Thursday, May 26, 2016

Golden Village Gold Class Experience

I wanted to surprise my bf with gold class movie tickets and since Batman VS Superman was out in the cinemas last month, I figured it will be worth it as marvel & dc films usually has a longer running time. (End up william still paid cause he said he promised me he would take me to watch gold class before so he insisted on paying hehehaha)

I chose to watch at Suntec's GV since it hosted the newest Gold Class among all of its branches. And one ticket cost about $39 SGD, not inclusive of online booking charges!

This is how their Gold Class Lounge looks like, recommend to go half and hour or so before the movie so you'll be able to place orders and put your card on tab before entering the cinema!

Chilling in the lounge~

They have set menus, savoury and sweet food available for you to dine in the theatre.

beverages and alcoholic options are available as well, which you can see from the bar in their lounge area and the wine dispenser. 

We opted for a fruit beer Lindermans Pecheresse (Peach) ($11) 
and a Ladies Favourite Wittekerke Rose ($11)
 I prefer the peach one (but both was good) because the ladies' choice got a lil sweet after drinking for some time.

Featuring me and my comfy seats + hugeass table big enough for main courses. Btw one theatre seats 18 people, 9 couples.

Comfortable cinema seats, comfortable wear, comfortable shoe choice which I picked for the date. Which reminds me of recommending my readers this range of shoes from Clarks Singapore. Clarks offers a stylish collection of comfortable footwear for woman, man and kids. They carry causal shoes, walking shoes, business shoes and basically any style of comfortable shoes to wear at any occasions. Clarks Singapore for a trusted purchase :)

Because we had lunch prior to our movie date, we only opted for Gold Class's Truffle Fries ($11) which was super HUGE in portion (despite the picture) They were so generous with the portion it seemed never ending and I was too full so I cancelled my popcorn orders from GV. :( LOL

Actually I read some negative review on the food they served in Gold Class so I just made the safe choice of fries but they tasted surprisingly up to standard. So perhaps I'll give dining in the theatres another chance if I ever pamper myself with Gold Class tickets again.

Overall pleasant experience with Gold Class by Golden Village which saved the disappointing Badman vs Superman film... 
(Rank it 3rd among the superhero films which recently came out. X-men apocalypse the 1st!! Followed by Civil Wars 2nd)

Thanks for accompanying through my lovely date my superman! :*
HAHAHA pukes*

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