Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's day dinner + TCC + Seventh Heaven + Club Aura

Hi guys, I have decided to try and blog more frequently, or rather, divide my posts into fewer portions and post them because I think my posts are always too long and draggy, so people would get bored after awhile. I am feeling quite stressed now, cause of school and alot of assignments duing and shit, but I still find so much time on these kind of things and would rather create a blogpost than start on my assignment. Or even watch some online nice serials aka ONE PIECE ANIME that I'm following. I hate school :(

Zouked only one the Friday last week because I have decided to cut down on clubbing. Pic w zhiyan and nat! while waiting for somebodyyyy

Er, bad night? Shall not emphasize further but got many injuries and bruises on my body. even on my face as i got dragged on the road by the tug of my hair (even my face got scratched not posting pic here) and I think i don't have to explain further what happened. Can only blame myself. But I guess you would really learn from these incidents aye. boo.


Went and ate a hearty hangover meal with my cousins and relatives on saturday at this seafood restaurant, I am lazy to find the address and post here hahaha plus i was in a rather zombie mode so i was lazy to even look out of the car and see where we were heading

love these greens and ayam fish curry

signature tofu

and their unique salted egg calamari and cereal prawns

one of their specialty chicken I forgot the name, they have quite a few unique dishes there.


Sunday, met up w james and had TCC ^^ one of my fav pastas can be found there!

baby crayfish salad (super yums) and their baby crayfish pasta! :)) really very yummy its a must try! The green eggs are wasabi flavored fish roes~

hehe :)

caught the call at cathay after lunch, a thriller and the story plot is not bad :D

Met up w some of the guys in town and went for some icecream since poor dexter clumsily misplaced his phone cause he placed it on top of his car and think somehow he forgot to keep it back and we all drove off so think his phone flew off his sports car or smth .... Then someone took it and offed it.

I know this wont help but so if anyone did find a brand new iphone 5 at fareast carpark on 12th may SUNDAY 2013 please contact us? he would pay the fellow 300 bucks.

Finally tried Seventh Heaven!
Located at
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896

Their menu! have been wanting to try this ice cream cafe for so long, so we went there! They specialize in homemade icecream and huge variety of flavors even flavors ranging from like bak-kwa, popcorn, potato chip etc! They have loads of unique sweet treats there too would go back and try next time!

Zhiyan came town last min to find us ;)

picky ppl ordering icecream

ordered this platter called "the matrix" for 36 SDG customized, 29 SDG for the shop people to help us customize but we decided to customize ourselves and not take any risks. Ordered quite normal flavors cause Siran, kept ordering the mainstream flavors like cookies and cream =.= so we didnt really try their more unique flavors. 

But i at least got to choose and ordered their cotton candy flavor and superman flavor ( the most colorful of the 2nd row and 3rd row) hahaha I love pretty food!!! I choose based on colors hehe but i think their cotton candy is better than superman. Red velvet was good too! The best out of these was their lychee martini? (alcoholic flavored icecream) but the taste of alcohol was damn faint so it was good.

Wanna try their raspberry flavor next time! and more! but most icecream ordered wasn't that nice and up to my expectations cause I was really imagining it to be godly LOL. 

played like those stupid king's cup game but with icecream so it was damn gross and I kept getting it...... then they aim me with the martel flavored icecream which I HATE THE MOST

candid dumb shots hahaha. After that we went thai club at orchard towers, I think.

Had an very awesome night though some people became dead drunkkkkkkkkk but the company was good hehe and i guess this was my first time enjoying at a thai club cause I would always prefer clubs to thai clubs.

james, me, twin and siran ^^ 

me and james!

me and fav twin ;))

james and twin HAHA

more shots of us.

then me and siran LOL fucking blur; drunkard/jealous photographer ahemsz

dexter james and twin~

and some fugly shots from my iphone which is now cracked cause of friday :(
(Covered twin face in case she nags at me for uploading her unglams again HAHAH lesser 80 percent of photos on my blog cause need go through her screening)

zixiang's signature octopus mouth group pic hahahaha er im not sitting on anyone's leg FYI i was standing up despite this photo looking slightly wrong.

yup so thats it for this short update. xoxo eugeniania!

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