Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Common Man Coffee Roasters + Selfish Gene Cafe + Habitat Coffee + One Man Coffee + Ke Kou Mian + Swa Garden Restaurant + Honguo

Hi guys! I am back to update my dying blog, haha have soo much overdued post now since I have been going out quite abit during this few weeks, yeah but my posts are mostly about eating, so yes, getting fatter by the minute i'm alive.

Whats happening with my life now is that basically, I am kinda working part-time now and taking a year of break to decide what the next few years of my life would be, either studying and getting a degree or working first.

So yeah, this was me in the cinemas during these past few weeks catching Malificent (boy, angelina jolie was hottttt) with regina the mia bitch once she gets attached, okay, most girls in my clique are like that. But I have been meeting up with her most frequently since most of the part-time jobs I did is with her.

hehe we're too tanned for sight.

before the movie we actually had brunch at this quite pricey place for brunches but what they serve is DEFINITELY worth the price, portions are big, food is rly good, makes the top of my best brunches I had in my list. Is worth multiple visits!

Common Man Coffee Roasters
22 Martin Road 
Singapore 239058

Tel: +65 6836 4695
Opening Hours: 8am – 7pm Daily



we kinda ordered a three person portion cause we were totally spoiled for choices as I saw their instagram feed before the visit and everyone was raving about everything!

Common Man Pancakes ($19)
Fluffy pancakes, caramelised bananas & walnuts, salted caramel sauce, nutty crumble & berry coulis

prolly my top favorite pancakes in sg! I really really really love their pancakes, one bite into them and you'll get what I mean, you can have this dish as a dessert as well, I will come back just for their pancakes!! *.* Their just so soaked with goodness!

Organic Eggs Benedict ($24)
Tender Braised ox cheeks, two poached organic eggs & chive hollandaise, with artisanal sourdough toast

another awesome dish if you love egg bens and beef cheeks, but for personal preference I prefer the one coming up next heh

Common Man Full Breakfast ($26)
Two free-range organic eggs in any style (had mine pan fried, if you don't like runny egg yolks like me, you can have them scrambled too!), back bacon, sausage, grilled tomatoes, chorizo hash browns, portobello mushrooms & house-made chorizo baked beans, with artisanal sourdough toast

every condiment was just so yummy in this dish! generous portion as well!!!

ahh I rly enjoyed this date with regina hehe

my ootd taken by a smoker hahaha

at plaza sing!

tried the two new flavors from starbucks for the month of june as well, strawberry cheesecake and tiramisu, definitely on team strawbie cheesecake. Don't rly like tiramisu bleah

showing my -sigh should have ordered regina's strawberry cheesecake face-

Mandatory pic taken with the 21st birthday boy hongsheng last week at home team ns adventure center villa, alllll the way at bukit batok area, I think one of my furthest chalet stay-cation yet. Brought my dslr along but was too busy gambling with the guys I didn't even use it.

Since I was all the way at the west already, we had 5 cars driving all of us out to try the famous west-side supper place - ke kou mian located at one of the coffee shops which speciality is their special koka noodles with many ingredients and pork flavored. Business there is so good considering it was like 3 am in the morning but the crowd at the coffee shop for the noodles was still great.

My table all had spicy cause my friend told me it was nicer? but after I ate them and I felt that this wasn't worth the hype (or maybe cause there were 20 plus of us, the uncle whom solo-ly run the place I've heard, set this business till he could drive around in a Mercedes car, was too overworked with our orders, not every bowl turned out as great?)

but if i'm in the area again with lesser company perhaps i'll go back to try the non spicy flavor cause next day my another west side friend was like "the spicy one suckkkksss laaa covers all the flavor" but I won't go there specially for it cause bukit panjang is so DARN FAR for me.

Bukit Panjang Coffee Shop
Blk 163
Gangsa Road
Singapore 670163
Opening Hours: 3am - 12 noon

Another one of my TGIFs at some pub where you can drink and play darts with ur friends. LOL It was my first time and I cut my thumb or smth I recall while throwing the darts

I-darts Senso
27 Mohamed Sultan Rd
Singapore 238971

recently getting real good at dice games with all the drinking in my life right now -_- cheeeers

with one of my best bros sean hoho

regina and jikun!

and not forgetting JJ

At some cafe called Mercedes Cafe when my parents was collecting some stuff at the car company the other day. had like ice-blended coffee and ate like three different cakes there, LOL cheesecake, durian and blackforest.

dinner at changi village afterwards and I had to have my favorite ice-chendol from there in the world~
maybe i should start updating my dayre agn

TGIF at zouk. with the newest cpl in my clique, Tricia and Shaun~


drunkard tricia, horrible!

with shan too~

and Erica!

Outfit off to town; I forget when, to watch how to train a dragon part 2 (very awesome cartoon movie) with twin zhiyan and her new date glen~ and bjorn!

finally tried this thai + chinese style steamboat restaurant chain from bangkok(wanted to eat it in bkk and now sg has them too!!) probably gna eat it again then blog about it properly cos its rly good hehhee like can fight with my favorite hai di lao, I love their sauce there and the green noodles, very yummy combi like the ones from coca steamboat if you know whats that!

MK Restaurant
313 Orchard Road
#B3-30, 313@Somerset
Singapore 238895
A dish there recommended by the guys glen and bjorn, rly niceeeee and bjorn can rly eat damn alot omg LOL I swear!!
Crispy Pork & Charsiew

planet paradise with the usuals. With bjorn!

tessa came along too

Another cafe hopping session at the very start of june, with my model good friend Jess HAHA, cause we were supposed to go down to chan brothers for our sponsored cruise trip this coming end of july (which I stupidly am missing my long awaited ftt for sigh) so I only have one month left for my bikini body which is no where near HAHAHAHA

anw this cafe was a change for brunch compared with common man cause their price range is more affordable here, and the food is quite good in simple terms being nice to munch!

Selfish Gene Cafe
40 Craig Road
Tel: +65 6423 1324
Mon to Fri: 10am – 5.30pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 5pm

ps (there is gna be loads of fake lookbook shots in this post since Jessica is always asking me to be her photographer and I brought my DSLR so yup imagine us going overseas tgt..)

I wonder how she does it so naturally HAHA

we were just trying to capture the quite handsome caucasian sitting behind me, which is which jessica sat opposite me LOL -_- >

two of my favourite selfies with jess hehe

Iced Mocha ($7)
for me - cause its sweeter than the rest if you rly need to act like you are a slight coffee drinker during cafe hoppings hahaha

Iced Latte ($6)
weather was too hot for us to bother about any latte art designs on our coffees


Bagel & Smoked Salmon ($13)
toasted bagel with norwegian smoked salmon, cream cheese and mixed salad

Beef Sandwich ($13)
Low temperature roast beef, argula, sweet onion jam, dijon mustard, mayo & sundried tomato bread

I absolutely LOVE their beef sandwiches they serve there, its rly good for someone whom usually picks beef as her last choice of meat choice in her dish.

Banana Cake ($6)
yeah and their must order best selling cake in the cafe, took one bite of it and understood why was it the best hahaha very yummy. with peanut butter sauce abv to compliment the piping hot cake.

so yummy!

i'm a bagel wrapping salmon genius

happy me eating my beef sandwiches hehe

spammed super loads of selfies opps

haha shit the sun was too bright LOL

Actually jess is a not too bad photographer too HAHA

candids HAHA i look so hairpy

do you wna hold my hand? hehe

have no idea what I was doing

caught godzilla with wenmin at bugis afterwards boring showwwwww. hehe I have too many dates right...(awkward but only photo with her, why my head this direction LOL)

Honguo 红锅
Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street

Zhuang Yuan Mi Xian ($8.80)
Like how authentic zha jiang mian thats served in china, the waitress would throw in the 15 ingredients starting with the meat, then vegetables and then the mee sua in the piping hot red bowl 

Sze Chuan Chicken in basket ($7.50)
one of their must orders

Shanghai Dumplings

Aiyu Ice Lemon

Mango Delight

bugis was recently renovated and i'm a country pumpkin so I was quite hyped to see this waffle shop nearby honguo selling mini waffles which is exactly like the ones I had from bkk platinum mall food court the other time if you read my bkk travelogues so I got like a couple of them back despite being so full alr. Me likey!

The Waffle
Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street

Lunch on another friday, back at the family favourite teo chew restaurant

Swa Garden Restaurant
540 Macpherson Road

their famous for the cold crabs dipped in honey

one of my fav parts of a crab other than the meaty pincers

fish maw soup!

the pomfret was kinda bland

Swa Gon Fried Kway Teow, very very yummy is teo chew style of fried kway teow which I like!

and my favourite auntie hot dessert sweet yam with pumpkin and ginko! lovvvveeeee it

met my friends afterwards so I actually went like next door to dapao this for them!! the new hype in sg from KL

Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee
534 MacPherson Road
Singapore 368220

Tel: +65 6743 1372
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 8:00pm

I bet the takeaway isn't as nice as dining there

at the twin's ben and glen's 18th birthday celeb with the twin!

some party nights at dream w nat, twin, shiyun and jess!

rave republic event bangbang

the other day with weishan when I went to macritchie for my virgin kayaking trail for SIWW event then realized I brought my heavy camera but not it's battery out so I was totally pouting..

tried this highly raved brunch place for lunch! queues on weekends here are insane!! I think cause their service is quite slow also unfortunately :/

Habitat Coffee
233 Upper Thomson Road

Tel: +65 6456 2567
Tues - Fri: 11am - 10.30 pm
Sat & Sun: 10.30 am - 10.30 pm
Closed on Mondays

Hello Truffle ($8)
Usual truffle fries cause their churros was OOS :(

The Big Ben ($14)
not bad, but felt like it was something that could be whipped up at home, despite the rave, maybe cause I had too much brunches that week, and this was compared to the one at common man coffee roasters heh but its of cause more affordable! Served with some homemade buttery yummy sauce.

Eggs Tomato Relish ($15)
second time I am having some runny tomato relish dish from a brunch place after wild honey, hehe just for tomato lovers like me!

I think I'll come back here to try their promising pastas for dinner! xx

at kclub the other night with tess and shan and qimei and jingyi but no photos with em hehe

strawberry cheesecake agnnn

was freezing my butt off


w jj at members with my faking bad photography skills

shan jj and me!

Another weekend at Upper thomson again with my another date - shiyun. hehe start of the june month happened to pass by there alot.

tried out one of the newest opened cafes in sg!

One Man Coffee
Mon - Sun: 9 am - 5 pm
Closed on tuesdays

apparently they are sharing the same rent space with

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar
Tues - Thurs: 5 pm - 10.30 pm
Fri & Sat: 11 am - 12 am
Sun: 11 am - 11 pm
Closed on mondays
(they have home delivery too check their website)

215R Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574349

and I came for a weekend brunch (for once, cause I hate squeezing with the crowds on weekends but this was a new so yup, I guess there are lesser crowds)

two different counters in one place

different menus

this girl from one man coffee was quite rude to the lady from crust me and my friend were quite appalleddddd 

my pretty date of the dayy

shiyun and me ^^

Macchiato ($3.50)
everytime I decide to try coffee esp hot ones i'll regret my decision cause this sucked HAHAHA damn tiny and too bitter for meeee, I won't even finish it.

Had half of each flavor for the pizza
Peri-peri chicken (left) Moroccan Lamb (right) ($28)

I guess we both preferred the peri-peri chicken despite both being recommended and I thought their pizza was quite good, like better than the toast I ordered from one man coffee opps LOL. 

how small is this

annoyed by my coffee once agn hahaha

French Toast Brioche with Homemade Berry Compote and Candied Walnuts ($10)
this was superrrrrr raved in many posts like what - "the best brioche french toast ever I had" lah, but honestly, I have no idea if its just me who doesn't know how to appreciate french toast or if their standard was just not there that day.

so i'm lucky i enjoyed my peri-peri chicken cause honestly I see no reason for me to visit one man coffee again.

okay super long post and my usual abrupt ending #selfieindacab

hope you guys enjoyed reading this!
xoxo will be back soon

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