Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nico's @ Shake!

hi guys, not really in a mood to like blog or upload pictures today actually since ytd night ended up in a really bad situation with many fights and conflicts... But i shall do that because it my 'duty' i guess. So Imma blog about Nico's birthday at shake ytd ! front few shots were by my handphone and  then the last half is by my camera.

Ytd was already not a good day to begin with, crying alot in the afternoon, so you can actually tell in all the photos that my eyebags are damn bad. My double eyelids were damn swollen, so my left eye is bigger than the other.

 outfit of the night, haha i should wear jacket to clubs more often. i think i look damn cool hahahaha

 puffy eyelids
 with regina
 with weishan, emphasizing on my puffy eyes

 girls shot who arrived earlier CBOAH and felicia!

 with zhiyantay <3

 weishan wenmin

 natalie ^^ very long never club with her alr. like a year!


 reginaaaaaaa ^^

 awkward uploading this cos currently me shan and her not really in talking terms

 shan and regina

 regina looks kinda sezy here hahah and imma puffer fish with wenmin


 all the pretty girl shot ^^
 hahaha all kind of high here alr me and regina

 half of zhiyans head and a regina who keep kissing ppl and me

 davis and me

 zhiyan davis meeeee

 with yinkeat

 zhiyan me tess hahaha

 with carlsonn!
 nat, carlson me

 nat hahaha

 with the drunkard birthday boy ^^ nico!

 LOLgary usually doesnt smoke. LOL

 shan me wenmin OMG HAHAHAHAHA just noticed her face funny

 hmm before we quarrel ROFL

omg my camera emphasizes on my eyebag ALOT


 in the cab otw~ tess and felly

 with felicia :D

 hahaha my hair looks toot


 zhiyannnnnnn hehe why so blur

 me zhiyan trish lololol

 cropped this pic LOL all cant stand straight alr HAHA wobbly CBOAH

 wenminnn :D HAHAH her clubbing dance moves are epic LOL dont kill mee

 felicia zhiyantay meee

 me and felicia keheh

 louis bro , who chased me aft i got punched LOL hahahaha quite funny. he say now his ankle just recover now pain again.

i like to run away, run away from reality when i am drunk LOL

ytd louis: CB u can run quite fast sia
me: CB i everyday run 4km hor
HAHAHAHA i damn showoff sorry. sian my bag broke cos i ran too fast :( LOL

 tess~ ytd she like miaaaa

 with shan!

 ehehe <3

 cool pic leh :D

 with sachiko hehe :D


 zhiyan and nat hehe bff <3

 darrel and natalie hehe sweet!

 like this pic :D

 hmm i so tomboy leg open so big :(

 clubbing buddies last year hehehe


 another sweet cpl :D jeremy n felicia

 sweet cpl

 sweet couplsssssss NOOOO when am i gonna get one LOLOL

 birthday boy that girlfriend taller than him HAHA he was damn seh i think

 hehehe birthday boy with all the pretty girls so shiok ^^ LOL HE STAND LIKE KUNGFU MASTER LOL

 birthdayboy and jeremy bro!

pretty ladies of the night <3

logo pic hahahaha

the boys also got logo pic

nico and his secondary brothers

nico and the taxi stand clique!

giant bottle

shan regina me wenmin trish

me and jindaaa


birthday boy again with zhiyan n regina!


LOL regina and me both crazy

zhiyan hehe cute

davis me and SIGHHH LOL

me and nico hehe davis photobomb!


yinkeat and billy

ending off with zhiyan and me

and wobbly me and wenmin.

xoxo eugeniania. have a good day peeeeeeeps :>
ytd was damn embarrassing still :(

anw thanks to those who stood by me ytd i know who is my true friends. i really appreciate those whom talked to me etc :')) <3

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