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Travel Guide to Hong Kong (Shopping locations x Food locations; Yat Lok Barbecue Restaurant + Pierre Herme + Hui Lau Shan + Australian Diary Company + Mak's Noodle + Ming Kee Restaurant + Dessert Playground + Monster Sushi + Tai Cheong Bakery + Maxim's Jade Garden x Places for Sight-Seeing)

hi hehe, I am BACK, hahaha I know I took like rly damn long to get this post going. Cause somehow I was quite busy, plus my macbook has two sides to it - the windows, and mac side. I always use the windows side which resulted to storing a shitload of photos there, then my new dslr sized photos were too huge so it made my windows DAMN LAG. Uploading each and every one of the photos to blogger without the page crashing on chrome was like almost impossible.. 
(NTS: get an external harddisk soon, any good and durable one to recommend?)

So now I'm like using my mac side's safari to update and WOW its rly not lag at all hahaha. Okay I better get started on my HK post before I forget every detail about it..

Part one of the trip was actually in Macau
(the sim card details + ferry services details etc are all explained in that guide!)

so Imma start with day 3 after alighting the ferry from Macau to Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui which was the nearest ferry terminal to our hotel. 

If you guys don't know, HK is actually spilt into two islands, the Kowloon Island Side as well as the Hong Kong Island Side (You can see it in the map I got online below!! its good to refer to ;)
I actually prefer staying on the Kowloon Side (which we did) because I find it more convenient to areas I wanted to visit!

Day 3

Gloomy facial expression cause it was raining quite heavily when we reached. My first thought was "first time so unlucky raining abroad, can't see anything to take on my camera alr :("

but the rain was okay I guess, cause when it stopped pouring during the second last day before my departure, Hk's heat was almost killing me since it was almost summer. So I guess the rain was a blessing in disguise, just that I had to balance my dslr and heavy arsed umbrellas.

In the cab to our hotel!!

vicinity of our hotel, I was actually taking the rainy weather~

Butterfly on Prat Boutique Hotel
No.21 Prat Avenue,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Btw its easy to navigate around in Hk once you know the area and streets you want to go via MTR. (their train stations)
For example, my hotel, tsim sha tsui area, PRAT AVENUE,
Upon reaching the station, check the map and there would be tons of exits like A, B1, B2, C etc so on and fourth, each exit would list the avenues and streets it would lead to. So I just have to exit by the exit which leads to prat avenue and yeap!

The hotel which i stayed this time was about a 4 mins walk to Tsim Sha Tsui MTR.

Its like a small boutique hotel but with free wifi in the entire hotel. Very easy to access! And I kinda like the area i stayed at, cause there's LOADS of food and supper places, convenient marts, shops like sasa (beauty brand) & moree. If I ever head back, I would consider this hotel again cause I haven't explored alot of the food places in that area :P

The room we had was their deluxe room, we actually booked the superior room but ended up taking deluxe cause my parents wanted us to be on the same flooor

new, comfy and cleannn. 

They even have a micro-wave oven in the room!? whutt

#selfiewiththemicrowave HAHHA

off for dinner~

bought their octopus card there which can be topped up for like around 100 HKD (16 SGD) each with value inside so saves us the hassle of purchasing MTR train tickets everytime we took the MTR


Guess where were we going? To one of the must eats in HK!! Roast Goose :D

Famous eatery amongst the locals!! A choice other than yung kee -

Yat Lok Barbecue Restaurant
G/F 34-38 Stanley St.
Central, Hong Kong
Tel No: (852) 2524-3882
(Nearest MTR Station is Central Exit D2)

Simple hk milk tea & ice-lemon tea served in these types of food shops I LOVE.

We ordered some Vegetable with Fu Yu sauce (Fermented Bean Curd sauce) sauce has an umami flavor of salty with spicy and sweet. yumz!

Rice Noodle in soup to go with the meat later on was unique. Anw while dining here, I'll go for the rice!!! My preference after trying both. I didn't take picture of the rice cause it just looks like plain rice, obviously.. but it was rly fragrant and has like sauce drizzled over it so it goes well with all the meat yum!

this was darnnnn good, one of the best meal I had in HK!!! Even though it tastes quite sinful, cause I was busy chewing and I actually choked on the oil cause I was eating a little too fast HAHA BUT ahhh I love all the meat they served there.

Half a roasted goose with drumsticks for around $240 HKD?

much much much better than the ones I had in macau definitely, Roast pork + BBQ pork for around $140 HKD? ahhhhh these were rly the bomb!!

will be back!! haha don't even feel like trying other place's goose or bbq pork meat cause this just hit my spot alr. Best I ever eaten in my life HAHAHA

After food, its time for some shopping!! As y'all know, most ppl like to go for brands for shopping in HK brands like zara, hba, h&m, timberland, chrome hearts and other branded stuff as some are cheaper here. Stuff is actually not as cheap as you think in HK though!

Here's a short list of some of the shopping places I have nicely compiled hehe!

1. Argyle Centre!!!
One of the must go and similar to far east plaza, with shops and it being air-conditioned. Things and clothes are more affordable there if you are not going for large brands!
83 Argyle Street, Mongkok
11 am - 11 pm
(not all the shops are open at 11 am so better to go in the noon!)
(Nearest Station Mongkok MTR Exit D2)

2. Fa Yuen Street
Ladies Street & Fa Yuen Street are both at Mongkok area too! Nthing much there actually, ladies street is like our chinatown, I guess Fa Yuen Street is more trendier. Still reasonable prices I guess.

3. Forever 21!!!
The forever 21 outlet in HK is HUGE. 6 stories high and you definitely won't miss it outside the MTR exit. 
19 Jardine's Bazaar, Causeway Bay
10 am - 1 am
(Nearest Station Causeway Bay MTR Exit F)

4. Kwai Chung Plaza
reminds me of mbk in bkk but stuff is definitely more trendier here!
(Nearest Station Kwai Fong MTR Exit D)

5. Hong Kong Industrial Centre
not much, come here only if you have much free time! Heard its like city plaza, and a wholesale mall, but stuff are more ex here than argyle centre! You can go there if you're interested in Adidas, level 7, at block B there's an adidas factory outlet with cheaper goods!
489/491 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok
Mon - Fri 11:00 - 20:00
Sat & Sun 11:00 - 21:00
(Nearest Station Lai Chi Kok MTR Exit C)

(affordable clothing brands to go for)
6. H&M
7. Zara
8. Mongki

9. Citygate Shopping Mall
this place is filled with outlet stores and is a good place to go for branded goods! Example polo ralph lauren, club 21, sunglass hut, coach, furla etc, its not dirt cheap there cause its still branded stuff afterall but stuff should be discounted!
20 Tat Tung Rd, Hong Kong
(Nearest Station Tung Chung MTR)

(cheaper beauty shops in hk which sells all the makeup and shampoos etc I always will restock/spam my dollywink eyeliner/heroine mascaras whenever I go to hk there cause is rly much cheaper hehe I love makeupp)
10. Bonjour
11. Sasa

12. Langham Place
shops there include H&m, Monki and more. H&m is alot cheaper than in SG which is already cheap so go check it out! The mall also has my favorite I.T store which I visited cause one of the brands they have under them is Stylenanda *.* where I can purchase all my favorite 3CE makeup!! But I.T as well recently just opened in the new orchard gateway in singapore when I came back so LOL... dk if I should feel stupid or thankful for that hahaha!
555 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon
(Nearest Station Mongkok MTR)

13. HarbourCity
Higher brands such as Zara, Steve madden, Pedder red, Balenciaga, Chanel, Prada and more. Brands like zara is somewhat cheaper in HK but it also depends on the exchange rate. Another mall which is similar to Harbour City not on the Kowloon Side is IFC Shopping Mall, Central, Hong Kong!! hehe you can find your Pierre hermes macaroons (not available in sg) at both these two malls! Laduree as well at HabourCity
7-27 Canton Rd, Hong Kong
(Nearest Station Tsm Tsa Tsui MTR Exit A1)

14. Times Square
Another mall which is located on the Hongkong side similar to Harbourcity~
(Nearest Station Causeway Bay MTR)

basically there are many malls around all over in hk and it would be crazy to list, just go to areas like Causeway bay, tsim sha tsui, central and mongkok would be the best for spotting some of these familiar brands!

went to buy some mascara and other makeup stuffs at bonjour~

a place I would like to visit next time when I'm with my pals over at HK! lan kwai fong *.*!! HAHA

headed over to IFC Mall, near central (hehe Mentioned earlier in my very detailed list of shopping places you can check out in hk!)

Pierre Herme
ifc mall - Tel: 853 2833 5700
Shop 1019c, ifc mall, 1 Harbour View Road, Central

Harbour City - Tel: 852 2155 33866
Shop 2410, Level 2, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Kowloon

if you are an avid reader of my blog, you would have known by now that I absolutely loveee macaroons.

if you were to ask me which macaroons brand I prefer, Pierre Herme's or Laduree? I wouldn't have an answer even though people usually prefer pierre herme cause their flavors are more unique, like maybe one macaroon they would match two flavours tgt, and new flavour would get featured monthly!

The month I was there, the featured flavour was 
- Jardin Mysterieux (top row 2nd from left, black + red mix)
it was very nice! Made up of a genius combination of Beet root & Licorice!
other flavours I had
- Infiniment Citron (lemon)
- Milena (red berries & mint)
- Celeste (passion fruit, rhubarb & strawberries)
- Chuao (chocolate, blackcurrent & blackcurrent berries)
- Montebello (pistachio & strawberries) yumm
- Metisse (orange & carrot with ceylan cinnamon)
- Infiniment Rose (rose & rose petal) heh
- Infiniment Praline Noisette (hazelnut praline & praline crisp)
maybe some coffee flavour

and others I can't rmb all their names~

they have very pretty boxes and I had the hk edition (look at all the hk sight-seeing spots on the box!) since I purchased these from hk! hehe other ones are paris designed.

A box of 7 cost around 210 HKD - 33.80 SGD - 4.80 SGD per piece
A box of 12 cost around 330 HKD - 52.20 SGD - 4.40 SGD per piece
A box of 24 cost around 660 HKD - 106.40 SGD - 4.40 SGD per piece

and no, they do not sell it individually.

cute plastic bag!

off for some shopping after that!

at zara HAHA

getting quite tired for the first day in hk so went back to our hotel. hehe and as mentioned earlier this is the exit which leads to our hotel!

see prat avenue there?

settled for some Hui Lau Shan
A dessert place which is all over hongkong and a good place to rest for shopping breaks.
Their specialities are like their mango pomelo sago drinks and mango deserts. But I don't really understand whats the hype about it though..

mango sago which was a little bland to me o.o

some supreme bowl with yummy mango icecream and mochi balls and mangos and even mango pudding below which i liked!

humphreys avenue hahaha! & the sasa which was near to my hotel~

love the night view streets.

got this malted soyabean milk drink from a nearby convenient mart. Sometimes I wonder why singapore doesn't sell these kind of unique flavours. Its just soooo good! hehe to my liking.

so thats about day 3!

Day 4

lol look at that tummy of mine :(

woke up earlier for some typical hongkonger breakfast at some "cha chan teng" which I was rly looking forward to!! At jordan area~

The legendary 
Australian Diary Company
G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan, Hong Kong 
(Nearest MTR Jordan Exit C2)
Closed on Thursday 07.30 am – 23.00 pm
Tel: (852) 2730 1356

its like super well known for its long queue, chaotic ambience and maybe not so friendly customer service cause the queues are too long and they just want their customers to quickly eat and go, can't take too much time deciding what you want to have! I don't think I read any blogs which has good things to speak about 

But for me I had quite a pleasant morning over there. Maybe cause I was wearing something quite skimpy/stylish and holding my dslr snapping pictures away, HAHAHAHA the waiters were all very nice to me?! haha still like can joke with me and this dude like the manager still joke with me like say need to pay money for the photography hahaha! I think I could have asked for a photo with them but i was too busy eating hahahaha

its like a rainy day and yet, look at the queue, I thought there won't be one.

with my mother~ LOL I look so tan in here.. cause no primer or whatever on my face HAHA

Typical hot hong kong milk tea/ coffee I forgot. 

one of the not so typical sandwiches 15 HKD the guy recommended so we ordered them there, usually people always go for the standard bread with their awesome scrambled eggs. These has the scrambled eggs in them too with ham, pickles and cheese so it was really the perfect combi!! *.*

We had the breakfast set which consist of the scrambled eggs with toasted bread~ many people raved about the scrambled eggs but I think maybe I can whip them up at home? especially once I was quite high and just reached home aft club, & i just cracked two eggs and spammed a huge truckloads of butter and salt and it tasted so buttery like the ones here HAHAHAHA but i think I can only do it when im not rly sober..

 & macaroni soup with ham slices which was the most meh of all even though I still see the check in of the instagram filled with it. Confirm order for photography purposes like what I did also hahaha!
the set consist of a milk tea/coffee as well!

Steamed Egg White Pudding with Milk 23 HKD 
super raved as well, but like the ones over in macau, I can't seem to appreciate it like others. Its nice, but not like I would go crazy over themmmm hahaha maybe I should have just tried their steamed egg here (the yellow in coloured ones!)

would definitely come back~ spot the milk tea which curbed my sinus for that morning.

satisfied me!

can't help to snap more ootd shots today cause I was dressed pretty much in the HK style HAHA someone asked me for directions over there when I'm like totally at blur.

another must try in hk!!! Mak's wonton noodles!!
They really are the best wonton noodles in HK. Was super full by then, but a mak's noodle outlet was just next to australian diary co.!! So I had to try it!!

Another of its outlet can be found at
Mak’s Noodle
G/F, 77 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong.
Mon to Sun 11am – 10pm

btw if you guys haven't heard by now, Tsim Chai Kee, another one of hk's top 2 best wanton noodles with Mak's is located just opposite the Mak's noodle at central, so you can give it a try as well if there's still space in your stomach! Tsim chai kee serve theirs with three toppings, fish balls, wontons and beef slices going at a price of 25 HKD per bowl, while Mak's simple small bowl (said to keep their noodles from going soggy) with just wonton is priced at 30 HKD per bowl.

I guess the Tsim Chai Kee outlet's interior is more classier and crowded and has a more filling bowl, but Mak one was simple and just good enough for me!!

tried this ja-jiang mian version of their wonton noodles at mak's as well. 
Tossed noodle with pork 47 HKD
is a little spicier and REALLY HIT THE SPOT! I thought it was great!!! A must order.

their cute and tiny wonton noodles bowl portion! yummmm

Best wonton noodles in hk i agree! would try Tsim Chai Kee on the next occasion~

Finally time for some shopping and walking, since we were at jordan area, we just walked down streets all the way to mongkok ~

at Yau Ma Tei! Nathan Road, another good place for boutique hotels.

saw these bus or shelter stops in hk dramas before!!

some yummy sweet i bought ha ha


Langham place for my H&m, mongki & I.T store which I already mentioned earlier in my shopping list!



snacked on mochis

went to the famous argyle centre as well!

& tried the raved about green cold noodles there at argyle centre and it was one of like the best food I have ate in hk as well! I love hk food. This was so good I had repeated packets of it! Its easy to spot as there would be a queue always!

百味食品 Cold Noodles

Level 1 of Argyle Centre 
(Mongkok Station, exit D1)

How to order:
1. Select the Noodle type
2. Select Ingredients ( over 20 varieties eg corn, kidney, fish skin, octopus, chicken YUM)
3. Special mix of sauce mixed together with your selections.

This was really superb and I see why so many people rave about it! Rmb to choose the special sauce :D

my mix, I forget what I ordered, everything pretty much came great tgt I bet avid jap food lovers will love this!

munching on a quail egg

haha too unglam and candid!

sorry it was too nice so I took many photos with it hahaha!

Some bubble milk tea I got right next to the shop, actually most bubble teas in hk didn't rly impress me..

Went back to the hotel to rest since it was a pretty tiring morning and mom got me some yummy egglets from near my hotel~ told you my hotel area has lotsa food! I loveeee eggets - must try in hk!

Walked pass Timesquare at causeway bay cause we wanted to go to this seafood restaurant which only locals might know of, prices are more friendly over there unlike in Sai Kung, a fishing harbour in hk which is filled with seafood restaurants which sometimes may set high prices for tourists as tourists will usually head there! you know how things works abroad.. 

You can still go to Sai kung area if you guys want for another option of seafood since it should be quite nice too, but its further. The place I went to isn't THAT easy to find! ask around! or use the google map and find ming kee!

明記飯店 Ming Kee Restaurant
27 – 28 Bowrington Road
Tel: (852) 2574 1929
Daily: 530pm – 3am

hk beer~

Stir Fried Seasoning Chinese Kale

Very very yummily broth-ed fish congee!!

their top two signatures!
Deep Fried King Mantis Prawn with Chili & Salt

Deep Fried Mud Crab with Red Pepper Chili Garlic Green Onion Peppercorn
!!!! Excellenttt super yummy and has an unique taste to them.

not forgetting them
Steamed Fresh King Razor Shell with Garlic Sauce

was super full & overate the entire day!

and THIS amazing dessert place I found roaming nearby my hotel.


Shop E, Rose Mansion, 1 Prat Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Contact Number: 2411 1139
Business Hours: Daily 12pm-2am

Their other branches can be found at:

Mong Kok

G/F, 61B Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok

Contact Number: 2771 1114

Business Hours: Daily 12pm-12am
Tsuen Wan

G/F, 14B Lok Tak Ct & Tsuen Hing Path, Tsuen Wan

Contact Number: 2411 1119

Business Hours: Daily 12pm-1am

they are REALLY good i'm not sure if they are famous but THIS WAS THE BEST MILLE FEUILLE CREPE CAKES i ever tried in my life!!

I think their most popular flavor is their mille feuille durian crepe cake! How I wished I could pack ten cakes of these home, so many flavors to choose from as well!

their pudding looks great too!

some street stall food with yummy curry fishballs and more!

spamming of gummies back from convenient marts in the hotel

hehe and a hotel snack from dessert playground a sweet osmanthus with fermanted glutinous rice pudding! very very yum, reminds me of the osmanthus jelly from tim ho wan!

and my god-like Mango Mille Feuille Crepe cake which I can't stop gobbling despite my bursting stomach. I love the alternating layers of crepe and fresh cream with mango bits, they should open an outlet in SG!! please!

and my 3ce loots of the day, btw my favourite makeup has got to be the magic touch face maker. (It's like a bronzer and hightighter! Which I unfortunately dropped on the floor and cracked the past few days, lucky I.T store has opened in SG so I can go and purchase another set agn *.* :(


Settled for some jap brunch at this quite famous jap sushi chain in hk!

Monster Sushi Japanese Restaurant
Shop 302, 3/F, iSQUARE,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Tel: 2111 1116

Another outlet:

Shop 13, 12/F, Langham Place, 
Tel: 2111 1118

At iSQUARE, quite near to our hotel MTR, located right next to the pretty angela baby's baby cafe! *.*

its worth going cause I thought prices were relatively affordable there and the sushi served are definitely better than sg's sakae or whatsoever haha! 

tried most of their three style sushis since we were spoiled for choices!

Salmon in Three styles (Salmon & Crab Roe/Salmon in Edomae Style/Seared Salmon)

Gunkan Maki in Three Styles (Spicy & Sour Salmon Octopus/Crab Paste Hairy Crab/Fatty Tuna w Leek Sea Urchin)

Tuna in three styles (Fatty Tuna w Leek/Fatty Tuna/Seared Fatty Tuna w Pomelo Pepper)

Scallop in Three Styles (Scallop in Edomae Style/Seared Scallop/Scallop w Sauce)

recommended! Monster sushi!

Godzilla Roll damn cool, its like fried sushi!

Japanese Four Style Seafood Roll

Went to harbour city afterwards because....

I'm off to try one of the best egg tart in HK! I seriously have no idea if I prefer Macau's Lord Stow cause they are both uniquely delicious in their own forms. Macau's one is like Portuguese egg tarts and this one here are standard egg tarts! Which tastes extraordinary.

I would suggest you guys to go to their main outlet which is at Central area. Very visible!
but i went to their outlet at

Tai Cheong Bakery
Kowloon Point Ferry Pier
Star Ferry
Tsim Sha Tsui

they have many around kowloon as well as in hk since their business must be so good!

and managed to try their BBQ Pork Pie $9 HKD & Egg Tart $6 HKD each!


I can't explain how much I loved it hahaha

their bbq pork pie is one of their another must try as well! it's really yummy and different from the once you usually have! Like can fight with all the bbq pork buns out there..

satisfied fat me hahaha

aft that, its off to

珍妮曲奇 Jenny Bakery
Kowloon – Tsim Sha Tsui store
Shop 24 Ground Floor, Mirador Mansion
54-64 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon (MTR Exit D2)
(tel) 2813-8568, open 10am – 8pm
Sheung Wan Store
15 Wing Wo Street, Ground Floor
Sheung Wan Hong Kong (Sheung Wan MTR Exit E2)
(opposite Sincere Department Store, Behind Grand Millenium Plaza)
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
(tel) 2524-1988, open 10am – 7pm

look at the queue! its a real hk treat which makes good food gifts for ur pals back! comes in tin boxes though, slightly heavier :(

they have a few products but mostly people purchase the 4 mix butter cookies (S/L)
or the 8 mix nut cookies (S/L)

I bought like 7 tins back! I don't like nuts so I got them all in butter, theres a butter flavor, oatmeal raisin, coffee and one named flower! Super aromatic and buttery to my liking!

off to the airport afterwards :(
anyway was quite the short stay in HK since there's like only food photos in my post,
I shall list out some of the attractions tourists can visit there as well!
(haha you'd know im not those tourist-y kind of sight seeing girls, its just shopping and food for meeee)

1. Victoria Peak
2. Avenue of Stars
3. Symphony of Lights
4. Hong Kong Disneyland
5. Ngong Ping 360
6. Ocean Park (amusement park)
7. Repulse Bay
8. Aberdeen Harbour & Jumbo
9. LAN KWAI FONG hahaha
10. Hollywood Road
11. Stanley Market & Murray House
12. Temple Street Night Market
13. Fa Yuen Street Market
14. Jade Market

My biggest pity over in Hk is that I didn't find enough time, nor did I have to stomach capacity to eat dim sum! whatttt... so we settled for some dimsum at the airport!

Maxim's Jade Garden
I read reviews that it was not bad, but their service and food kinda disappointed me so maybe the airport outlet sucks so I won't bother to find the address for you guys!

I would recommend you guys to try tim ho wan or lei garden for the dimsum outlet chains they have over there in hk! I spotted like super loads of dim sum stores around my hotel as well, so perhaps next time I would just choose those street stall style type which should hopefully trash this.

tea~ accidentally ordered 4 pots of it LOL

cold century eggs

braised chicken feet in abalone sauce, one of their signatures!

steamed pork dumplings topped with whole abalone

custard buns

pork buns

didn't even flow out meh

some chicken + fish maw + mushroom combi with beancurd skin

In the plane!

haha caught like some TOP movie LOL commitment.

plane dinner, some chinese style dinner with fish

and english style with pasta as their appetiser and beef with potatoes~

SQ gave out free vanilla ice-cream too hehe!

hope you guys enjoyed this post I took superrrrrrr loads of effort to complete it!
yeah and all the food loots I bought back hahahaha #pig

xoxo eugeniania


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