Sunday, July 1, 2012

First date.

went to Ma maison, jap restaurant,  for dinner, with suwei before heading to clarke quay!

went to helipad with the usuals, first time clubbing without regina (cause we are like FOREVER clubbing tgt kind, i never clubbed without her before) and first time clubbing with eunice, very clickable sister! ^^ hehe

 this is adelyn zavier's bff hehe cute and nice girl!

 taken with eunice's iphone LOL hahahaha zav face not prepared HAHAHA

proper shot with my iphone LOL

it was quite a chill night, i knew there was no regina or shan or trish or tess to takecare of me, i drank alot but never KO hahaha i predict theres going to be alot of unglams of me in the helipad album coming up. needa camp at fb to untag LOL

curry fish head hehe photos taken when instagram was down on saturday! :( went to have lunch with my cousin and mom :D

 then met trish and regina at town :) i look quite shag cos i dint have enough sleep and the night before i slept  without bathing / washing my face LOL not good for my complexion :(

 my hair damn frizzy gahhh

 HAHAHAH unglam trish so i put stars on her face

heh long time no see. trish so swag.

xoxo eugeniania. boring post! maybe going cycling later with the babes. CIAO FOR NOW

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