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Yoogane Singapore + Togi Korean Restaurant + Koh Grill & Sushi Bar + Tim Ho Wan

Hey sup guys, have you all watched the youtube video from my ex school's youtube channel? (If you haven't you can refer to the blog post before this hahaha)

So I recon its time for my to update this space here since I'll be going on a super short sponsored trip to tioman by cruise by this wed, this trip came just in time for me to catch my breath.

Just booked my tickets to korea!!!! For this nov, so I can't wait for that to happen!! hehe & Hopefully I can also save enough money for me to try travelling ALONE overseas by this year. #justOneOfTheFewThingsIwnaDoBeforeIdie, thats is IF my parents let me. hahaha pray hard that a year end LA trip is possible too. Or smth heh.

Talking about the korea trip happening, I shall talk about the day where I accompanied my pal, Jessica for the audition of New Paper New Face 2014 this year (and yes, she is now already in the top 20 so I'm so happy for her modelling career!)

We settled for lunch at.. the newly opened Yoogane in Singapore!! Its one of the most popular and best Chicken Galbi Restaurants in Korea and they have many outlets there so you guys should expect the queue especially dining there at the peak hours since its the first outlet in SG!

Bugis Junction #02-47/48
Mon - Sun: 11am - 10pm
(No reservations so be early to avoid disappointment!)


A very excited me cause I absolutely love korean food and chicken meat so its like the perfect korean restaurant for me ever~

Natural looking face calls for more selfies heh

I love ordering the imported korean sodas at these restaurants. I had the Demi-soda grape flavoured!

Additional toppings for you to add into your galbi dishes. A must for me, cheeseeee!! :)

And they serve sticky or ramyeon noodles as well. and Jessica preferred the ramyeon noodles! What could go wrong with ramyeon *winks*

Ordered the fried rice add on too, to go with the cheese, so we can have cheese fried rice later on!! :D

Yoogane Chicken Galbi ($16.90)
Yoogane's unique spicy sauce marinate with tender chicken thigh meat and fresh vegetables. Feeds 2-3 pax! 

Some dishes like this has a minimum order so I guess its better to dine here in bigger groups, if not you'll be like me and jess, we didn't have enough space to order their next popular choice - Seafood & Chicken Galbi. So I'll be back!!! (Or prolly go to korea and try it, should be better..)

ramyeon first~

hehe jessica eating toppoki~

and a very happy me LOL

after eating our ramyeon, we had the cheese fried rice next, don't worry, all these will be nicely cooked and fried by their waiters whom were well-trained, right in front of you! Just hope that they won't be too busy!

hehe had a nice meal, and I definitely would come back again to try their ala carte other authentic korean dishes!!! Like maybe their Naengmyeon (cold noodles)!! or sth hehe

Another date with da twin (she complained that I don't feature her on my blog ani-moreee) when she just returned from korea, hehe we don't meet so frequently now since she has a date already and I'm quite occupied but we still always text each other daily to update each other on our lifes and as the phrase goes, best friends doesn't have to always see each other to stay that way ;)

(my rare bandana ootd hahaha)

and for the first time twin actually chose where we had to go eat and she recommended another korean restaurant in town, (I have no idea how this girl can keep eating korean food all day long aft returning from korea still not bored ah?!) 

Togi Korean Restaurant
TripleOne Somerset
111 Somerset Road #02-15
 Singapore (Somerset MRT), 

Tel: +65 6737 7397
Opening Hours: 
11:30am – 3:00pm, 
6:00pm-9:30pm Daily

they have another mother outlet I guess this is their sub-outlet only~

ma twin zhiyan tay!

Told you I like ordering this kinda canned imported korean drinks alr hahahaha ordered thie crunch crunch pear each and its like kinda kewl got those pear bits one hahahaha

Actually twin is quite picky, she doesn't eat any of this side dishes except for the mash potato which she kept spamming. As for me, I love KIMCHI and the ikan bilis and prolly anything else hiak

We ordered their 
Army Stew -Boodae Jeongol ($40)
with loads of ham, sausages, luncheon meat etc & comes with ramyeon
cause its more suitable for 2-3 pax, I totally wanted the seafood stew tho! :(

It tasted fine but I guess I rather have the army stew that I had before at Seoul Yummy
Yup for my personal preference. Btw they call it the army stew is because in korea, the guys who goes to the army supposedly just dumps all these ingredients in the stew and have it for their meals and it turns out pretty good thus 'army' stew was created.

Added vermicelli~

And whats dining at a korean restaurant without ordering
Seafood Pancake ($20)
hehe love how it goes with the sauce!

I think they serve better authenic dishes and bbq meat there though! Based on what twin had the other time round. So I might come back if I'm craving for korean food in town! ~

Selfies with the twinnie

Whipped up a Common Man looking breakfast for myself the other morning hahahhaa

With shan~

And another date with Wenmin hehe I should just be lesbian always dating girls LOL

thats the candid me checking out my fat tummy

Parental Advisory, explicit content xx

Satisfied Llao Llao cravings with the girl once again. Should have just shared one cup seriously. hahaha! But I still had the space to go and eat wenmin's cup after I finished mine hehehe

Back to Koh Grill & Sushi Bar for the 2nd time for dinner!!

Wisma Atria L4
435 Orchard Road
Singapore 238877

Tried their Crappy Maki ($18)
this time round! slightly different from their famous shiok makis generations (I prefer gen 1 & wm prefer gen 2 with tempura so we settled for an in between choice which was this hahaha) they serve, with seared swordfish inside and asparagus all these I suppose?

Yaki Udon ($10)
Had fried udon for the first time and it was so good and the portion was so generous!! Definitely a must order here for mains. Heard their garlic fried rice is good too ;)

Aspara Buta Maki

and had this super awesome mentaiko tasting cod fish
I forgot its name!! But I loved it, super melts in your mouth!

haha always a nice and still affordable (in my opinion) jap food meal you can have at koh grill sushi bar! :o

my date *.* 

haha I actually bumped into two groups of friends while dining here, so you can see its the popular choice!

Last saturrdayy

Had Tim Ho Wan at Toa Payoh's outlet. Still crowded despite opening for quite some time already, but I felt that the dimsum standard had improved?!

Steamed Chicken Feet with Abalone sauce *.*

One of their 4 heavenly kings, Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (somehow this was the only dish which I felt the drop of standard)

Yummy Fried Spring Rolls with egg white :)

Very yummy vermicelli roll with pig liver as well! :D

Steamed Egg Cake!

One of the newly introduced stuff on the menu Spinach Dumplings or smth? Skin thickness was just nice!

hehe and some yummy fish maw dimsum. I love fish maw!

Some very special yam dessert as well

and not forgetting my favorite Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus Cake which totally left an impression!

Hehe and last mon I chopped off most of my looooong hair and gave it a soft rebond!

last few shots with my long and unkempt bunned hair!

hehe still tryna to grow to love this short length for now!

alright thats all for now! Update soon aft my tioman cruise trip with jessica tmr! haven't even packed my luggage...

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