Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello hello my blog is so boring now! Cos it's like school days! Have been late and skipping almost all morning lessons for the past few weeks since school started. COS I CAN'T WAKEUP AND MY HOUSE IS GODDAMN FAR. And finally got what I deserved. WARNING LETTERS! Needa buck up!!

Anw have been trying to run real constant now, sick of people always talking behind my back, judging on my looks, FATNESS etc. comparing me or critisizing me. Really hurts my feelings but rather than complaining I am real determined to lose abit of weight healthily by running to prove them wrong! So far my maximum running time without stopping is 4km! Be proud of me pls?

Character is what makes people around you stay but I rather give a good first impression too. But looking my best! One thing to note though, is that I really needa control my diet. Hahaha!! Super love ICECREAM, fast food, sweets and all those crap.

Just finished running on the other hand and was real bored so took alot of photos with my huge collection of frameless geek specs that I wouldn't really wear out now since GUYS thinks it very act cute. (uploaded below) I don't want to act cute. I don't need to. HAHA ;) bleh

Oh and ytd zavier and enjia my poly wingmen that I love in class, encouraged me to join this singing competition in Singapore poly under BiH I think. For dmit, SB, CASS students. Kind of reluctant at first because I'm sure i WON'T win or even get into the finals since I'm not that great at singing.

Aft I sign up and like 2 hours later, Recieved a call from this guy saying if I joined this NAFA thing for sports. HAHAHA i signed up under the wrong list! So we went back to resign up but the booth was already closed and it was the last day of registration alr!

... Badluckeugenia!!

But luckily I have nice friends all around SP and I even managed to find one of the organizers and added her on fb, something i rarely do, adding ppl first on fb, to sign up. I think I signed up like 5 times alr! Wish me luck? :/ I am NT THAT CONFIDENT LEH PEOPLE!! Haha.

Oh well currently I quarreled with Regina sorta cos of a lame video that scared my followers as I posted on twitter then she go scold me say WTF MIDNIGHT ALR LEH STILL SCARE US WITH THIS KIND OF THING .... Like WTF also not my fault :( my friend scared me too so I just wanna scare others ma! Plus I also never force a gun at ur head ask u watch.

As I'm using my phone to update, there would be a huge spam of photos below which is unorganized! Hehe hoped u guys enjoyed this post

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kinda regret cutting short hair alr harder to maintain! My hair like more PUFFY now thinking of doing the expensive treatment again :(

photos: CLIQUE PHOTO, me in middle parting, me with my whole collection of specs aft running without makeup and contacts. Basically it's just ALOT OF MY FACE HAHA #badass

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