Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cant wait!

short post since im such a dedicated blogger ^^
Slept for 5 hours just now, since ytd Movin and Zigui and REGINANA came my house to play overnight majiong etc, quite fun la cos keep laughing at funny things. :)

New mac horlick milkshake I SUPER LOVE THIS, go try this or their macflurry horlick icecream, awesome ^^

outfit of ytd, hehe skirt~

okay i just took this just now #nomakeup just wakeup and already eating icecream cos im a fatty hehe

ytd aft running my face dunno why damn radiant HAHA

halo ^^

lovelovelove icecreammmm omg my diets not working how?

feel like getting this ! :/

KK SHORT UPDATE. cant wait for later!!! shall bring my camera, hopefully will be sober enough to take alot of awesome photos with all my best friends hehehe excited ^^

xoxo eugeniania! 

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