Friday, July 20, 2012

Post before weekends!

hello, i think i have been a real hardworking blogger ^^ So.. its friday night, i think my clubbing activities has stopped! :/ sigh HAHA! too much projects :( for everybody. poly life isnt that simple okay. So i think i have been rather optimistic, just that ytd i was a little overthinking. Cos i felt very lonely like SUDDENLY. 

Sometimes i wish i had a boyfriend whom i love alot.(K dont comment on my formspring say i despo again ok those people who hate me) Idk, I think its hard for me to fall in love laaaaa. All the guys ends up being my bros HAHA. i think i not good enough also. aiya nvm, im still young. I think... real glad with all my friends now. i think I am real lucky to be blessed with so many nice and good friends!

random shot of my pandora bracelet that i wear almost 24/7 ! cos its silver, so i can bathe with it. haha i rarely wear my other collection of bracelets alr. shall start wearing them soon :/ maybe next time i'll do a vlog with all my accessories! i have a assload full of them :p < post when i first got my pandora bracelet. Since then i only added one study charm my aunt gave me cos she wants me to 'study' harder >:
i wanna quickly complete collecting it!!

#nomakeup #nocontacts #unglam #specs

fav #japsweets remember when i was young. i was damn happy that singapore started importing them. super nice i love milk ^^ mooooo. i like the original flavor the best la!

having durian cravings all the time. durians are superrr fattening and its not supposed to be included in my 'diet', but then again, my 'diet' aint workin' man! #pure 100% durian puffs! hehe caloriessssss

trying to like errr post with my bracelet but errr fail im not any model......

some yummy eggy puffs from delifrancee. i wanna eat there soon!!! eat tuna crossiant or smth..
HAHA ok sorry :( i think my blog can be food blog alr :0!!

retarded la. mask shots~

hmm guess what i was doing... LOL favorite pasttime everyday!

was slacking with wenmin on wednesday hehe took this shot from her phone when my hair was really black straighter and longer :/ should i dye my hair jet black again? then again i miss my red hot chilli pepper hair. 
girls and their firstworldpains..

currently! starting to like my shorter hair hahaha. taken at fc 5. think it was my good face day or smth cos a group of guys at fc5 keep waving at me. quite funny la.. ok maybe they think i ugly also want joke me HAHA

sniff wenmin louis and his friends yongxiang, chingyuan, terenjit. waited for me like almost three hours until late at night in school for me to go to the semifinals of the voice competition.. :/
sometimes i am a real burden to my friends. Hais was saying why god gave me a gift but didnt made it the best.
i may love singing. but there are so soso much more people better than me.. maybe cause i dint treasure my voice that well. :( time for me to face reality!! sigh..... have so many things to work on, even if i did, i still wont be that great either.

we all wanted to eat ba ku teh but ate frog porridge at geylang instead, cos too late. bkt also close alr >.<
thanks alot for waiting for me really cant express how all this meansss from friends to me.
very niceee

haha immm stupid :( LOL haha this week i like ran lesser than last week :/

fun thursday in school, during breaks with classmates playing this IQ game. i keep winning la. cant help it.. too smart.
HAHA lucky i dint lose man or zavier and enjia sure ask me to do embarassing things one.. cos losers have to do forfeit! since my classmates dint know asher, zav n ej go ask them go and say asher you dammm handsome HAHA zav recorded a video! still got other forfeits!~

tried poppy's chicken aft school, quite niceeee i love cheeeseee LOL!

hehe i love my earrings la.. and kinda liked my sweater hehe HOT THO. but damn paiseh cos i walk then one side of my earrings dropped so i had to go back and pick it up! hahaha i wish my face was less chubby! :)

mom's sandwich super nice

and today! went to eat at this quite famous place with my mom and her friend. queue damn long leh! but worth it, queued for almost 30 mins, like longer than laoban! since they had to cook it before serving. and one bowl was around 5 bucks. so quite exp for noodles at a coffee shop but the serving was big and the ingredients were good and soup was not bad really !

namecard for yall ^^
map ^^

xoxo eugeniania, hope this post aint that boring!
what am i going to do tmr? 
I think i going chantel's house with wenmin to swim and gym karaoke etc ^^ and i shall do my proj there! :) shall be a more hardworking weekend. Or should i go cruise :/ LOL! gamble.., no cannot!

 friends of mine when see this pls ask me if i want watch heehee dont watch with ur couple or what lehh hahahaha 
heard its even better than avengers leh omg! and i dint get to watch spiderman SO I REALLY GOING TO WATCH BATMAN OK

lastly, ask me some qns on my formspring? imm bored~~~~ 

Joke of the week. Some weirdo added me and guess what was his cover page -.- edited away nicos face LOL!!! made us on 9gag. The foreveralone catergory -.-

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