Wednesday, May 11, 2016

HongKong Guide 2.0 - Kowloon in two days

To the land of Dimsum and food *.*

Took me long enough to finally start Part one of my recent visit to Hong Kong! The Travel Guide I blogged about of my HK trip in 2014 has been quite a hit (not trying to show off hahaha) So its time for an update!

Hk is divided into two territories. Hong Kong Island & Kowloon. 
This post sums up our two nights in Kowloon  > before going to Guangzhou (China)  > and then in Hong Kong Island.

Sim Card
We got our sim cards at HK International airport's 7/11 mart upon reaching. Spent $100 HKD each for this card which gives us 4G for around 5-7 days,

Starving so we got Mcdonalds at HK's airport upon arrival. Love trying different menus of fast food in another country. There was crayfish soup and three different flavors for their McWings set *.*

Cab Transfer
We were lazy thus we took a cab to our apartment since the cab fare in HK is quite reasonable. A form is provided for visitors to gauge how much the taxi fare will be from the airport to whichever area you are heading to. 


If you read my Korea Travelogue, you probably would know that I'm a huge fan of Airbnb where you can get a wide range of affordable to luxurious apartments from hosts all around the world. 
We decided to go with a super affordable apartment (we paid like 37 SGD a night HAHA). Its located at a prime spot in Kowloon right next to Ladies Street, Mongkok which is great for shopping at night! Staying like the locals for two nights were breeze ^^

super cool kind of metal gate which we spent quite some time to figure out HAHA

This apartment was said to fit around 3 people but I think its more fitting for travellers who travel alone. I already found it squeezy for the both of us. But it was still a cosy corner since the weather was cold.

only downside for the price is the heater which has limited capacity of heating water so must bathe pretty quick ALMOST FREEZE TO DEATH AT TIMES HAHAHA

Portable wifi which we used when we were in the apartment is provided too Free of charge!

Shan Tung Street, Mongkok area in Kowloon. 
View of our street stepping out of the apartment!

Purchased the Octopus card which is like the Ezlink card in HK. Monetary values can be stored inside for us to us when taking the MTR and public buses in HK for convenience. Saves us the hassle of buying tickets everytime.

Went for tea in HK at this dim sum restaurant which featured super cute Gudetama dim sum in their first phase after opening. Saw it on my Instagram feed but too bad I missed it :( When I visited it, a new cartoon dim sum is featured, Little Twin Stars Cafe!! My friend in HK now showed me another cartoon character they are currently featuring so I guess their theme changes every once in a while which makes the crowd rolling in.

Dim Sum Icon
L308, 3/F, The ONE
100 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit B1 or B2)
(They have a few outlets!)

Slightly overpriced dim sum for the average price of dim sum in HK but super instagram worthy LOL

Some Pink Milk pudding forgot the exact name hehe

Steamed Pork Scallop Dumplings (69 HKD)

Steamed Rice Rolls with Seafood (49 HKD)

Color Prawn Dumplings 'Har Gao' (59 HKD)

Creamy Custard Bun (49 HKD)

We spent almost 100 SGD on these super cute dimsum (which my bf said that he felt gay instagramming it). Taste wise was just normal in my opinion, in the first place, I wouldn't expect super great flavours if the food is already so artificially decorated and coloured. I guess some people would be willing to spend blindly once in a while for the sake of how cute the food looks hehe.

Since I wasn't that full from the tea break, we walked over to 
Hart Avenue at Tsim Sha Tsui! Its like a corner with 24 hours street food snacks and Wah Kee Snacks serves one of the better HK street food on sticks I've tried!

Loveee this sotong balls dipped/drizzled with curry!! Tastes so authentic!

Walked a few doors down to my favourite Mille crepe cake placed in HK I blogged about here, Dessert Playground!!

had durian mille crepe cake this time round but I think I preferred their mango one previously!

Sasa & Bonjour boutiques for affordable cosmetics and beauty products!

Avenue of stars is currently under renovation along Victoria habour but the area is still opened to the public so we got to enjoy Hong Kong's colorful skyline without the Symphony of lights heh.

Rly loving the cold weather!!

Enjoying the view w williams~

Sushi One
The Grand Plaza
639 Nathan Rd
Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Supper at One Sushi at their outlet near our apartment in Mongkok! 
Decided to give jap food another shot in HK because I saw many locals posting about their 50% off all sushis after 10 pm! Since they close at 1 am, the deal lasts for 3 hours daily!

The queue was crazy long and unexpected for me because I came at 9.45 pm?!

Not really going to talk about the food here because if you look closely, most of the sushi toppings like the wagyu meat were so dry and has no quality! I have no idea why was the place so filled up and crowded (the restaurant space is huge) and most of the hongkees seemed to enjoy the food........

But for the amount we ordered. we paid only 37 SGD for it. For jap food, can you believe it?! But I wouldn't come back and pay for this quality despite such a low price tag. haha. Maybe jap food too rare in hk? Why so crowded for this food standard LOL.

Omg, I'm gluttoning out hahaha. Last shot of the day with another skewer at another street food stall near the apartment because the supper I had previously was just not satisfying at all LOL.


One Dim Sum
Shop 1 & 2, G/F, Kenwood Mansion
15 Playing Field Road
Prince Edward, Hong Kong 
11 am - 11 pm
(Prince Edward MTR Station Exit A)

Here at the One Michelin Star famous dim sum place in Hong Kong! They serve super affordable and tasty dim sum, cheaper than what we had the previous day and still trashes their variety and taste. HAHA thats why I planned the previous one on Day 1, if not William sure complain LOL.

We came at 11 plus am and yet look at the queue!

I think everything is good here, thats why no chef recommendations hahaha

Steamed Siew Mai (24 HKD)

Steamed vermicelli roll of some sort with fish maw within (forget the name again LOL)

Steamed Vermicelli Roll with Deep Fried Flour Roll (15 HKD)
first time trying the 'fried you tiao' in vermicelli and it was super good! Must order in ALL dim sum restaurants in HK!

Sticky Rice with Pork Meat wrapped in Lotus leaf (26 HKD)
piping hot and good as well! many tables ordered this!

Steamed Rib Bone with Chili (16 HKD)
since bf didn't let me order my fav chicken feet HAHAHA

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling (26 HKD)

Barbecued Pork Bun (14 HKD)
Will's fav !!

Egg Custard Bun (14 HKD)
but not very flowy :(

Had preserved egg congee and other fried foods which got my approval here!!

Lantau Island trip!

We took the MTR to Tung Chung station, where Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal is a walking distance away for our cable car rides to Lantau!

My 'angry' face when William has only one job to do which is to book our cable car tickets before hand online and he booked the wrong date?!?! LOL 
Luckily the staff were nice enough to just change our dates for us because its hong kong!! hehe

We got Crystal Cabin Single Trip to Ngong Ping (180 HKD per adult, 125 HKD per child) and
  Standard Cabin Single Trip back to Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal (130 HKD per adult, 65 HKD per child)
Crystal cabins are priced steeper cause its a full see through cabin, buying a return trip would be more sensible but we wanted to only spend once for a crystal cabin.

Additional purposes: Since Ngong Ping closes on 6.00 pm on weekdays, 6.30 pm on weekends, please queue up for the return cable car slightly earlier before the closing time to avoid getting stuck here LOL

Purchase the cable car tixs on their Website:
 ON the month of departure prior to the trip to avoid the long queues at the terminal!! Imagine my face when I thought we had to queue because he got the wrong ticket dates. Luckily we were allowed to cut!!

for more information on Lantau Island and the activities for the day you can plan there you should go to their website! Theres an online planner which helps you plan the type of activity under different category you can do there for a half/full day!!

Ngong ping village, love the architecture!

spot Ngong Ping's huge buddha statue we were going to walk to!

stopped at this traditional looking starbucks to get hot drinks due to the weather!

Hot Macchiato tastes so good in this kinda weather!

Spotted my friend Mr cow!

He captioned this "Chillin with Buddha"

Warm coffee cups makes perfect heating packs for my hands!

got forced to take 123456789 photos for bf's favourite #followmeto photos and it was hard to take on the small space on the stairs cause he was so tall + I'm so short and my DSLR was heavy!!

Citygate Outlet Shopping Mall right outside of Tung Chung MTR Station btw!

Sun Kee Cheese Noodle
Champagne Court 16-20, GF 13-14,
Kimberly Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station Exit B1 or B2)
Opening hours: 7.30 am - 3.00 am

Famous hk cheese noodles! Dodgy place but walls filled with many celebrities~

Pork Chop Proached Cheese Noodles (45 HKD)
MUCH TASTIER THAN EXPECTED. Super worth the find!

Imagine cheese + maggi noodles + flowy egg yolk + the best marinated pork chops you can think of!
Can I have another ala carte plate of pork chop separately please?

satisfied face!

Back at the popular youth shopping mall, Argyle Centre, Mongkok MRT Exit 2, Kowloon.

best best best cold noodles ever at level 1 which I had to drag my bf to!
Always coming back for more!

face of approval!!

inside argyle centre!

more shopping at aape *.*

Ladies Street back in the vicinity of our Mongkok apartment!

If you are into Sichuan food/noodles or anything Mala/Spicy Style, you are in for a treat!!! 
After walking down Ladies street, we went for supper at this restaurant (heart-break hot and spicy prince noodles shop after translation since this shop is named in chinese) near our apartment in Mongkok! They have a few outlets but we went to the most convenient one ^^

43 Dundas Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon
(Yau Ma Tei MTR Station Exit A2)

Queuing up to take the lift means mirrorfies~

basically there are many spicy sichuan dishes on the menu

and they are famous for their hot sour and spicy noodles which you'll be able to customize!

beer to quench da spiciness~

Was recommended this Cold sliced potato dish was the least spicy among all the dishes (like eating something colder but still spicy will help) and it is really a perfect combination and its one of my favourite here!

Signature sweet and sour sweet potato noodles!!

Mala fried chicken HAHA

Less than 50 HKD per head and I'll definitely come back to try more dishes and food even though their spiciness was really numbing LOL. Opt for less spicy maybe?

Just ate spicy food face

Just below Dundas Square, I spotted the famous King of Coconut!
G/F, Dundas Square, 43H Dundas Street, Mong Kok

Their fresh tasty blend of evaporated milk and coconut is very creamy & rich which is worth the try!!

we coconutprove

Down Dundas Street, I spotted the instagram worthy Check In Tokyo Ice cream shop as well!! 
43P-43S Dundas St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Mongkok is such a good area to reside at. So many prime spots near our apartment!

Their animal and fusion flavored soft-serves are the shop's speciality!

Animal (Cat) Ramune x Rose Charcoal Waffle Cone (47 HKD)
I got to say their ice-cream were good even though I was already stuffed of food then! Their soda flavoured soft serve was one of a kind and matches the charcoal waffle cone so yummy!

This sums up Part one of my Hong Kong Trip!
Meow says bye!


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