fav for the night)
Thai Milk Tea ( rare flavor from ice-cream shops!^^)

Points of why I
would so totally head back there as I would really want to try all of their unique ice-cream flavors,
Generous serving they serve for the price you pay.
& lastly,
Not forgetting the texture of the goodness of the crispy waffles they served there that marks my decision of Creamier being my favorite and the best place for waffles in town!!

end off w a very unglam group shot of the night! but the guys looks good here. Except me, I look like a man.


As for my weekends, finally caught Thor in town with twin and zijun!! Had dinner settled at this fast food chain from korea, that I wanted to try for a pretty long time. Food was really good and hearty there, guess I finally found a place for one of my favorite fast food restaurants like Omakase Burger!

The chicken they serve there really taste almost on par with those in korea, since their marination is imported from there. You are supposed to savor it clean, to enjoy the full, real taste of korean chicken -sauces will not be provided! Anyways, you wouldn't need them also. Since the chicken by itself that you opted for the flavor is good enough already!

Craving for Nene chicken right now! (nene meaning Yes yes in korean)

NeNe Chicken
Scape, 2 Orchard Link
Singapore 237878

Look at all the different, delicious and vast variety of flavors they offer for their chicken!
Swicy (meaning sweet and spicy)
Freaking hot (I think most people cant take the spiciness for this)
Black Sesame
Green Onion
Snowing Cheese

sets they offer. We got it in 2 piece meals and tenders (both is good to me) and al la carte since we wanted to try more of the flavors :)

pay and wait for the order!

me w zijun while waiting for the food!

hahahaha! took this Screenshot from twin's blog. Cause I find it really hilarious, so dont make the mistake i made...

Anyways, the reviews of the flavors we tried!

Swicy - Most Raved flavor that caters and tops most peoples' tastebud. But surprisingly, me and twin didn't really like it. Found it a little too sweet. But it's the most recommended ..

Freaking Hot - One of my fav and something I would order again despite the skin around my mouth burning (parts of my body like my tongue can take it better though HAHA), but zijun took one mouth of it and couldn't eat it anymore, twin was slightly better, but I ate most of it. 

Cause I actually can eat super spicy things.. So a suggestion to people who are afraid that this will be too spicy, you can order their original and top up 1 dollar for their sauces so you can try their swicy marinated sauce or freaking hot sauce!

Snowing Cheese - Twin and zijun's fav and also one of my fav. Cheese flavored and it tasted really good. So i guess if i dine there again, I'll order this flavor topped up with the freaking hot sauce ^.^ Perfect!

Green Onion - Okay I kinda like this too HAHAH finished up most of the onions like in twin's blog =.= Cause I have an auntie taste bud.. But its really quite good in my opinion! 

Fries - One of the sides! It tastes like Mac's curly fries but thinner and straight! :) my kind of yumm!

Radish - Another side that comes with the meal. Me like this! Only I finished this though.. HAHA i think I am probably meant to stay in korea.. Since ytd i got complimented of looking korean too?! HAHA

fooling around..

super satisfied!

and its time for THOR

Loki is really cuteeeee. And remember to stay back for two different scenes after two times of credits! After this marvel movie alright. Most people only stay back for one.

Alright, shall end off this post with desserts after the movie! Dolce Tokyo is a cafe which serves japanese x italian cuisine of mains and desserts. We had only desserts for that day, but I would really go back to try their mains next time round!

Dolce Tokyo
313 Somerset 

Sun to Thurs: 11.30 am - 10.30 pm
Fri to Sat, PH: 11.30 am - 11 pm

the place is quite known-ed for serving their cakes in a cage. Such a unique concept, heard it before I went there, I heard that their Matcha and Yuzu cakes were really nice too. And the waitress suggested the red velvet cake too. But we choose Yuzu because it kind of seems like the most interesting flavor amongst all three, and the twin doesn't really like matcha. >:

Ordered Iced Matcha Latte which was super good and refreshing. Even twin liked it! Esp for its matcha flavor.

Our Homemade Yuzu Cake. This was damn good. Appealed to us all. With the lovely sugary crust and fluffy sponge. The sweetness of honey in it did not steal the zesty flavors of the citron fruit in it! 

Recommended but disappointing Matcha Panna Cotta. Does not taste as good as it looks. The red bean on it was quite cute though hahaha.

Mandatory shots with the cute bird cage hahaha!

w zijun~

cutie us before me and twin quarreled HAHAHA

so thats about it for my very busy (with food) last week post. And I cant wait for my staycation! thats why I am rushing this. Any enquiries. Hit me up on my ask fm ^^
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the quailty of photos in this post is slightly more suck since I took w mostly my iphone 5 (cause my camera was sent for repair) and afew from zhiyan's cammie!

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