Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Phantom Joker Escape (Sponsored Post)

Hey guys! Have you ever heard of The Phantom Joker Escape?

 Phantom Joker Escape is a real escape game outlet located in a conservation house close to Outram Park! An area where all the cafe-foodie hoppers should be familiar with~

Basically, The phantom joker escape is founded by a group of real escape game enthusiasts who want to present their own inspiration and understanding of the real escape game after trying so many in Singapore and overseas and they first opened at 21st Jan, 2014.

So recently, the bloggers got invited down to get a chance to experience this unique escape game!

So thats us listening to the Game Master's explanation of the game concept in their spacious room. Beverages were kindly served to us too! Walkie-talkies and flashlights were given to us so that we can have an option to contact the helpful Game Masters to guide us or give us some clues whenever we get stuck or fail to come out with a solution while completing the mission throughout the game.

Btw, the additional gaming time is usually provided as requested if the players are close to complete the mission but are running out of time & for each game, one hour is given to complete the mission :)

There are three different scenarios and game rooms each with different types of story lines; 
Variety of high-tech machineries; 
Exciting missions with different challenges, not only escaping from the rooms; 
As few lockers as possible!!

Real-life RPG
"You are no longer going to escape from a locked room, but facing various more challenging missions in a story series. In this story series, you will be role-playing a heroic and intelligent FBI agent, Carl, whose brother Brook is mysteriously lost and trapped in great danger. To seek and rescue your beloved brother, you have to sneak into a celebrated biochemistry company at night, unveil unbelievable truth in a suspicious laboratory, explore in a dark spooky alien world or even eliminate the root of sin after time-travelling to old times." Source:

My group was lucky enough to be introduced to two rooms:
Episode 02 - Path A; The Spooky Forest in the Inner World
(Storylines can be found on their official website)

Sneakily took these shots within the midst of the exciting game!

As well as -
Episode 1; Mysterious Lab Lost in Time
Look at the cool lazer beam lights!!

After completing the mission, we took a group photo as memories for successfully completing the mission after having a pretty hard time solving the puzzles as its really not that simple!! HAHA

This is really a great place for teamwork and I would really recommend the place for future team building/corporate bonding events to be held at!

For more details, head on down to

The Phantom Joker Escape
146 Neil Road
Singapore 088875
$22/pax for (Mon-Fri, From: 1230pm-1800pm)
$28/pax for (Mon-Fri, From: 1800pm-2230pm or Sat,Sun,PH: 1100am-2230pm)

Thanks for having us once again, I had a blast! xoxo

also, thanks for reading guys~

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