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Mellben Seafood + Wild Honey + 49 Seats + Grin Affair (Outram Area) {Happy Mother's Day}

Hey guys! I am finally back with updates! :) Seems so long since i blogged but in fact, its only one week! 
Beware this post has loads of delicious food for me this fatty so you better have eaten your meals!

Last week was a hectic party week ._. Broke the record and its time for me to try and party less (proud of myself for staying home this wednesday and no TGIW despite me complaining on my twitter; haha okay i ought to stop being such an irritant there)  and time do more constructive things with my life, at least find some, Singapore is so boring. Anyways, partying wastes loads of my free time with the hangover next day & shits. And I have assignments to catch up. 

Stayed up late last night to complete part of this blog post, i overslept and skipped two morning classes. You can ask me whats new? :( Not much party photos last week. Since I have already uploaded most of them. Gone and conflicts and made my twin cry #guilty.


Redeeming myself and off for a pre- mother's day meal with my family on a sunday ;) Not hangover at all since I didn't even drink a single drop of liquor on saturday cause I learnt my lesson on Friday *sobs*

Headed down to a seafood restaurant which is famous for their Claypot Crab Bee Hoon! Wanted to head down to their Toa Payoh outlet (address below) as it was their main outlet, but it was closed (unfortunately I seem to have this unlucky streak for food places recently) so we went to the one at AMK!

Signatures on the crabshells of those celebs who came to eat at Mellben Seafood before


They have a wide selection of different flavors of crab but their Specialty is their claypot crab bee hoon soup!
How often would you find this dish at other seafood outlets?

Their most popular crabs sold here are definitely their butter crabs and their salted egg crab which I would try the next time round I return! Most tables can bee seen ordering the more popular choices like mine, the butter and the beehoon. 

despite being one of the more popular seafood outlets around Singapore, they are quite well-known for their bad service. The waitresses' service attitude were acceptable, but they wouldn't help to change the dirty plates even if our table got stacked with plates overflowing with crab shells. I had to self-service despite paying for the service charge.

blend ah-zhar and aiyu jelly

What we ordered. This broccoli dish with 5 pieces of abalone. SDG 60 dollars but feels that we can whip this up at home.

their XO kangkong was quite yummy though!

ordered their crab beehoon soup was quite tasty as I guessed the stock of the crab is boiled in the soup. And the butter crab was good! preferred it to the crab bee hoon because the meat of the crab in the butter dish was tastier, but for a first visit, its mandatory to get the crab beehoon!

Their serving of crab was huge, my parents, grandma and I could barely finish what we ordered.

I super love to dip fried mantous in those sauces yum :) Can fight with custard buns at dimsum places!

some Cai-poh fish which my dad preferred to the crabs. I like it too :)

Big pincers~

Total bill :) Call me a filial daughter :D Happy mothers day treat to my mom and grandma!
 Acceptable pricing for their large and meaty crabs! quoted from my folks!

I suggest people to go there early because by dinner time queues can be seen outside Mellben! and unless you are a 10 pax family, no bookings available on weekends.

Mellben Seafood
Daily 12 noon - 10.45 pm

Blk 232 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
Tel: 6285 6762

Blk 440 Pasir Ris Drive 4 
Tel: 6582 0397

Blk 15 Toa Payoh Lor 8
#01-01 Braddell Tech
Tel: 6554 3453

6 Tebing Lane
#01-03 Punggol East

Sinful & lazy sunday ending off with my haagen daz ice cream hehe


Eating lollipop in class~

spot this annoying bump on my right cheek.

FINALLY A DATE WITH MY BITCH.......... longest best friend LIEW WENMIN aka prettygirl94 
used to meet up everyday but we are so busy now.

We made plans at other places to have our dinner but it was closed on the monday ._. so we decided to go for wild honey next to far east! The outlet at Scott's Square.

Wild Honey
Sunday to Thursdays 9 am - 9 pm
Fridays, Saturdays & Public Holidays 9 am - 10 pm

Scotts Square
6 Scotts Road, 3rd Floor

Mandarin Gallery
333a Orchard Road, 3rd Floor

The outlet at scott's seem to be bigger and emptier perhaps its on a weekday? This place would be bustling on daylight during weekends due to their brunch like menu.

Cosy, dim lited atmosphere.

The menu consists of an all day breakfast which most people orders. And their drink selection for people to chill and enjoy a hot chocolaty drink. 

Was given a cosy seat with low sofas~



Okay the restaurant's settings were quite nice to take photographs hahaha while waiting for the food

Mocktail - Non alcoholic (even though i may seem like one but i hate alcohol flavored things)
Cocktail - Alcoholic

Ordered their Banoffee Brulee! (Mocktail) Milkshake w fresh banana, caramel, honey and flamed meringue topping!

yummy and unique blend ;)

Wild Honey's all breakfast menu's favorites are definitely their English, European ( usual egg benedicts clad over with bacons), and Tunisian ( which some people would like only if they like tomatoes )

I got their English and wenmin chose the Norwegian Breafast.

Their english breakfast was indeed as awesome as people claimed, with salted potatoes n wild mushrooms, spicy juicy delicious baked beans (i am not a baked beans person but still finished it), scrambled eggs, and sausage ~ but its the most filling out of all breakfast. Seriously a very Huge serving.

Wenmin's Norwegian which was nice as well, but i preferred my english one. But this seems more reasonable for a petite girl w lesser appetite like her's

I love the salmon and asparagus 

Friendly staff which offered to help us take a photo looking at us snapping so many shots already. Which is why people would pay a ten percent service charge dining there?

Total bill.

And my quite candid outfit of the day clad in a camo cropped top. And my awesome tall boots.

Enjoyed the sweet but short evening with the dear girl and we couldnt stop talking throughout.


After school met up with James as usual to eat. Usually very indecisive about what we are gonna have and ended up at MOF at bugis which I frequent.

Their Lenas (western) menu and jap menu both cater to desserts and food.

Ordered my usual lenas pesto chicken (I like the green grassy taste hahaha) with their awesome waffle fries and whipped potato hehe blur me was wondering why i had an icecream on my plate

and their large sized pizza which needs to top up a price of 2.50 when you choose two flavors, we had Hawaiian and some beef meatball pizza yumm.

we always seem to order pizza and eat icecream and desserts on our fat dates.

but still thanks for the meal :)



Simple lazy light eyemakeup with fancy pink eyeshadows to match my pink hair hahaha.

I look like a peacock? LOL


Headed to the chinatown area over at Kreta Ayer Rd after school to try out the raved 49 seats restaurant!
They used to be only available for dinner as it was a drink and chill place for happy hours but i guess business was too good they decided to open during the afternoons too!

49 Seats
Lunch: 11.30 am - 2.30 pm
Dinner: 6.00 pm - 11.00 pm

49 Kreta Ayer Road
Tel: 6225 4332

better call before visits because their restaurant is called 49 seats for a reason. Only 49 seats available! 

v cheap happy hour deals~

I always do my research properly before visiting food places beforehand so not much queue and the crowd was okay~

their menu!

and their pasta session and mains

ordered a set meal topped up with 4.90 for a drink and soup of the day/mushroom soup

w weishan~

and tricia whom i have not met up for a long time so brought these girls to try out this restaurant! They were happy w my recommendation hehehe we would all come back again to try out other things from their menus!

Most highly raved tomyam pasta around super yummy! :) generous serving of prawns!

and their chef recommended smoked duck carbonara. weishan hates creamy stuff but she loved it even better than the tomyam one. I am a super biased towards pasta person so i liked both hehehe

Another one of their chef recommendations under their main's section their
Genesis Fish with ham and cheeze oozing on the insides.

One special fact about 49 seats is that they doesn't charge for service charge and GST which makes the meal even more enjoyable hahahahahaaaaaaaaaa would go back there!!!!

As grin affair was a walking distance around the area~ 

we went for a short stroll to the grin affair after our filling lunch! Since it was may and weishan is a may baby so i decided to treat her to a cake there!

Grin Affair
Mondays to Saturdays 12 pm - 8 pm
Sundays 1.30 pm - 6 pm

Blk 3 Everton Park
(in an old HBD estate opposite police cantonment complex)

Delivery Services:
Call: 82222678 / 82827375


its a place that caters cakes in jars quite a innovative idea as each of the cake is made with different layers of goodness ingredients (you can check from the websites) and these are some of Flavors they carry. 

They have daily flavors and seasonal flavors, so best to call to check for the flavor you wanna order before heading down!

simple shack

a small area for some customer to sit and then run for a short dessert (not really a sit in and chat place)

wanted to order durian for her, but it was a seasonal flavor so ended up ordering their mango cheesecake and honey lavender. 

Weishan is not a cake person, as well, but she liked the mango cheesecake! I as well Preferred the mango cheesecake one more than the honey lavendar. Its was a little blend, for the older generation (?) have no idea why its one of their recommended! hahaha

If you guys wanna take nice photographs of their cakes and insta them, best to order takeaways because the cake served would be prettily covered and tied up like those shown below (which i found on instagram)

I would go back to try the rest of the flavors because I didn't know if I was going home after that and could have stocked and tested up other flavors but we were too full to try the other flavors there.

We were given two coupons for two jars. (If you ordered takeaway, you would be given 2x2 = 4 coupons; two coupons for one jar)
Because as they encourage customers to return back their jars for them even after takeaways to reuse for promoting the more eco friendly environment, after collecting a certain amount of coupons, customers would be able to redeem some kind of dried cranberry in packets there. If im not mistaken!

It was nice eating w the girls and seeing tricia after some time :)

horrible horrible unglam photos of us

happy us w filled tummies!

hope you guys enjoyed this post!
xoxo eugeniania now you know why im so fat hehe

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